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Three Reasons You Should Be Using Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable toilet seat covers are a great idea, in theory. If you’re using a public restroom, you just put the seat cover down and go about your business. There’s no fuss and you get to use a clean toilet, right? Well, you would if they weren’t so hit and miss. They’re not a perfect system, but is there anything better?

Your business and your customers can actually benefit from automatic disposable toilet covers. They’re the next big thing in restroom technology, and once you have them installed you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. Here’s why.

Regular Toilet Seat Covers Can’t Cut It

A disposable toilet seat cover doesn’t work as it should. First of all, it comes in a dispenser on the wall that never gives you just the one cover. You end up pulling out two or three, wasting them as no one else will then use them. Then, you place it on the toilet seat but it usually just falls right in. To top it off, the amount of toilet seat covers going into the sewage system cannot be good for your plumbing or the water supply in general.

Put like that, it seems like a horribly inefficient system. Is there not something better?

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat CoversYou bet there is! Automatic disposable toilet covers are the future of bathroom technology. These systems place a new cover on the toilet seat every time someone enters the stall. Once they’re done, it will cut the old seat cover off and replace it with a brand new one, ready for the next customer. That’s all there is to it, but you’ll love the difference it makes. Here’s three reasons why you should invest in these systems for your business:

  1. They drastically reduce waste and mess: How often do you have customers complaining that your restrooms are untidy? When you’re rushed off your feet, there’s no time to go in and give the whole restroom a deep clean. If customers are using disposable seat covers or toilet roll, then there’ll be mess on the floor as it gets dropped. The restrooms are never as clean looking as you want them to be.

Automatic toilet seat covers do away with this problem in one stroke. The toilet seat covers dispense automatically, and are disposed of neatly. There’s no more trash on the floor and no more mess to take care of.

  1. They make your bathrooms as hygienic as possible: There’s already so much touch free technology in modern rest rooms. No touch faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers mean no one can spread germs around, making the rest room much cleaner.

The automatic toilet seat system means that your toilets can join in on the touch free technology, too. All you have to do is enter the stall and wave a hand to get a fresh toilet seat cover. Pair that with motion controlled flush, and no one has to touch any part of the toilet.

  1. Your customers will love them: Customers notice when you take care of the details, and that shows in your rest rooms. The new toilet seat systems will keep that toilet neat and clean, and customers will love it. They’re sure to note it when it comes to reviewing your business!

Any Business Can Benefit

Anywhere that offers rest rooms can really see the benefit of disposable sanitary toilet covers. The businesses that will see the most instant change will be those such as rest stops, restaurants, and other leisure oriented businesses. Anywhere that has a constant flow of traffic means they also have a constant amount of people in and out of their bathrooms.

With this toilet seat cover system, you know that your bathrooms will always be sanitary when someone steps inside. The mess is eliminated, as is the risk of germs. There’s no reason not to get them installed!

If you’re convinced, get in touch with us. We can install our systems for a reasonable price, and give you peace of mind. There’s nothing better than that when you’re running a business.


Why Highway Rest Stops Need A Toilet Seat Cover System

Visiting a public restroom is never the best experience, but highway rest stops have a certain reputation. If you run a rest stop, doubtless you want to change all of that. That’s why we have devised a new toilet seat cover system that makes your bathrooms the cleanest around. Here’s everything you need to know.

Highway Rest Stops Aren’t Known For Cleanliness

Highway rest stops are a necessity. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to pull over and pay a visit to the bathrooms in one, no matter how much you’d rather not. Think about your recent experiences. The bathrooms are really never as clean as they should be, are they?

In your rest stop, you try and keep yours as clean as possible. However, there’s only so much time you can dedicate to cleaning them, and there’s people streaming in and out all day and night. It’s pretty much impossible to keep up. What do you do to keep the toilets clean?

Toilet Seat Covers Beat DIY Solutions

Everyone knows the usual DIY solution to a less than perfectly clean toilet. You take toilet roll and drape it over the seat before sitting down. However, we can all agree it just doesn’t work like it should. The toilet roll falls down the toilet as you sit, or it falls onto the floor creating a mess. Let’s not speak of how it gets stuck to your shoes, too!

