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Four Commercial Industries that can Use Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable toilet seat covers are an important part of nearly any industry, but there are a few that can use them more than others. Today we’re going to go over a few industries that can really make use of these, and that may in fact absolutely need them. The following are four commercial industries, some of which you may even be involved with.

Retail Stores – A Hot Bed for Germs and Consumers

If you’ve ever worked in or run a retail store then you probably know all of the horrors that occur inside the bathrooms – no real question there. It becomes very important to keep the customers both safe and pleased. These are two things that can prove very difficult, depending upon the situation, and automatic toilet seat covers or at least disposable sanitary toilet seat covers can really help to elevate the customer experience and ultimately helps you to save money. For more information on the money saving part, make sure that you check out some of our other blogs.

Toilet Seat Covers

Service Stations – A Welcome Respite from the Road

Service stations are often found on freeway exits, and they can be anything from the typical gas station to a full-service station designed for weary truckers. The one thing that these stations all have in common, is that they are in dire need of lavatory solutions like Brill Seat, and if you are running one, then you definitely need to look into it – it’s more important than you realize and your customers are going to thank you. Most importantly, they’re going to keep coming back, again and again, all thanks to your bathroom solutions.

Offices – More than a Place to Work

While you might not see too many clients at an office, you do have a responsibility to make sure that you’re catering to your employees – their feelings matter too! Your toilets need to be in great condition, and the Brill Seat solution really can see to that. Not only will it keep them clean, it will keep your employees happy.

Factories – An Assembly Line of Cleanliness

Brill SeatFactories are not necessarily known as the cleanest of places, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a complete mess. In fact, you can use the Brill Seat solution to increase the cleanliness of your locker rooms or public restrooms. This will help significantly with sanitation and will ultimately serve to give your employees more motivation to do their jobs correctly.

These are four major industries that can really use wholesale disposable toilet seat covers for one reason or another. You’re going to find that these toilet seat covers not only raise the level of cleanliness within your organization, it will raise the level of confidence both your employees and your clients have in you. In addition to that, while it is going to cost you a bit of money to get started in the short term, it will save you a lot of money in the long run, making this an outstanding solution for anyone who wants to pad their bottom line by getting rid of the typical toilet seat covers and ultimately, the hassle of making your janitorial staff spend excessive time on the toilets. Take a look at the Brill Seat solution today and get ready to experience a completely new era for your business – everybody has to go sometime, but it can be done with relative cleanliness!


Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for Corporate Offices

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Corporate offices are all about business whether you’re doing business in the field, at your desk, in the hallways, elevator, or even in the bathroom. The most important thing to remember about corporate offices is that you not only spend a lot of time in them but so do your employees. With that being the case, it is of the utmost importance that you keep them as clean as possible.

Toilet Seat CoversIt is pretty common to hire a cleaning service to help you take care of the heavy lifting, especially at night, but what are you going to do about the bathrooms? A little known fact, is that they can be a bit of a money hole. By this, we mean that you can spend a lot of money keeping them up, repairing damage, and replacing certain items to make sure that you are actually meeting with certain health standards. Toilet seats become an important concern in any business for a few different reasons, the first, and most important being that they are

Toilet seats become an important concern in any business for a few different reasons, the first, and most important being that they are sanitation issues. So what would that mean, exactly? The first thing you need to understand is that while there are plenty of rumors flying around, most diseases cannot be contracted from a toilet seat. The second thing that you need to know, is that you really don’t want to take a chance, regardless. With automatic toilet seat covers you can remove all doubt, and most importantly, you can really make an aesthetic impact like never before.

Raise the Aesthetic Impact

Here’s an interesting question: is anyone really going to remember your toilet seat? At all? The answer is simple, actually: If you’ve done your job right, then no, they’re not going to. If you don’t do your job right, however, people are definitely going to remember your bathrooms, and they’re not going to have anything good to say about them. You can trust us when we say that’s not the way you want things to turn out for you, especially if you’re trying to impress new potential employees, and most importantly, clients. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as attempting to impress someone, only to have them leave a negative Yelp review regarding your bathroom. Once it’s on the internet, it stays on the internet, and everyone is going to remember it, whether you like it or not.

