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Four Public Buildings that Really Need Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

You regularly clean your home, including the toilets, to make sure that proper hygiene is always maintained. However, you may or may not find the same level of cleanliness outside of your home. When you go out or travel, you may need to use public restrooms. Most of us do not like to do this because of the poor sanitary conditions you may find there. Dirty floors, leaky faucets, missing napkins, poor quality toilet paper, stained toilets and more- the state of some public restrooms is bad enough to send a shiver down your spine. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Using toilet seat covers, for example, will not only keep the toilets clean, it will also help to keep the surrounding areas in the restrooms clean. And disposable toilet seat covers from Brill Hygienic Products is just the product to use. Let’s look at how Brill’s toilet seat covers are a must in four types of public buildings.

disposable toilet seat covers

  1. Hotels – With the number of people that go in and out of hotels every day, toilet seat covers in hotel restrooms are a must. This is an easy and hygienic solution to impress hotel guests and to provide sanitary toilets at all times. Brill’s innovative disposable toilet seat cover system is totally hands-free and offers you protection from all kinds of germs found in restrooms. While some hotels may provide paper toilet seat covers, these do not provide the level of protection that you think they do. Firstly, these covers are flimsy and can rip very easily, and secondly, if your hand happen to be dirty when to take them and place them on the toilet seat, all the germs from your hands get transferred on to the seat covers. Only Brill’s no-touch system ensures complete cleanliness.
  2. Office Buildings – Most of us go to work daily and spend a good part of the day in the office. So restrooms in office buildings are used quite frequently. Providing clean and sanitary toilet seat covers means that not only are the employees happy, they avoid contracting diseases or infections that may possibly lead to missed work days. Brill seat covers can be easily installed and used in any office building. With just a wave of the hand or the push of a button, a new Brill toilet seat cover gets on the toilet seat, and the used cover is also automatically rolled up so it cannot be reused.
  3. Malls – A lot of amenities are provided in malls, such as eateries, shops, play areas for kids, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of people that go to malls. However, this is detrimental for restrooms. More people means more restroom usage, and more restroom usage means less sanitary conditions. This makes toilets in malls breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses that heighten the chances of getting diseases or infections. Disposable toilet seat covers in mall restrooms would be very beneficial for shoppers since they do not have to worry about leaving the mall quickly, especially if they have kids who want to use the toilet. So installing these seat covers means more time (and more money) spent by people in the mall. These seat covers may actually increase mall profits!
  4. Theme Parks – With families and kids who spend a good amount of time in a theme park on any given day, it is a no-brainer why toilet seat covers that are disposable would work so well in theme parks. Nobody will need to deal with dirty toilets or worry about catching all kinds of germs. Even cleaning toilets would be much easier and save time, leading to happier employees.

These are just four of many places that can benefit from Brill’s disposable toilet seat covers. This brilliant product can be used virtually anywhere and save time, money, and stress for people.

Meet Local Sanitation Standards by Employing a Toilet Seat Cover System

The Best Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Systems at Amazing Prices

Toilet Seat CoverBrill Seat features the best automatic toilet seat covers at cost-affordable prices. With years of extensive industry experience, we have and continue to prove the essential necessities for all commercial and residential properties. With a professional toilet seat cover system, you can truly meet all sanitary requirements for your business. In fact, these systems are designed to ensure proper hygiene – by automatically replacing toilet seat covers after each use. This helps prevent germs from spreading while keeping your commercial bathrooms neat and tidy. Here are a few more benefits of installing an automatic toilet seat cover system:

  • The best public restroom toilet seat covers that are automated for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.
  • These proven systems prevent commercial/residential bathrooms from getting filthy and unsanitary.
  • Ensures your business complies with all sanitary rules, guidelines, and regulations. This, of course, pertains to keeping and maintaining a clean and safe bathroom.
  • Patrons never have to worry about sitting on soiled or dirty toilet seats ever again. They also do not have to use water and toilet paper to clean seats before using them. Most of all, no more manual seat covers – as automatic disposable toilet covers are simply the best solution.