Toilet seat covers are ok, but they’re still not a perfect system. You pull them out of the dispenser but usually two or three come at once, wasting resources. Then, they too may well fall into the toilet before they can be used. All in all, they’re just wasteful.

So what’s the solution? Automatic toilet seat covers, of course.

automated toilet seat cover system

Why A Toilet Seat Cover System Is The Perfect Solution

So, what’s the difference between normal toilet seat covers and automatic ones? Well, it’s simple but it’s ingenious. When you enter a stall with an automated toilet seat cover system, all you have to do is wave your hand or push a button. The system pulls the old toilet seat cover off and cuts it off, while placing a brand new cover on the seat. This means you’re guaranteed a new seat cover every time, making your experience much more hygienic.

How BRiLL Hygiene Products Work

Ok, so automated toilet seat covers are clearly better than other solutions. Are they the best thing to use to keep your rest stop bathrooms clean? Here’s some of the benefits of using our products.

  • Know your restrooms are clean: If you’re low on staff, it’s difficult to let them go and check the bathrooms regularly. They’re simply needed elsewhere. If you have these public bathroom toilet seat covers system, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll stay cleaner, for longer.
  • Toilet Seat Cover SystemIncreased customer satisfaction: Your customers are paying attention to the state of your restrooms. They reflect on your business as a whole, so you need them to be pleasing to them. Using our toilet seat covers means that they’ll experience a clean and pleasant bathroom, every time they visit.
  • Exciting new technology: We’re all impressed by new technology, even if it is in the bathroom. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by finding the system in the stalls, and impressed that you’ve decided to invest in it.
  • Save on wasted items: You’ll find that you’ll spend much less on toilet roll and regular toilet seat covers, as they aren’t being wasted when customers try to use them. An automated system ensures everyone gets one cover, every time they visit the bathroom. Plus, you’ll no longer be cleaning up old toilet roll from the floors!
  • Improve the standing of your rest stop: Overall, you’ll find that your rest stop will be rated much higher than others nearby. Customers will appreciate the effort taken in keeping the toilets clean, and will recommend you to their friends. What could be better?

As you can see, it’s well worth investing in an automated cover system. Get in touch and we’ll give you a quote. It’s much cheaper than you’d think!


Say Goodbye to Paper Toilet Seat Covers in your Company Bathrooms

Company bathrooms have a strict standard of needing to be presentable at all times, carefully maintained, and usually cleaned throughout the day. This level of maintenance for the bathroom can often be a difficult standard to meet on a daily basis when so many people are using them on a daily basis. There are times where some may not respect the unwritten rules of these shared facilities and end up leaving a mess in their wake.

When this occurs it’s up to the company to offer an innovative solution to the problem, but what if there was a way to do it without wasted resources?

Innovative System

Brill SeatOur automatic toilet seat covers have made it easier than ever to help maintain company bathrooms and keeping them clean. The issue with traditional toilet seat covers is they fail in their functionality since they have to be applied manually each time. This puts the patron in contact with the cover of the toilet seat completely negating the reason for using it in the first place. These poor quality toilet seat covers often rip, tear, or end up being knocked over from the slightest touch or breeze. They’re so fragile it makes little sense to invest in them since half the time it ends up creating an even bigger mess in the bathroom.

Our innovative system eliminates this problem by ensuring the patron never has to deal with the hassle of a traditional toilet seat cover again. There’s a sensor that notes when the patron is done and rips the now used cover into a roll off the side. There’s a fresh sheet of plastic pulled over the toilet seat which provides a fresh surface for the next person who needs to use the facilities.

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Toilet Seat CoversWhat about the cleaning aspect when it comes to the bathroom? Our toilet seat cover system helps in that regard too and people will usually notice a vast difference after just a few weeks of use. Traditional toilet seat covers have a reputation for creating an even bigger mess and being a complete hassle to deal with in the long run.

Our system is not only more user friendly, but completely eliminates the necessity for having to apply the toilet seat covers manually. When it comes time to restock them, the roll with the used covers simply has to be picked up, tossed into the trash, and fresh roll installed on the other side. This takes only a minute or two at most which makes for an efficient cleaning routine in the bathroom.

This in turn also means there’s less wasted resources for the most part since the company is no longer having products they invested in on the floor of the bathroom. Our system ensures each toilet seat cover is used and disposed of properly so patrons can enjoy a clean bathroom without any of the extra hassle.