You can trust us when we say that’s not the way you want things to turn out for you, especially if you’re trying to impress new potential employees, and most importantly, clients. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as attempting to impress someone, only to have them leave a negative Yelp review regarding your bathroom. Once it’s on the internet, it stays on the internet, and everyone is going to remember it, whether you like it or not.

Automating the Experience

automatic toilet set cover systemOne of the best things you can do in your corporate bathroom, other than keeping it clean, is completely automating the experience. What do we mean by this exactly? Well, it’s something that you’ve been seeing in bathrooms for a very long time now, and it tends to start with sinks, and even hand dryers. All of these things have been automated as of late, completely removing the need for interaction on the part of the user, and that can be absolutely fantastic. So, with that being said, what direction do you want to take this? The Brill Seat solution is one that completely automates the bathroom process in a way that you’ve really never seen before. Toilet seat covers are definitely a must have in any commercial bathroom, but, it becomes much better with an automatic toilet

Toilet seat covers are definitely a must have in any commercial bathroom, but, it becomes much better with an automatic toilet set cover system, as customers barely need to interact with them. Brill Seat offers a plastic toilet seat cover atop a custom seat that cycles automatically, triggered by a motion sensor. That is, without a doubt, one of the best innovations on the market, at least when it comes to toilet seat covers.

The bottom line here, is that you CAN make your toilet seat better. In a way, and rightly so, many people consider it to be re-inventing the wheel, but if you can make the wheel better and more convenient, then by all means, why not? Your company can use more automation; it saves money and most importantly, it’s a great way for you to avoid making a huge mess. Look into the Brill Seat solution today and make sure that you’re giving both your customers and your employees the best. They deserve it, you deserve it, and Brill Seat can deliver.


Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers for Amusement Parks

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

There are over 270 million people who visit amusement parks each year with their family and friends. Amusement parks are ideal for celebrating a birthday, going out on a date, or just having a good time when summer rolls around. When so many people are in attendance the public restroom facilities become a hub of activity. When walking from one end of the park to the other, it’s no wonder guests need to make use of the facilities every couple of hours.

Eliminating Germs

Toilet Seat CoversWhen literally millions of people visit amusement parks each year, cross-contamination is a major concern. The potential for germs and bacteria to pass from one patron to the next is increased when people are in a closed space like the bathroom. Warm and damp conditions are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive, these areas are often the bathroom. When people washing their hands accidentally splash water around that can gather in the corners of the restroom and be there for hours at a time.

Our automatic toilet seat covers cut down on the chance of germs and bacteria spreading from one patron to the next. The main issue with public restrooms is having a clean surface to sit on when people are done using the facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers are fragile and made with low-quality materials. They tend to rip and tear easily even when handled with care and must be applied to the surface of the toilet seat manually.

Decreasing the Maintenance

The other issue with using traditional toilet seat covers is the increase in maintenance. The traditional toilet seat covers tear so easily, they end up creating a bigger mess than they’re worth. This increases the cost to replace them and the time spent cleaning the bathroom. Our automatic toilet seat covers operate on a unique system to automatically replace a surface once the facilities have been used.

There is a sensor that detects when a patron is using the facilities and once they’re done replaces the surface of the toilet seat. There are two rolls of plastic on either side and once a guest is done doing their business automatically rips off the used surface. The used toilet seat cover is rolled into a small piece of plastic and a new cover is placed over the lid of the toilet seat. When the next patron comes to use the facilities, they have a fresh surface to use.

The maintenance is decreased since replacing the public restroom toilet seat covers involves picking up a roll of plastic, disposing of it in a bin, and then installing a new roll of toilet seat covers. The entire process takes less than a minute and there is no wasted product littering the floor of the bathroom.

Cutting Down the Cost

automatic toilet seat coversThe main drawback with traditional toilet seat covers is they increase cleaning costs and rarely serve their purpose. Why have a toilet seat cover that must be applied manually by the guest? Their hands come into contact with the toilet seat which eliminates the purpose the toilet seat cover is meant to serve in the first place.

The public restroom toilet seat covers help to cut down on cleaning costs since there is less potential for them to end up on the floor. Patrons don’t have to worry about coming into contact with the toilet seat either since the system is automatic. They always have a fresh, clean surface to use even when other people are constantly in and out of the facilities.