The Importance of Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

At Brill Hygienic Products, we understand the concerns of all business owners. This is why we work hard to create products that will keep your bathrooms looking clean and tidy. In fact, we feature a full range of disposable toilet seat cover systems for all public and even private bathrooms. Our wholesale sanitary toilet cover seats are only used once – then automatically cover the seat after each use. Automatic covers also remove the need for purchasing bulk – and manual – disposable toilet seat covers. This is simply a cost-effective way to reduce the risks of contact with germs for your customers and store visitors. Here are some of the establishments that we at Brill Seats serve:

  • Cafeterias, restaurants, and eateries.
  • Medical clinics, hospitals, and Urgent Care Centers.
  • Commercial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, cinemas, sports arenas, and all entertainment venues.
  • Any and all commercial establishments with public restrooms.

The Brills Seat Guarantee

automatic toilet seat cover system

Whether for restaurants or hospitals, our protective toilet seat covers are simply mandatory. At Brill, we truly want to help your business stay clean and sanitary. This is why we create the best products to meet all your needs within time and budget. As a seasoned and reputable company, we always stay abreast of the latest industry developments and trends. This enables us to enhance our product lines to correlate with existing sanitary guidelines and regulations. We also maintain the highest standards when it comes to product inspections and services for all clients and customers.

Sadly, many business owners tend to overlook the importance of clean restrooms. The latter, of course, can play a big role in your reputation in the business world. In fact, many businesses have lost customers – over the years – due to unsanitary bathrooms and failure to upkeep them. With this in mind, Brill Hygienic Products features an extensive array of wholesale sanitary toilet covers and systems. We also help business owners select the right systems for their restrooms – and are always here to answer all questions and concerns.

Cleaner Restrooms Means More Customers

In this day and age, reputation is everything for a new or existing business. In fact, lack of bathroom cleanliness can truly put your business in a negative light. This can reduce customers and clients while resulting in negative reviews and testimonials.

With this in mind, we offer the best disposable toilet seat covers and systems for all businesses. For more information, simply contact us or visit our website and get the services and results you deserve!

Public Attractions – The Perfect Spot for Toilet Seat Covers

When using a public restroom, a top priority for many people is staying sanitary. No one wants to walk into a public bathroom stall and sit in someone else’s mess. It can be stressful for a lot of people to use a public toilet for this reason. Most notably, popular public attractions that draw crowds, and thus plenty of bathroom users, can be an issue for those who want to avoid germs. When a person goes to a public restroom, they want to use a clean toilet.

Paper Seat Covers are Ineffective Options

automatic toilet seat coversUnfortunately, the standard paper public restroom toilet seat covers that are available in most venues can be less than helpful. They sit loosely on the toilet seat and can slide easily, increasing the risk of contact with the actual seat. What’s worse is that they are made of a thin paper almost like tissue paper, which fluids and messes can seep through and make contact with skin. Some patrons might even leave their covers on the seat for the next person to deal with, which is far less than preferable for sanitation-conscious bathroom users.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

With automatic toilet seat covers, a lot of stress can be alleviated from customers and clients. At busy venues such as parks, arcades, airports, casinos, and other popular attractions, those who are concerned about germs and sanitation may find going to the restroom to be a stressful event. They don’t want to contact the toilet seat, and they don’t want to have to touch the dirtier parts of facilities to try to correct the issue.

Our toilet seat cover system circumvents the need for restroom users to make contact with the toilet seat itself. With the simple wave of their hand near a motion sensor on the wall, a toilet seat cover will automatically be dispensed over the toilet seat in a hands-free automated process. They can also press a green button at the back of the toilet seat to automatically dispense the cover.

We Manufacture Our Covers Personally

We take our toilet seat covers and your customers’ sanitary concerns seriously. That’s why we personally ensure that our covers are the best by manufacturing them ourselves. We ensure the highest quality protective toilet seat covers by having their production in our own hands. We know exactly how important health and safety are to our clients, and our clients’ customers, so we take painstaking measures to deliver the absolute best quality.

Hands-Free Sanitation

toilet seat coversOur revolutionary product makes using public toilets a stress-free experience for every user. They don’t need to use their hands to put the seat cover in place, so they don’t have to worry about their hands making contacts with the germs or mess left behind by previous users. Many attendants at public attractions have so many concerns about using public venues that they may avoid going to the bathroom in public entirely. This can reduce venue traffic when peoples’ anxieties are such that they avoid going to public places for fear of using the restroom.