Increased Satisfaction

We believe our automatic toilet seat covers will help to increase the satisfaction in the company since the bathroom will be easier to clean and maintain. There’s less wasted products, resources, and the mess is cut down since toilet covers are not ending up on the floor anymore. The initial investment will pay off in the long run in cleaning costs and product alone. Everyone will be happier and the facilities will be more sanitary to boot while also cutting down on the risk of cross contamination taking place.

We understand the difficulties establishments face when maintaining these facilities being used by multiple people. Our system will help to smooth over the process of keeping them clean, presentable, and sanitary for every person who uses the bathroom. The cleaning process will be more efficient, employees will be happier, and many companies have reaped the benefits of being able to save on cleaning costs.


It’s Time to Turn to Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

When an establishment is required to host public facilities to use they’re responsible for keeping it clean and presentable at all times. These areas can often end up becoming a mess rather quickly when patrons are constantly coming in and out of them most of the day. While most patrons will respect such areas and dispose of their items once they’re done, others may not respect these shared spaces. Often leaving behind a mess or forgetting to clean-up after themselves when they’ve left the facilities.

Reversing the Contributions to the Mess

automatic disposable toilet seat coversDisposable toilet seat covers are an ideal solution for public bathroom facilities since they give each patron a fresh service to sit on rather than one used by a previous person. The difference between these and the traditional toilet seat covers is ease of use and reducing the need to cleanup so often.

Traditional toilet seat covers serve a basic function of providing a clean surface for patrons to place on the seat when they have to use the bathroom facilities. The downside is these subpar quality toilet seat covers don’t often holdup to the task they’re supposed to be used for in the first place. They usually have to be applied manually which negates the necessity of using them in the first place since it’s impossible not to touch the toilet seat in the first place. Once the cover is placed it can often fall into the porcelain bowl, rip, tear, or even fall to the floor if mishandled.

Traditional toilet seat covers are also notorious for ripping easily or being knocked off the lid of the toilet seat. This makes them highly inefficient to use as a clean surface and they usually end up creating a bigger mess for people to clean up than is worth the cost.

Saving Smarter Without Working Harder

Our automatic disposable toilet seat covers will help to cut down on cleaning costs and the need to keep investing in subpar quality products. Our innovative system will make the cleaning process easier, keep the facilities more sanitary, and raise customer satisfaction.

Disposable Toilet Seat CoversHow our system works is there’s a roll plastic that contains unused toilet seat covers. When a patron is done using the facilities the toilet seat cover is automatically rolled up to the other side. There’s no point where the patron has to manually apply the toilet seat cover on their own or worry about not having a clean surface. The toilet seat is then covered with a fresh surface and the process repeated itself.

This cuts down on cleaning costs and saves on wasted resources since there’s rarely a chance for toilet seat covers to end up on the floor. Patrons don’t have to worry about not having a fresh surface since the toilet seat cover is changed after each use. When cleaning time comes around the plastic roll simply has to be unclipped, thrown away, and a fresh roll placed for another round of use.

This process has saved many businesses time and resources dedicated to just sanitizing these facilities and making them presentable for the public. Our automatic toilet seat covers will make the cleaning process more efficient, waste less resources, and help to cut down the costs. Why pay for resources that end up on the floor trampled, damp, or completely torn? They have to be cleaned up in the end and it often ends up being too much of a hassle to keep around for the long run.

Here at Brill Seat, we care about our customers and ensuring they make the right investment. We believe in working smarter, not harder when it comes to our innovative new system. Many of our clients have found our system to make their facilities cleaner, easier to manage, and to cut down the cost of investing in subpar quality toilet seat covers.



Raise Customer Satisfaction with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Establishments today are held to a higher standard in every aspect of their business. They’re expected to deliver top-notch customer service and satisfaction. Meeting these standards can be a challenge in today’s industry of increased social media, awareness of business, and keeping customer’s happy. Many establishments are able to meet these growing demands, but when it comes to the cleanliness of their public facilities it can be a different matter.