When several million people are visiting amusement parks each year, it pays off to have a system in place to make maintenance easier.



Airports Can Save Money With Toilet Seat Covers That Are Disposable

Airports are, by their nature, full of people 24/7. Those people are going to be streaming in and out of your bathrooms all day, and so keeping them clean can be a real challenge. Are you looking for a way to keep your bathrooms clean while cutting back in maintenance costs? Then toilet seat covers that are disposable could be the way to go. Read on to find out more.

The Sanitation Of Your Bathrooms Is Important

If everything goes to plan, your visitors should only be with you for a few hours at most. However, more than likely that not they’re going to visit your bathrooms. That’s thousands of people every hour in your bathrooms, leading to high maintenance costs. After all, you’ve got to have staff checking and cleaning those bathrooms regularly. Without them, those bathrooms are going to become unsanitary, quickly.

What’s The Solution?

Toilet Seat CoversYou need to save money, while still keeping those bathrooms clean. What’s the solution?

Disposable toilet seat covers are the answer. There’s lots of businesses that use them, and if your airport isn’t using them yet they should be. All your customer has to do is pull one from the dispenser, place it on the toilet seat, and they can use a bathroom that’s clean and neat.

Having these covers keeps your bathrooms cleaner, for longer. You’ll find that by using them, you need to check and clean them much less frequently than you used to. That means that your staff can focus on the jobs where they’re really needed, rather than spending hours scrubbing toilets.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Are The Future

Want to really invest in your bathrooms? Automatic disposable toilet covers could be the answer. These systems use disposable toilet seat covers, but the customer never needs to touch the seat at all.

These systems are installed on each toilet, and when someone enters the stall, they spring into action. The old toilet seat cover is removed from the seat and cut off, while a new one is placed on the seat. This works on a sensor, much like an automatic flush. Your customers get a guaranteed clean toilet, every time they use it. What could be better?

Your customers will love them, because they don’t have to touch the toilet and they get a clean seat. You’ll love it, as you won’t have to deal with paper toilet seat covers, which can find their way onto the floor sometimes. Either way, your bathrooms are cleaner, for longer!

Benefits Of Paper Toilet Seat Covers

There’s lots of reasons why businesses decide to use paper toilet seat covers. Here are just a few:

  • disposable toilet seat coversThey’re inexpensive: As a preventative measures, paper toilet seat covers are much cheaper than other ways of keeping your bathroom clean. Customers can simply grab one whenever they’re needed, meaning your staff have to do less upkeep to keep them clean.
  • They’re hygienic: There’s been a big move towards introducing automation in public bathrooms, with good reason. Automatic hand dryers, faucets, and even doors mean that germs cannot be spread by hand. The automatic toilet seat covers take this one step further. If a customer doesn’t have to touch the toilet, you’re stopping germs before they can get started.
  • They improve the customer experience: You want customers to come away with a good impression of your airport. There’s no better place to impress them than your bathrooms. Paper toilet seat covers show that you care about their experience, and that you’re doing your best to keep them clean as possible. Customers appreciate that, and will remember even when they’re thousands of miles away.

As you can see, paper toilet seat covers are more important than you’d think when it comes to your bathrooms. Invest in good quality seat covers, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they make to your bathrooms.


Ditch Bulk Paper Toilet Seat Covers And Try Something Different

Any business can tell you that keeping their toilets clean and neat for customers can be a real problem. Paper toilet seat covers are designed to help keep them cleaner for longer, but they’re not always up to the task. Why not try something a bit different? Here’s why an automated toilet seat cover system could be just the thing to keep your bathrooms clean.

Keeping Bathrooms Clean Is An Uphill Struggle

Customers are in and out of your bathrooms all day. No matter how many staff you have on, it can be difficult to keep the toilets clean throughout the day. You need to keep checking on them, and spare the time to give them a deep clean every few hours.

Sound impossible? You’re not wrong. Especially on busy weekends, keeping those bathrooms clean and stocked can be nothing short of a nightmare. That’s why you buy public toilet seat paper covers to help you keep up.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers Can’t Stand Up To The Pressure

Brill Toilet Seat Cover System

The toilet seat covers that most companies buy are the type that you buy in bulk, and stock above the toilet in a dispenser. In theory, these are perfect. Customers can pull one out, cover the toilet, and use it knowing that it’s clean.