When potential customers hear that your facility uses hands-free automatic toilet seat covers that increase their protection so much, they will feel much better about using your public restroom. This will encourage them to come to your venue even if they avoid others, and thus increase your traffic and ticket sales.

The Best Public Restroom Toilet Covers

BrillSeatWe know that your customers’ health and satisfaction is important to you—and it’s important to us as well. That’s why we have made the effort to provide this revolutionary sanitation technology to our clients, with a product manufactured with the highest quality materials that we personally inspect to make sure we are delivering the best public bathroom toilet seat covers that money can buy. We also use American-made materials to make for a locally beneficial solution to all of your customers’ needs.



Four Reasons Park Bathrooms Need Automated Toilet Seat Covers

The National Park System consists of 417 national park sites within the United Sates alone. These parks span across over 84 million acres in every state and even into territories which include national parks in Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. Within this system of national parks, there are 59 in total that includes the name “National Park” in their title like Yellowstone, Acadia, Everglades, and the Grand Canyon just to name a few. National Parks are renowned around the world for their beauty and grandeur; national treasures that contain historical narratives of the nation’s past and help to educate people on the importance of the environment.

Keeping the Park Clean

Disposable toilet seat covers can play a vital role in helping to keep parks clean, especially when people need to use the restroom. The recreational activities within these parks can range from a simple picnic to going on a long hike. When people stop to rest, they normally pay a visit to the public facilities before going on their way.

Traditional toilet seat covers are made from low-quality materials that rip and tear easily. They must be applied manually which negates the entire reason for having them since they’re supposed to provide a clean surface for the next occupant. The automated system, on the other hand, is hand’s free and ensures there is always a clean surface for the next person to use.

Disposable toilet seat covers


The automatic disposable toilet covers are an extra measure every park can benefit from to improve the experience of patrons. One of the easiest measures they can take to make their patron’s visit a good experience is to make it so they don’t have to touch the toilet seat covers with their bare hands. Why should they have to manually apply a traditional toilet seat cover when the entire point is to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria?

Our automated system makes it easier for people to use the facilities without having to worry about manually applying a toilet seat cover. Once they’re done using the facilities the automated system rips off the used cover, rolls it up, and replaced it with a fresh surface for the next patron to use.

Reduced Chances of Cross Contamination

Toilet Seat CoversThe other benefit to using automatic disposable toilet seat covers is they’re the more sanitary option. When customers use the bathroom, they expect a germ-free environment which can be difficult to provide if the facilities are not kept clean. Traditional toilet seat covers usually end up on the floor torn to shreds or become damp which creates an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Our automated system keeps toilet seat covers where they’re supposed to be so this type of mess doesn’t occur. The addition of being able to have a fresh surface to use whenever a new person needs to use the bathroom is another bonus. The potential for cross contamination to occur is lessened and there is less of a mess to deal with.

Save on Cleaning Costs

Places that host public restroom facilities do their best to keep them clean and sanitary for people to use them daily. Disposable toilet seat covers help reduce cleaning costs since there is less mess to worry about. The people responsible for cleaning the bathroom don’t have to worry about picking up torn and wasted toilet seat covers on the ground. They just must come in, switch the rolls out, throw the used one way, and their job is done.

Investing in disposable toilet seat covers has helped to keep parks clean and the bathroom environment germ-free. Our automatic system makes people’s bathroom experience easier and hassles free since they no longer must manually apply the toilet seat cover.


Why Clean Bathrooms Are Essential For Customer Trust

Clean Bathrooms

Clean BathroomsHygiene concerns are predominant on the minds of the general adult population today. Bathrooms are the main space where the level of cleanliness can have an overall effect on potential health risks and spread of bacteria, most of this risk originating on the toilet seat. Disposable sanitary toilet covers are an essential tool for taking control of this problem. The cleanliness of a business’s restroom can have a big impact on the face of the company. When a customer sees that a business takes pride in the cleanliness of their restroom, they can trust that this same pride and special care is also considered in their business practices helping to establish trust in the business.

Care in Services

Public restrooms are an amenity offered by businesses to their consumers that give them an idea of how they care for their customers. A bathroom facility that is kept clean and properly stocked promotes a sense of security and stability for consumers. Providing sanitary supplies such as toilet tissue, paper towels, proper trash receptacles in bathroom stalls, and disposable toilet seat covers help customers to feel comfortable with the services of the restroom, thus increases their trust of the services offered by the business.