When people are entering and exiting the restrooms at a constant rate, keeping them clean can be a chore. Patrons don’t always respect these facilities as they should which can create a mess in the restrooms. This in turn creates more work for the cleaning crew who have to deal with the mess not to mention costing extra resources in sanitizing the area and dealing with the aftermath.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers – Better than the Traditional Ones

Automatic toilet seat covers are more beneficial than their traditional counterparts since they’re less messy and easier to use. Traditional toilet seat covers are often made using sub-par quality materials like a super thin paper or plastic. They tend to tear easily and have to be applied to the cover of the toilet seat manually. This negates the reason for even using them in the first place since their primary function is to provide a clean surface for the patron. When the toilet seat cover falls to the floor or into the toilet, it ends up being a wasted product. Patrons usually don’t bother to pick the toilet seat cover up once it hits the floor since they don’t want to catch any germs or bacteria.

Our automated system eliminates this issue completely since patrons never have to touch the toilet seat cover again. How it works is our system is able to sense when a new surface is needed and promptly replaces the cover. There’s a roll on each side, with one being the new and unused toilet seat covers. Once the surface has been used the system rolls up the used cover and replaces it with a fresh surface.


More Efficient

The other benefit of our toilet seat cover dispenser system is it’s more efficient in the long run for an establishment. The reason behind this innovative system is how easy it is to take replace the rolls and to dispose of the old ones. When a new surface is being placed it’s rolled up to the side neatly. When it comes time to change it out, someone just has to unclip the roll, toss it into the trash, and then add a new roll of clean toilet seat covers. This process is completed in less than a minute and makes the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Cutting Down on Cost

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversAnother reason we’ve had people invest in our automatic toilet seat covers is being able to cut down on cleaning and maintenance costs. Continually replacing traditional toilet seat covers that usually end up ripped or on the ground just creates a bigger necessity for cleaning. This extra cleaning leads to a waste of time and resources that could be focused somewhere else in the establishment. Investing in our system now is an excellent long term solution to the problem which makes easier for people to use.

Increasing customer satisfaction is done by taking notice of the small details and improving certain areas to make them more comfortable. Even these small steps will go a long way to not only saving time and resources, but you’ll have happy customers to boot. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to make the right investments now so you can benefit from the results later.

We understand the challenges of keeping up with today’s standards and believe our system can help a business to meet those standards. Not only is it cost effective, but everyone benefits when you see just how amazing automatic toilet seat covers can truly be.


Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers Are Just the Beginning – Four Tips for Cleaning your Commercial Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom sanitary is a major concern for many establishments. We know patrons don’t always respect these facilities and can create a mess once they’re done using them. Our innovative toilet seat cover system makes it easier to keep your commercial bathroom clean and sanitary for other patrons to use.

Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

  • Replacing Traditional Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

Traditional toilet seat covers should be replaced with our innovative, automatic system to keep your commercial bathroom clean. Traditional toilet seat covers are often made out of sub-par materials that tend to tear easily. These poor quality toilet seat covers usually end up on the floor of the bathroom, clogging drains, and generally creating a bigger mess. They’re more trouble than they’re worth and a waste of time to invest in for your facilities.

Our automatic toilet seat cover system removes all these issues by replacing the toilet seat covers automatically once a patron is done using the facilities. This provides a clean surface for the next person to use without having to worry about spreading germs and bacteria to other people.

  • Keep Certain Areas Dry

The concept of the bathroom being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria isn’t a new one, but did you know there are certain areas to look out for? Moist environments provide the type of breeding ground for germs and bacteria to flourish, especially in warm environments. The sinks are often the starting point for germs and bacteria to congregate seems droplets of water will often collect there which provides the perfect environment for them to flourish.

Keeping the areas and the floor around the sinks dry is a good measure to prevent germs and bacteria from flourishing in the bathroom. These extra measures will also cut down on the chances of any illnesses or diseases from spreading to patrons too.

  • Reducing Maintenance Costs

Our automatic toilet seat covers help to cut down on maintenance costs too when it comes to keeping the bathrooms clean. Traditional toilet seat covers often create a bigger mess and take up extra time to cleanup. Our innovative system cuts down on this mess and nearly eliminates it completely since the used toilet seat covers are all store neatly in a little roll.

This means employees can focus on cleaning other areas of the establishment and can sanitize the bathroom more quickly. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right?