In practice though, that doesn’t happen. The dispenser always seems to give too many covers at once, and they get sucked in by the automatic flush before the customer has even had a chance to use it. Anyone who’s had to clean a public toilet will know the horror of having to pick up all these discarded covers from the floor at the end of a busy shift.

Try Something Different With A Brill Toilet Seat Cover System

Does this all sound familiar to you? Then the answer could be in automatic toilet seat paper covers. These systems negate all the problems with toilet seat covers, leaving both you and your customers happy.

The system is installed on each toilet in your bathroom, and automatically places a cover on the toilet seat. When someone enters the stall, the system is automatically engaged. It will pull off the old cover, and place a new one without the customer ever having to touch the seat itself. It’s a system that more and more businesses are using now, and you can see why.

The Benefits To Your Business

So, is it worth installing a paper toilet seat cover system? It certainly is. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll see from using them:

  • paper toilet seat coversCleaner bathrooms: This is the big benefit you’ll see right away. As paper toilet seat covers aren’t being pulled out by customers, they won’t be on the floor anymore. The toilets will stay cleaner too, as the covers will always stay on. Both you and your customers will love it.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: You’ll also see that your customers will be happier with your facilities. The cleanliness of the bathrooms says a lot about you as a company, after all.
  • Less time needed to maintain bathrooms: With an automated toilet seat system, you don’t need neatly as much time in the bathroom to keep it clean. That means your employees will be happy, as they’re not having to deal with them as often. You’ll be happy too, as you can keep employees out, helping your customers, rather than cleaning bathrooms.
  • Reduced expenses: As your customers aren’t pulling out multiple toilet seat covers at once, you’ll find that you don’t need to buy neatly as many toilet seat covers as you used to. It’s one seat cover per user, and that’s it.

There’s lots of reasons why you should try out automated toilet seat covers. Install them in your bathrooms, and you’ll find that maintaining them is suddenly a whole lot easier. Test them and see for yourself.


Keep it Clean – Why Sports Arenas Need to Use Disposable Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

Sports arenas are very special places – everyone knows it. Whether you’re an adult enjoying you’re the thousandth ball game or a child first experiencing the wonders of professional sports, there is something about these arenas that beckons us and makes us wish for more. From the plastic seats, to the green field below, and even the concession stands tucked in the outer circle.

All of these things pull together to make an incredible atmosphere, but you also have to consider the restrooms. If you’re running a sports arena, no matter what kind of events or games you host, everyone that comes there has one thing in common: they’re going to need to go to the bathroom. Investing in disposable sanitary toilet seat covers will without a doubt help you out considerably, but why?

You need Disposable Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers – Here’s Why

Disposable Sanitary Toilet Seat CoversYou want to make an impact on your guests and best way you’re going to do that is with a clean bathroom. As we said in the previous paragraph, at some point they are all going to flock toward the restrooms, and they need to like what they see when they get in there. To be perfectly honest, if your bathroom is in order, your guests are never going to remember it. They’ll go in, they’ll do their business, and they’ll leave without ever saying a word.

IF it is not in order, however, they’re most likely going to tell someone about it. They might not tell you, and they might not tell any of your employees, but they’ll tell their friends, and they might even tell a local newspaper. At some point it will become customary for people to tell their children to use the restroom before they leave the house, because they can’t use the ones at your facility. That’s pretty embarrassing.

A Toilet to Remember

If you want a toilet to remember, then you need to go with the Brill Seat option – it’s likely one of the best things that you will ever do for your stadium and here’ s why. There is a strong chance that you’ve had the paper disposable version in the past, and you already know what a pain they can be. Not only do they end up all over the place, they often end up in the toilet, causing a clog and other potentially serious problems. That being the case, now would be a great time to start trying something a bit different.

Score a Touchdown with Brill Seat

Brill Seat systemIt doesn’t matter what type of sport your arena hosts – you need to make sure that you have good bathrooms, and that’s not always going to be easy. Instead of going with the paper option, you’re going to go with brill seat, and it’s going to make all the difference in the world. So what does that mean exactly? Why is Brill Seat different? First of all, the Brill Seat solution is automated, which means the guest or customer never has to touch it (unless they want to). Secondly, it’s going to save you a LOT of money in the long run. You won’t, after all, have to deal with so many toilet seat covers being wasted as the customer has almost no interaction with them.