Specialty Services

The customer’s overall experience with the business can be directly affected by the cleanliness of the bathroom facility in certain types of business specialties such as the food service industry. An unclean bathroom can cause a customer to lose their appetite and become a main topic of conversation when they are sharing their experiences with their friends. Additionally, the customer will believe that the kitchen in which their food is prepared is also kept unclean. Grocery stores are another type of specialty service in which a customer’s decision to shop there can be directly impacted by the cleanliness of the bathroom. If the bathroom is not kept clean, the customer cannot trust that food preparation and storage areas are clean. When these types of issues arise, they can ruin the business reputation and the possibility of sustaining strong customer relationships. Cleanliness products are an essential tool to provide to customers to show them that hygienic measures are a priority within the business and all unseen preparation areas are kept clean and sanitary.

Reasonable Expectations

disposable toilet seat coversIt would be unreasonable to assume that you would invest your money in a business establishment but when using their restrooms you found yourself in a filthy, unkempt environment. Brill Hygienic Products strongly believes in providing options to business owners that promote the face of their business and help to build long-standing customer relationships. Businesses expect that customers pay for their services, so customers should be able to trust that their basic needs can be covered by the business. The simple bathroom amenities such as a disposable toilet seat cover system can help customers feel valued and show them that expecting quality service all around from the business is a reasonable expectation.

Trust in Services

The best way to thank your customers is to show them you care by providing quality services. The bathroom can be the first impression that the customer gets with the company, sometimes even before they become a customer. A dirty bathroom that is not properly stocked can actually turn potential customers away and ruin potential business growth. A company reputation is vitally important to the success of the company. Failed health inspection reports can cause public concerns and greatly affect a company’s good reputation. The bathroom is one place where a company has the opportunity illustrate their pride in their company and their standards for care when providing for their customers. Providing quality sanitary products are a way to give back to valuable customers. Brill Hygienic Products provides high-quality materials to help promote an outstanding, superior reputation and a hygienic business model, resulting in long-lasting trusting customer relationships.


Disposable Toilet Seat Covers for Concert Halls

The Best Disposable Toilet Seat Covers at Great Prices

wholesale sanitary toilet coversBrill Seat features the best disposable toilet seat covers at cost-affordable prices. With years of extensive industry experience, we have and continue to provide these necessities for all commercial and/or residential establishments. This includes concert halls, along with office buildings, hospitals, medical clinics, department stores and much more. With a strong emphasis on proper hygiene and sanitation, our toilet seat covers are perfect for all public bathrooms and restrooms. In fact, here are a few benefits of a cost-effective disposable toilet seat cover system:

  • Simple yet effective items that help your establishment remain clean and professional.
  • Prevents commercial bathrooms from getting filthy and unsanitary.
  • Ensures your establishment abides by all governing rules and regulations – pertaining to clean and hygienic bathrooms.
  • Patrons never have to worry about sitting on dirty or soiled toilet seats ever again. In fact, we feature automatic disposable toilet covers for all new and existing establishments.

Why Use Disposable Toilet Seat Covers in Your Establishment?

At Brill Hygienic Products, we understand the concerns of all new and existing business owners. This is why we work hard to create products that will keep your business looking clean and presentable. In fact, we offer several types of disposable toilet seat covers that will truly meet all your needs. Our wholesale sanitary toilet covers are also the perfect alternative to pricey sets at local stores or venues. In fact, automated toilet seat covers are used only once – then automatically cover the seat after each use. Automatic covers also remove the need for purchasing huge quantities of disposable toilet seat covers as well. This is truly a cost-efficient way to reduce the risks of contact with germs for your customers and clients.

Here are some of the establishments we serve:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and eateries.
  • Hospitals, medical clinics, emergency care venues.
  • Office buildings, movie theaters, sports arenas, and entertainment venues.
  • Any and all commercial venues with public bathrooms and restrooms.

The Brill Seat Difference

Disposable Toilet Seat CoversWhether you need toilet seat covers for restaurants or hospitals, we got you covered. At Brill, we truly want to help you maintain and keep a sanitary workplace. This is why we work hard to ensure our products meet the needs of all our new and existing clients. As a seasoned and reputable company, we continue to receive stellar industry and customer reviews. This gives us the incentive to work harder and provide more excellent products and services to you all. We also abide by stringent health requirements and guidelines for all our disposable toilet seat cover products. This means we always maintain the highest standards when it comes to delivering quality products and services for all customers.