  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction

automatic toilet seat cover systemSurprisingly, keeping commercial bathrooms cleaner will encourage customers to stay clean too. Not only are they happier with a cleaner facility, but it also motivates them to clean up their own minor messes when using them. Not every patron will respect the fact other people use these public facilities, but most people do. When they notice how clean the environment is they’ll be encouraged to keep up the cleanliness. Patrons will be encouraged to throw away their trash in the proper receptacles and do their best to clean up after themselves after they’re done using the facilities. This added respect will contribute to keeping the commercial bathroom cleaner and make it easier to maintain in the long run.

Maintaining commercial bathrooms can be a challenge when patrons are using them every day. The cleaning crew may not have the time or chance to always go into the bathroom to give it the deep sanitation it needs. Investing in our automatic system will help to keep these facilities clean and easier to maintain. You’ll cut down on maintenance costs, increase customer satisfaction, and save on having to constantly invest in sub-par products.

You never want to invest in a product that will continually waste your time and money. Traditional toilet seat covers have a tendency to rip easily and create a bigger mess. They aren’t worth the cost and with our automated system you’ll have a much better experience and investment.


Are Automatic Toilet Seat Covers the Next Big thing for Churches?

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Hygiene is a major concern in any bathroom area or where people tend to congregate. Churches are one of these establishments where large groups of people tend to gather regularly and keeping their facilities clean can be a challenge. Patrons don’t always respect shared areas like the bathroom and may not clean up after themselves after they’re done using the facilities

Automatic toilet seat covers provide an easy and ideal solution for keeping the facilities clean and sanitary for patrons. They help cut down on cleaning costs, save time, and above all keep these shared facilities clean.

Eliminating Germs

toilet seat cover systemGerms and bacteria are always a major concern when it comes to the bathroom, especially shared ones where multiple people will be using them frequently. There’s always the present worry of catching a bug that can make other patrons sick and can be potentially spread to other people. Decreasing the chances of this happening can be a challenge even with frequent cleaning since there may not always be a person available to thoroughly clean the shared facilities.

The automatic toilet seat cover system provides the ideal solution to answer this concern without having to take up extra time or energy. When a patron is done using the facilities, the system automatically replaced the surface with a new toilet seat cover. Rolling up the used one so it can be reused and the next person will have a fresh surface. The transition is easy, simple, and doesn’t require extra hands to keep running.

Decreasing Maintenance

Our unique system not only keeps the bathroom environment cleaner, but makes it easier to maintain. There’s plenty of maintenance that goes into keeping a bathroom clean and it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. When outside traffic and visitors start increasing, this means there’s more potential for a greater mess to occur in the bathroom.

The automatic system makes it easier than ever for seat covers to be replaced that require only the minimum of manual handling. The system is designed to automatically replace toilet seat covers once the old one has been used. During no point in time does a patron have to touch the toilet seat covers on their own or worry about disposing of it. Even when the toilet seat covers have to be changed out, the process is fairly simple. The roll with the used toilet seat covers simply needs to be detached, thrown away, and a fresh one replaced for the system to use. This takes less than a minute to complete and makes the process of cleaning the bathroom much easier.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversEstablishments who invest in our toilet seat cover system have experienced increased customer satisfaction. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right? The automatic system has made it easier than ever to keep these areas of an establishment clean, easy to use, and to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Reducing maintenance costs is another side benefit of using our innovative system for your own bathroom facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers tear easily and usually end up in other areas they aren’t supposed to be in. These poor quality toilet seat covers rip and tear easily, making them nearly impossible to be of any benefit. Even when patrons are able to apply them, they have to do so manually. Completely negating the effects of using the toilet seat cover in the first place since their hands come in contact with the surface.

These multiple toilet seat covers can increase maintenance costs too since they’re so problematic. They can cause the toilet to overflow, be torn to shreds on the floor, and make cleaning an even greater chore. Investing in our innovative system will make the cleaning process easier and ensure you get more use out of your products. Our sanitary products will help your facilities to be more sanitary and easy to clean.