As far as cover replacement is concerned, the unit features a motion sensor which allows for automated use – your guests will love it and so will you.

Overall, there is a good chance that your toilet is going to be a lot cleaner in the long run, and your guests are going to be much happier. As we stated before, there is a good chance that they won’t remember much about your toilet seat, period, though to be honest, more than a few people have talked about the Brill Seat system, even if they don’t remember it by name. Your establishment will gain a better reputation, it will be clean, and most importantly, people will want to come back again and again – without using the restroom at home first.


Automatic Toilet Seat Cover for Turnpike Rest Stops


Highways, freeways, and turnpikes are the life blood of the United States. Without them, we’d have some serious problems and commerce would definitely be stunted. Let’s take the Maine turn-pike as an example, did you know that between 2006 and 2015, more than 66 million cars were recorded passing through the toll booths? Averaging three people per car, that’s a lot of potential rest stop customers.

Now, with that in mind, yes, people are going to stop at your rest area, but if you don’t keep it clean and sanitary, you would be surprised at what lengths they would go to in order to make the next one. Rest areas bring income for the state, especially on turnpikes, and with that being the case, it is important to keep them in good repair, starting with an automatic toilet seat cover for all of the bathrooms.

Should you Consider an Automatic Toilet Seat Cover System?

There is nothing more important in a bathroom than keeping the toilets clean, especially when you’re talking about a turnpike rest stop. After all, that’s precisely what people stop in for, right? There are a ton of problems that can be associated with toilet seats, one of which would be the transfer of bacteria. We’re going to be honest, bacteria doesn’t really transfer that well from a toilet seat, not by any means, and with that being the case, the most common problem that guests are going to have is the aesthetics.

Think about it: you wouldn’t want to walk into a dirty bathroom, let alone use it, and you can’t expect anything different from those who are just getting off of the freeway after a long trip – the condition of the restroom could easily determine whether or not people use that exit, and your profits could potentially take a nose dive if you’re not careful.

 Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

Why Automated Seats are Better

The common solution in the past has been to use public toilet seat paper covers to compensate for the amount of germs and bacteria that float around the bathrooms, but this isn’t always ideal. Actually, they can end up costing you more money in the long run, making them an unacceptable solution. This is where automated seat covers come into play, and quite frankly, they’re a lot more fun.

Automated toilet seat covers aren’t new to the market but Brill Seat’s attention to detail and product excellence really brings this one to the forefront, and with good reason. The difference between this one and many other seat covers on the market is the fact that you can sit down, complete your business, and stand up without any hassle. The seat cover will simply rotate, at which point the old one will be disposed of, making this one of the simplest solutions on the market.

Save Money

With the Brill Seat solution you will be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money. First of all, you will find that without the paper toilet seat covers floating around, you won’t have to worry about clogged toilets, and that’s going to be a plus. Secondly, you won’t have to worry about low quality toilet seat covers. Brill Seat’s are made from a high quality plastic that serves as a protective barrier between yourself and the toilet seat – it’s what customers and guests prefer.

Make an Impact

Do you want to know what the cool thing about this is? You can really make an impact on your customers by using this type of toilet seat cover. A bathroom is a bathroom, but when they walk in, they’re going to see the toilet seat covers that you have deployed, and they’re definitely going to remember your bathroom; they may even skip a closer rest stop to come visit yours. We’re not saying that’s going to happen every time, but it’s definitely a possibility. Give us a call today and get it installed in your turnpike rest stop – your customers and guests are going to love it.


Change your Bathroom in 2017 with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Sanitation, safety, and savings is our motto here at Brill Seat and bringing our customers the latest innovation innovations in automatic toilet seat cover technology. Establishments today who host public restroom facilities are tasked with keeping them sanitary and presentable for the next patrons. We know better than anyone patrons don’t always respect these public spaces, often leaving behind a mess the cleaning personnel has to deal with.

Make the Job Easier

Toilet Seat CoversWhy invest in our automatic toilet seat covers? They’re the ideal, cost effective solution to keep public bathrooms clean without having to worry wasted product or effort on the behalf of your cleaning personnel. Our automated system automatically replaces the toilet seat cover every time a patron is done using the facilities. When the next person arrives, they have a clean surface to use so they don’t have to worry about cross contamination.