Regardless of what kind of business you own, we want to help you provide the best possible experience for all your customers. Sadly, many business owners tend to overlook the importance of having clean and sanitary restrooms. Brill Hygienic Products features a full line of wholesale sanitary toilet covers that help secure a germ-free environment. We also help business owners select the right products they need for their establishments. With online support and customer service, we are always here to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.

Cleaner Bathrooms = More Customers

In this day and age, business owners cannot afford to have too many negative reviews or testimonials. In fact, lack of restroom cleanliness can truly propel any business into a negative light. This can reduce customer patronage and recurring business as well. With this in mind, something as simple as disposable toilet seat covers can establish your business as a true professional entity. In fact, it shows your customers how much you care about offering them clean and safe bathrooms and restrooms. For more information or to place an online order, simply contact us or visit our website today!

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for NPO’s

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

protective toilet seat covers systemWhen the schedule is full and everyone is busy, it’s inevitable to make use of the restroom facilities on site. Suffice to say, not everyone respects these shared spaces which can end up being messy from products being thrown on the floor to sub-par quality toilet seat covers that don’t meet a certain standard of functionality.

Why Our Toilet Seat Covers are the Best

Automatic toilet seat covers are just the better option across the board for shared restroom facilities since they eliminate several issues like cross contamination, help save on cleaning costs, and ensure there is no wasted product littering the floor.

The way our product works is simple, effective, and innovative for NPO’s. The way it works is there are two rolls of plastic that people will notice on our system. The first roll of plastic holds the clean, unused toilet seat covers. When a person is done using the facilities the system automatically rips off the used toilet seat cover and rolls it up. Once the used one is out of the way the toilet seat is covered with a fresh sheet of plastic so the next person has a fresh surface next time they visit the restroom.

Helps Cut Down on Wasted Product

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversOne of the other reasons we highly recommend our toilet seat cover system is because it helps cut down on wasted product. Traditional toilet seat covers are usually made from cheap plastic or paper which tears easily and must be applied manually. Most of the time these lower quality toilet seat covers go unused since they either fall into the toilet bowl, are ripped during application, or fall onto the floor.

This creates a mess in the bathroom that can be a headache to deal with since the lower quality toilet seat covers break apart so easily. Meaning the cleaning staff in charge of keeping the bathroom clean must dedicate extra time to picking it up instead of focusing on other areas.

Our toilet seat cover system eliminates this issue since it’s impossible for the covers to end up on the floor. The only parts of the system cleaning staff must worry about is the two small rolls of plastic on either side. Once the toilet seat covers have been used they’re rolled up and stored to the side by our system. The plastic roll with the used toilet seat covers just must be picked up and thrown into the trash and replaced with a new roll. This takes less than a minute to do and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Eliminate Germs

The upside to using our protective toilet seat covers system is they help to prevent cross contamination. The bathroom is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria since moisture tends to collect in the corners. This warm, humid environment allows germs and bacteria to thrive which puts people at risk of getting sick.

Combined with the poor quality of traditional toilet seat covers and shared surfaces, germs can spread easily. When a clean surface is available for people to use, there is little chance of cross contamination taking place.

Keeping better sanitary conditions for everyone is the ideal way to go using our automatic toilet seat covers. These shared facilities should be a place everyone is able to use without having to worry about a mess when they enter the bathroom. We encourage our customers to give our system a try and to experience the difference of our automated system for themselves. Save on cleaning and product costs with our system and never deal with these problems ever again.


Three Public Buildings that can be made more Appealing with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Brill Automatic Seat CoversUsing public restrooms, as everybody knows, can be quite an unpleasant experience. While some facilities are clean, many are downright dirty. With unflushed toilets, spills, pieces of toilet paper littered around, and more, using a public restroom can be a minefield of nasty things. But when you are in a situation where you have no other option than to use a public restroom, you find yourself wishing there was a better, cleaner solution. Well, luckily there is! With Brill automatic seat covers, your visit to the public restrooms can be safe and sanitary.

What are Brill Automatic Seat Covers?