The Phasing Out of Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Sanitary paper toilet seat covers are something that you have seen before many times, there’s just no way to argue that. Every time you enter a public restroom they’re going to be there, and every single time you use the bathroom you probably consider using one. Well, it’s not a bad idea but let’s face it, the days of the sanitary paper toilet seat covers are coming to an end. If you haven’t been paying attention you ‘re probably wondering why, and it’s not a bad question. Why would something that we’ve been relying on for so many years be going away?

Time Marches On – Even for Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

paper toilet seat cover systemTo put it quite simply, things move on especially when it comes to the most simplistic of implementations in our world. The brick oven was replaced by the toaster oven and pens are slowly being replaced with computers – it just happens. The typical paper toilet seat cover system is being swiftly replaced by the Brill Seat system and it’s not just a localized event. Businesses all over the United States are quickly beginning to see the usefulness of the Brill Seat system and it won’t be long before they are implemented nationwide. So what is it that makes the Brill Seat system better than paper toilet seat covers?

More EffectiveThe problem with typical paper toilet seat covers is that they slide around and you have more than a few people doubling up on them. This is expensive and let’s face it, it’s pretty messy. Not to mention the amount of time that you probably have to spend convincing your customers that paper toilet seat covers are in fact not toilet paper and do not belong in your plumbing system.

 CleanerNo one can argue that the Brill Seat solution is cleaner than the previous solutions that have been implemented. Paper might have been perceived to be cheaper, but the new solution allows for a more inexpensive plastic cover, and it’s much cleaner than paper with the covers only being accessible once the customer stands up from the toilet.

AutomatedThe less effort a customer has to put into using the toilet seat cover the better off you and them are going to be. The Brill Seat covers are activated via a motion sensor that is activated when the guest or customer sits down, making it very easy to use and requires no cleaning.

Self-ContainedThe Brill Seat system is completely self-contained meaning the toilet seat, the cover, and the mechanism are all one device and they can be mounted atop the existing toilet seat. If that’s not an improvement, then we don’t know what is.

A Seat for Every Occasion

Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat CoversBrill Seat has invented a solution that can be used in a variety of different situations and establishments. If you take a look at the news video from our front page you will find a situation in which it was used in a casino, and while it was only applied to the women’s bathroom, it increased traffic significantly which is a great thing overall. The same logic can be allied to bathrooms in gyms, schools, government buildings, and even public beaches, making them a much cleaner space and a much more attractive spot for people to visit. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to invest in these, and a great way to phase out the paper toilet seat covers.

The final thing we want to mention is that paper toilet seat covers are not incredibly effective when it comes to stopping the spread of germs due to the nature of the germs that can be spread. The plastic covers from Brill Seat however are much more sanitary and much more effective as they allow for zero contact with the toilet seat itself. It’s time to step up your game and move on from the paper toilet seat covers; it won’t be too long before you’re ready to give up wholesale paper toilet seat covers entirely and join the rest of us in the future!


Why you need Toilet Seat Covers that are Disposable for your Gym

If you run a gym of any kind then you’re going to be dealing with the inevitability of germs, there’s just no way around it. With that being the case, it would be best for you to make sure that you’re hitting those germs where they live: right in the bathroom. That might sound a little cliché but there are a few things that you need to remember. First of all, in a regular home, germs don’t necessarily accumulate in the bathroom unless you’re failing to keep it clean.

In fact you have to worry more about your front door any our kitchen counter. In a gym however, there are a few things that differ significantly, the first being that you’re in a public space, the second being that you have no idea who is going to walk through your front doors. You need to make sure that you are prepared for anything, and that means making sure that your bathrooms are in the best shape possible.

automatic disposable toilet seat covers

Toilet Seat Covers that are Disposable Can Make your Gym More Appealing

A gym is just like any other type of business that you might want to run; you want to bring people in the door and in order for that to happen, you need to make sure that y our facilities are clean. One thing we need to make clear here is that yes, your bathroom is sitting in the back of your gym, generally unseen and hopefully unheard but one thing is absolutely certain: people are going to need to go in there at some point during their workout routine.

Sure they might sweat most of it out but they’re drinking water, they’re moving around, and eventually they’re going to need to change. Let’s ask a very important question here: how many times have you avoided a restaurant, store, or other facility based on what you’ve heard or seen of the bathroom? If you think back far enough you can probably come up with at least a few examples and you have to realize that the same will apply to yours. That being said, it’s time to find automatic disposable toilet seat covers.