How Does the System Work?

Our toilet seat cover system is unique in its design and execution, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. We believe in providing our customers with a cost effective, innovative solution to deal with the issues of maintaining a public restroom.

Our automated system uses a sensor to tell when a patron is using the facilities so it knows when to replace the toilet seat cover. Once the patron is done, the system rips off the now used toilet seat and stores it in a plastic role so it can’t be reused. The system then places a new and unused toilet seat cover over the surface so it’s ready for the next patron.

Enjoy the Benefits

Our automatic toilet seat cover system is ideal for eliminating germs and decreasing the need for maintenance. Cleaning personnel can easily spend an hour or more cleaning up a public restroom taking care of any debris left on the floor. This makes the time they have to clean less efficient and can keep them away from other tasks. Our system is hands free so there’s a less likely chance of patrons dropping a toilet seat cover on the floor. Since the covers are one time use only, they also ensure patrons will have a fresh surface every time they use the facilities.

automatic toilet seat coversThe other advantage our system has is eliminating germs and keeping the bathroom sanitary. One of the concerns of using a public restroom is the risk of cross contamination in such close quarters. The bathroom can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria since the conditions are often warm and humid. Water splashing up from sinks can end up pooling on the floor which makes for ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. Finding ways to increase sanitation, but not creating extra work for your cleaning personnel provides an innovative solution.

Consumers who have tried our toilet seat cover system have come to find they enjoy the savings, sanitation, and safety of using our product. Traditional toilet seat covers have been applied manually which means patrons will be touching the surface of the toilet. This makes traditional toilet seat covers ineffective since patrons will now have any germs or bacteria from the surface on their own hands.

Regular toilet seat covers are often made from poor quality materials and are too fragile for use. They can often tear easily, be blown away, fall to the floor, or even fall into the toilet itself. This wasted product can cost quite a bit in the long run and makes them an ineffective solution to maintaining the sanitation of the public restroom.

Consumers who have tried our toilet seat cover system have found it to be an amazing innovation for their company. They’re able to eliminate germs, making cleaning more efficient for their personnel, and best of all enjoy the savings of product that isn’t wasted. Give our system a try and experience the difference for yourself.


Reach a New Level of Cleanliness with Toilet Seat Covers that are Disposable

Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat CoversThere are over 350 million toilets in the United States including public and residential. These restroom facilities, especially in establishments, represent the company hosting them. People who use these facilities don’t always respect the public space, so it’s inevitable for mishaps to occur like standing water, debris littered on the floor, and wasted product that has to be cleaned up. Patrons don’t always clean their own messes, so finding a way to streamline the cleaning process is ideal to keeping the bathroom sanitary.

Easier to Use

The average toilet is usually colonized by microbes and sanitation has always been a concern when using public facilities. Many patrons have the option of using manual toilet seat covers which can be placed on the seat for a clean surface. The drawback is these covers are often constructed out of thin paper or plastic. They tear easily, can be knocked off the toilet seat, fall into it, or even fall to the ground. Since the patron has to handle the cover with their own hands, it eliminates the necessity of using one in the first place since the patron is going to be coming into contact any bacteria lingering on the toilet seat.

Our disposable toilet seat covers don’t require the need to be handled manually to be used since our automated system takes care of the process for the patron. Once a patron is done using the facilities, the used toilet seat cover is torn off and rolled up into a plastic roll so it cannot be reused. When more wholesale disposable toilet seat covers need to be added to the system a new roll has to be placed in, the used one thrown away, and the entire process is done.

How Does These Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Help Keep the Bathroom Sanitary?

disposable toilet seat covers

One crucial aspect of any public restroom is maintaining the sanitation for visiting patrons so they can use the facilities when needed. The downside is, patrons don’t always respect these public facilities often leaving trash behind or refusing to pick up after themselves. Our disposable toilet seat covers ensure they remain on the seat rather than on the floor. Cleaning personnel only have to take a few minutes at most to replace them when needed, so they’re not using up valuable time to clean resources off the floor.