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. has come up with a revolutionary solution to end all your public restroom woes. Our automatic toilet seat cover system is a hands-free system designed to change toilet seat covers with a wave of your hand! A wall-mounted sensor or a button on the seat releases a new seat cover automatically so that you get a clean hygienic seat every time. This reduces the risk of exposure to germs, viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids and you enjoy sanitary conditions in the restroom without worrying about falling sick.

Buildings that can Become Appealing by using Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Since the Brill automatic seat covers are so beneficial, as well as easy to use with reduced maintenance costs, they would be a fantastic addition to public restrooms everywhere. But three public buildings, in particular, can gain much more appeal by using them.

  1. Airports

With the sheer volume of people that travel and pass through airports these days, it becomes almost unmanageable to keep restrooms in pristine condition at all times. Airports are never closed- day or night. Unlike other buildings, you cannot have a cleaning crew come in and clean when the building is closed and empty. Having Brill automatic seat covers can have many advantages. Not only will the restrooms be more hygienic, the cleaning crew will have to spend much less time, effort, and cleaning supplies to clean them. That means quicker and more effective cleanups and happier employees. It also means happier and more appreciative passengers.

  1. Hospitals/doctor offices

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversThis is another place that would benefit greatly from Brill’s automatic toilet seat covers. Hospitals and doctors’ offices see a lot of sick people. When a sick person uses a restroom, not only is that person more susceptible to catching illnesses, but also more likely to spread germs if he or she is already sick. While hospitals use strict hygiene policies that keep them sanitary, our automatic toilet seat cover system would be a great addition for the same high level of hygiene in the restrooms as well. This way the patients can rest easy knowing that using the restroom is perfectly safe for them.

  1. Restaurants

When we dine out, we expect that the restaurant we eat at provide a clean table, clean plates, and silverware, freshly prepared food, and keep their cleanliness rating score high. We can expect the same cleanliness in their restrooms as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that after a great meal you use a perfectly sanitary restroom in the restaurant that makes you feel clean and happy? The cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers that many restaurants provide tend to fall off or rip easily and are not very useful. Our plastic toilet seat covers afford guests a no-touch, sanitary toilet seat uses each and every time.

These are just three public buildings where it makes perfect sense to use the Brill automatic seat cover system. Virtually any public restroom can use these- theme parks, hotels, office buildings- you name it, and each of these places and more can benefit by using our cost-effective solution to dirty restrooms. Just check out the Brill website to find out more about why our unique toilet seat cover system is gaining rave reviews worldwide.



Three benefits of Disposable Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

In America today, we are so lucky to have the luxury of not just toilets, but indoor toilets, and ones that flush using running water. Not so long ago, pits or holes in the ground were the only options. In many countries, even in the 21st Century, there is no such thing as indoor plumbing or latrines. In India, the natives still use what they call “squatty-potties.” These are literal holes in the ground over which one squats – hence the name. Many countries in the world also do not have the luxury of toilet paper. People in India also use their hands to wipe themselves after using the bathroom. Typically the left hand is used for bathroom use, which is why the left hand is considered “unclean” in that culture. Some places use a stick with a sponge on the end that is dipped into water to clean their derrieres.

Over the centuries, toilets have evolved from squatty-potties to outhouses – small outbuildings under which a pit is dug and a seat is placed – usually these are situated a good distance away from the house to keep the odor down. Chamber pots were also used during the time of outhouses, especially during the winter months, when it was too cold to walk all the way outside to the outhouse and tinkle in the dark. They were smelly, as they were in the bedroom, stashed away under the bed, but at least you were not freezing your hinny off outside.

Thankfully, here in the United States, we have both toilet paper and flushing toilets. The idea of toilet paper was first inspired by Joseph C. Gayette in 1857. It remained the first commercial toilet paper from 1857 until 1890. The first indoor, flushing toilet was invented in 1596 by a man named John Harrington who used gravity to pull water from a high tank and pool into a bowl below.

Disposable Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Today we even have disposable toilet covers for public restrooms!

In the U.S. we have, for the most part, clean public restrooms. Clean in the way that we have individual toilets in each separate stall, instead of a squatty-potty, and fresh, new toilet paper for each use instead of our hands or a sponge on a stick that is used for everyone.
Public restrooms are by no means sanitary as germs run rampant, from the urine on the toilet seat and the toilet paper on the floor, to the sticky door knobs. Compared to third-world countries we have very sanitary restrooms, but according to the overall standards of cleanliness, we are still lacking and fall short. So how do we stay sanitary in public restrooms? Other than always washing our hands before leaving, and using a paper towel or sleeve to touch the door handle on the way out, we can utilize toilet seat covers that are disposable!