Taking it a Step Further

Your bathroom is one of the most important spots in the entirety of your facility and you need to keep it clean. You can hire janitors, you can scrub, you can make rules for your employees, you can do any number of things, but one event that you will really want to keep tabs on is the time in which the customer or guest touches the toilet seat.

You’ve heard about the potential for germs from a toilet seat and there is a lot to be said about that, namely the fact that only the most severe of germs and bacteria can actually travel through toilet seat contact and even then it has to be under very specific circumstances. In spite of that, what you need to realize is that sometimes it’s all about aesthetics and the Brill Seat solution might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Plastic Solution

Toilet Seat CoversDisposable toilet seat covers of the paper variety have long been a great way to maintain customer peace of mind, but things have progressed significantly since those days. With the technology currently available, it should be no surprise to anyone that customers are demanding more and Brill Seat has precisely what you need. Automatic toilet seat covers allow the individual to sit with total peace of mind and without having to change the toilet seat cover themselves, which is definitely an improvement over the implementations of the past.

Brill Seat provides a custom toilet seat that literally changes its own cover and can be activated either manually or by customer interaction with a motion sensor. It’s a completely hands off solution and a great way to bring new technology into an age old facility. If you want to know more, all you need to do is take a look at the customer testimonials and most importantly, the video on our website. Your gym needs to be a clean, safe place for your members, let an automatic toilet seat cover help make it that way.



Schools are Switching to Automatic Toilet Seat Covers – Find out Why

automatic toilet seat cover dispenserPublic schools are a necessary part of the community but they are also one of the filthiest. Let’s face it, if you have kids, then you know that they can generate a mess faster than any pet, adult, or supernatural force. Now imagine at least five hundred of them together in the same building and you can see where we’re going with this. When you’re in a position of authority at a school there are several potential problems that you will probably find yourself dealing with, the most common of which occur in the bathroom.

When it comes to stopping the spread of germs, bacteria, and even disease in a public or private school, the bathroom is usually the front line and your school janitor will be able to confirm that for you. The most common method of addressing the problem in the past, at least as far as toilets are concerned, has been to use a toilet seat cover dispenser system, but you probably already know that there are a few problems with that. Sure, toilet seat covers might help to an extent, but after the hundredth time of finding one in the hall or in the septic system, there is a good chance that you don’t want to deal with it anymore.

In fact there are more than a few schools that have simply given up on this method after a few tries and a few calls to their local plumbing company. Don’t worry, automatic toilet seat covers are the way of the future and they’re a great way to keep things clean.

You Need Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Today

There is a good chance that as the school administrator you’ve given up on the idea of toilet seat covers, but one thing you should know is that many parents do in fact have a choice as to whether or not they want to send their children to your school – this is especially true if you are running a private school. When parents do an initial walkthrough of your facility they’re going to want to see what you have to offer, and if they find a dirty bathroom, you can be rest assured that they’re going to pull their application faster than you’ll believe.

The same goes for the lack of toilet seat covers; there are many who swear by them, and they know that a toilet seat cover can help to eliminate the spread of bacteria. If you use automatic toilet seat covers here, you can definitely make a bit of a difference.

The Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Difference

Automatic Toilet Seat CoverBrill Seat has worked for years to perfect the automatic toilet seat cover dispenser, and it has done so by removing almost all user interaction. You will no longer need to change the toilet seat cover each time you sit down, and you can literally swap it out using innovative motion controls. The motion sensor can be mounted on the wall of your bathroom stall, and it can easily be activated with the wave of a hand. It’s a great way to cut down on waste, and an outstanding way to make things easier for your students. You’re probably wondering why you never thought of this before!

It’s Time for a Change

The bathroom has remained stagnant for long enough; you’re going to need good automatic toilet seat covers to keep your students safe, and it won’t be too long before you’re installing these in every bathroom – even the staff facilities.

If you’re looking for more information, feel free to check our website and read over the customer testimonials that our product has generated over the years. In addition to that, you can see a news clip describing how Brill Seat has improved several businesses, including a Las Vegas casino. If you’re thinking of bringing automatic toilet seat covers to your school, then you can be rest assured that you are not alone. Many schools are taking his leap, and with good reason. It’s time for a change in your bathroom.