Investing in this automated system also means less wasted product which means saving on cleaning costs. There’s less risk of standing water on the floor being an issue if poor quality toilet seat covers aren’t being left lying around soaking up the water. One of the ideal environments for bacteria to continue thriving is in a humid environment and standing water fits the bill. Eliminating this from the start to keep the bathroom sanitized cuts down on the bacteria thriving in the bathroom and cuts down on the risk of patrons catching anything when using the facilities.

BrillSeatWholesale sanitary toilet seat covers is the cost effective solution for public facilities where wasted resources are a major concern. Keeping a public restroom sanitary can be a major challenge, but with our automated system you’ll find it’s easier than ever. There won’t be wasted product on the floor and you’ll be able to save on cleaning costs since you don’t have to constantly replaced wasted toilet seat covers.

Many establishments have invested in our automated system and found its ideal to keep up with the daily traffic of public restrooms. Replacing the toilet seat covers is simple with just a few basic steps necessary to complete the task. When a patron goes to use the facilities they’ll always have a fresh surface and there’s little concern for cross contamination to take place. We encourage potential clients to give our system a try and see why it’s so popular among establishments.


Are Bulk Paper Toilet Seat Covers a Waste of Money?

If you want to ensure that your restrooms are spotlessly clean and healthy for your visitors, then bulk paper toilet seat covers could be a great investment. By limiting the spread of germs, providing confidence for users, and increasing the overall cleanliness in a restroom, toilet seat covers should be one of the first things on your services and maintenance procurement list.

Just How Clean Are Your Toilet Seats?

According to most research, then can be up to 50 individual bacteria samples for every square inch on the seats of your toilets, which means that they’re an ideal place for germs to spread. Although toilet seats are not the dirtiest items in a restroom (door handles can harbor even more bacteria), there is still a strong argument for having a system in place to prevent the spreading of germs on contact.

If you want to know just how important it is to protect your toilet seats, just take a look at this short list of germs that can survive on non-porous plastics and ceramics:

  • coli, a bacterium that is carried in feces, can be spread on a contaminated toilet seat. If the bacteria are transferred to hands and then later ingested, severe sickness with abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting can occur.
  • The norovirus is another gastrointestinal affecting germ that can be deposited and then spread from unclean toilet seats. It can present similar symptoms to E. coli infection, and can live on surfaces for up to 14 days (and sometimes longer in the right conditions).
  • Dysentery is another condition that can be spread from germs that are deposited on a toilet seat. This condition is an extreme form of diarrhea, and it can lead to severe dehydration and even death if it is not diagnosed or treated properly.
  • Strep bacterium can also be found on toilet seats, and is present on up to 40% of all public toilet seats.

Bulk Paper Toilet Seat CoversThese are just a few of the illness causing germs that can be waiting on toilet seats within your restrooms, and if you want to provide the best protection to your staff and your visitors, then you’re going to have to take some extra steps when it comes to cleanliness.

Regular cleaning of restrooms is the best way to limit the spread of germs, but, as you will know, it’s not possible to clean the toilets after every single use. You’re going to need an extra layer of protection, and one of the best ways that you can achieve this in your restrooms is through the use of bulk paper toilet seat covers.

Toilet seat covers are cheap and effective. They create a barrier between the toilet seat and the user, minimizing the chances that bacteria can be deposited or picked up from a toilet seat. Because sanitary paper toilet seat covers are single use and can be disposed of immediately, they’re also hygienic.

Most of your staff or visitors will be familiar with toilet seat covers in one way or another, so there should be no issues with training or voluntary utilization of the wholesale paper toilet seat covers. Simply put up a few notices in your restrooms, and you’ll find that anyone using your toilets will appreciate the thought that has gone into providing a safe and clean environment.

Buy Bulk Paper Toilet Seat Covers to Minimize Costs

Brill SeatSanitary covers are made from renewable resources, so you won’t feel guilty about using them. When you purchase in bulk, you’ll reduce the packaging that is used, and you’ll also save money by taking advantage of great wholesale prices.

If you’ve ever wondered if toilet seat covers would be a waste of money, then hopefully this information has helped you to answer that question. Simply put; toilet seat covers make sense, and are essential in shared restrooms.

Browse our range today to see all of our available paper covers, or you could even take a look at our system for automatic toilet seat paper covers for the ultimate in hands-free convenience.