How do disposable toilet covers for public restrooms work and serve?

Basically, it is a thin sheet of paper the size and shape of the toilet that can be flushed down with the rest of the used toilet paper. Before you sit down on a public restroom toilet, take a fresh, disposable seat cover and place it on the toilet seat.
Public restroom disposable toilet covers serve you in three big ways:

1. They provide a sanitary barrier between your rear and the dirty toilet seat.
2. Protect you against disease and germs.
3. They are super easy to use and can simply be flushed down.

Order disposable toilet seat covers for your office

While they likely are not required by federal law, it is still a safe and wise investment for a company.
If you own a business or department store, you may be relieved to know that we sell them wholesale at a reasonable price. Check out Brillseat’s cheap wholesale disposable toilet covers today!


Paper Toilet Seat Covers vs. Brill Seat Cover

Toilet Seat Covers

toilet seat coversLet’s face it, using a public bathroom can be a pretty gross experience. As disgusting and unsettling as it is, sometimes using a public restroom is unavoidable, when you have to go, you have to go. Of course, there are things you can do to bring yourself some peace of mind and make using a public toilet a bit more sanitary. While using a paper public toilet seat covers or toilet paper itself to craft a makeshift cover can ease your mind, but it does not exactly fail proof.

Paper toilet seat covers and toilet paper itself will often rip or slide around leaving your skin completely unprotected and exposed to the contaminated seat. So, what alternatives are there? Are there any other options for people who like a certain standard of sanitation when they use the public bathroom? Why yes, yes there is! Brill Hygienic Products has you covered, literally! Sanitation in a public restroom is no longer an issue with Brill’s automatic toilet seat cover.

How Does the Brill Seat Work?

Upon entering a public bathroom stall, a wall mounted motion sensor detects the new user by a wave of the user’s hand. This is not unlike the technology already in many bathrooms that automatically flush toilets via motion sensors. Instead of flushing toilets, the sensors on the Brill seat cover dispensers will automatically cover the seat in a sanitary layer of plastic. You don’t ever have to come into direct contact with the bare toilet seat. Users can also manually activate a new cover by pressing a green button located on the Brill seat dispenser.

The dispensers are extremely efficient for reducing the spread of germs in public facilities. Eliminating and reducing the spread of germs is the primary function, but is not the only benefit of these amazing machines. Every Brill Seat System is made right here in the United States. Our products are engineered using quality steel and extremely resilient plastics.

Other Benefits of the Brill Seat System

Brill seat cover dispenserHaving a sanitary environment to do your business should be a very important priority for a business. Not only does a clean bathroom facility show business care but it also puts potential customers at ease. Cleanliness can speak volumes about what kind of business and work you do. Customer satisfaction is extremely important, customers using an untidy dirty bathroom will not leave them satisfied. Customer satisfaction is important, but the Brill Seat Cover system can also improve the efficiency and maintenance cost of your business directly. You can maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom facilities much longer with the Brill Toilet Seat System.

Less maintenance means less cost, less time your custodians or cleaning personnel spend on the bathroom means more time spent on other locations in your facility. Constant attention is no longer necessary with the Brill Seat system. Aside from saving cost from your clean or sanitation personnel spending less time on your toilets; you will also see a reduction in plumbing costs. The Brill system offers an alternative to the waste accumulated by traditional seat cover and overuse of toilet paper. Ultimately, a clean and welcoming bathroom is important for client comfort and relations and should be your main concern.

About Bill, Our Mission, And Why You Should Buy from Us

made-in-picAll Brill products are made right here in the United States, that includes the Brill seat cover. So, not only are you supporting the cleanliness and wellbeing of your facilities, you are supporting this great country of ours! We employ all genders and races, and like to keep our work environments rich with diversity, we believe that is one of the things that makes this country of ours so great!

We at Brill Hygienic products provide our customers with top of the line products. For decades, we have been providing our customers with a top-notch customer service experience. We will work with you take to make sure your needs are met and you are one hundred percent satisfied.