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Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for NPO’s

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

protective toilet seat covers systemWhen the schedule is full and everyone is busy, it’s inevitable to make use of the restroom facilities on site. Suffice to say, not everyone respects these shared spaces which can end up being messy from products being thrown on the floor to sub-par quality toilet seat covers that don’t meet a certain standard of functionality.

Why Our Toilet Seat Covers are the Best

Automatic toilet seat covers are just the better option across the board for shared restroom facilities since they eliminate several issues like cross contamination, help save on cleaning costs, and ensure there is no wasted product littering the floor.

The way our product works is simple, effective, and innovative for NPO’s. The way it works is there are two rolls of plastic that people will notice on our system. The first roll of plastic holds the clean, unused toilet seat covers. When a person is done using the facilities the system automatically rips off the used toilet seat cover and rolls it up. Once the used one is out of the way the toilet seat is covered with a fresh sheet of plastic so the next person has a fresh surface next time they visit the restroom.

Helps Cut Down on Wasted Product

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversOne of the other reasons we highly recommend our toilet seat cover system is because it helps cut down on wasted product. Traditional toilet seat covers are usually made from cheap plastic or paper which tears easily and must be applied manually. Most of the time these lower quality toilet seat covers go unused since they either fall into the toilet bowl, are ripped during application, or fall onto the floor.

This creates a mess in the bathroom that can be a headache to deal with since the lower quality toilet seat covers break apart so easily. Meaning the cleaning staff in charge of keeping the bathroom clean must dedicate extra time to picking it up instead of focusing on other areas.

Our toilet seat cover system eliminates this issue since it’s impossible for the covers to end up on the floor. The only parts of the system cleaning staff must worry about is the two small rolls of plastic on either side. Once the toilet seat covers have been used they’re rolled up and stored to the side by our system. The plastic roll with the used toilet seat covers just must be picked up and thrown into the trash and replaced with a new roll. This takes less than a minute to do and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Eliminate Germs

The upside to using our protective toilet seat covers system is they help to prevent cross contamination. The bathroom is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria since moisture tends to collect in the corners. This warm, humid environment allows germs and bacteria to thrive which puts people at risk of getting sick.

Combined with the poor quality of traditional toilet seat covers and shared surfaces, germs can spread easily. When a clean surface is available for people to use, there is little chance of cross contamination taking place.

Keeping better sanitary conditions for everyone is the ideal way to go using our automatic toilet seat covers. These shared facilities should be a place everyone is able to use without having to worry about a mess when they enter the bathroom. We encourage our customers to give our system a try and to experience the difference of our automated system for themselves. Save on cleaning and product costs with our system and never deal with these problems ever again.


Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for Corporate Offices

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Corporate offices are all about business whether you’re doing business in the field, at your desk, in the hallways, elevator, or even in the bathroom. The most important thing to remember about corporate offices is that you not only spend a lot of time in them but so do your employees. With that being the case, it is of the utmost importance that you keep them as clean as possible.

Toilet Seat CoversIt is pretty common to hire a cleaning service to help you take care of the heavy lifting, especially at night, but what are you going to do about the bathrooms? A little known fact, is that they can be a bit of a money hole. By this, we mean that you can spend a lot of money keeping them up, repairing damage, and replacing certain items to make sure that you are actually meeting with certain health standards. Toilet seats become an important concern in any business for a few different reasons, the first, and most important being that they are

Toilet seats become an important concern in any business for a few different reasons, the first, and most important being that they are sanitation issues. So what would that mean, exactly? The first thing you need to understand is that while there are plenty of rumors flying around, most diseases cannot be contracted from a toilet seat. The second thing that you need to know, is that you really don’t want to take a chance, regardless. With automatic toilet seat covers you can remove all doubt, and most importantly, you can really make an aesthetic impact like never before.

Raise the Aesthetic Impact

Here’s an interesting question: is anyone really going to remember your toilet seat? At all? The answer is simple, actually: If you’ve done your job right, then no, they’re not going to. If you don’t do your job right, however, people are definitely going to remember your bathrooms, and they’re not going to have anything good to say about them. You can trust us when we say that’s not the way you want things to turn out for you, especially if you’re trying to impress new potential employees, and most importantly, clients. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as attempting to impress someone, only to have them leave a negative Yelp review regarding your bathroom. Once it’s on the internet, it stays on the internet, and everyone is going to remember it, whether you like it or not.

You can trust us when we say that’s not the way you want things to turn out for you, especially if you’re trying to impress new potential employees, and most importantly, clients. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as attempting to impress someone, only to have them leave a negative Yelp review regarding your bathroom. Once it’s on the internet, it stays on the internet, and everyone is going to remember it, whether you like it or not.

Automating the Experience

automatic toilet set cover systemOne of the best things you can do in your corporate bathroom, other than keeping it clean, is completely automating the experience. What do we mean by this exactly? Well, it’s something that you’ve been seeing in bathrooms for a very long time now, and it tends to start with sinks, and even hand dryers. All of these things have been automated as of late, completely removing the need for interaction on the part of the user, and that can be absolutely fantastic. So, with that being said, what direction do you want to take this? The Brill Seat solution is one that completely automates the bathroom process in a way that you’ve really never seen before. Toilet seat covers are definitely a must have in any commercial bathroom, but, it becomes much better with an automatic toilet

Toilet seat covers are definitely a must have in any commercial bathroom, but, it becomes much better with an automatic toilet set cover system, as customers barely need to interact with them. Brill Seat offers a plastic toilet seat cover atop a custom seat that cycles automatically, triggered by a motion sensor. That is, without a doubt, one of the best innovations on the market, at least when it comes to toilet seat covers.

The bottom line here, is that you CAN make your toilet seat better. In a way, and rightly so, many people consider it to be re-inventing the wheel, but if you can make the wheel better and more convenient, then by all means, why not? Your company can use more automation; it saves money and most importantly, it’s a great way for you to avoid making a huge mess. Look into the Brill Seat solution today and make sure that you’re giving both your customers and your employees the best. They deserve it, you deserve it, and Brill Seat can deliver.


Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers for Amusement Parks

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

There are over 270 million people who visit amusement parks each year with their family and friends. Amusement parks are ideal for celebrating a birthday, going out on a date, or just having a good time when summer rolls around. When so many people are in attendance the public restroom facilities become a hub of activity. When walking from one end of the park to the other, it’s no wonder guests need to make use of the facilities every couple of hours.

Eliminating Germs

Toilet Seat CoversWhen literally millions of people visit amusement parks each year, cross-contamination is a major concern. The potential for germs and bacteria to pass from one patron to the next is increased when people are in a closed space like the bathroom. Warm and damp conditions are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive, these areas are often the bathroom. When people washing their hands accidentally splash water around that can gather in the corners of the restroom and be there for hours at a time.

Our automatic toilet seat covers cut down on the chance of germs and bacteria spreading from one patron to the next. The main issue with public restrooms is having a clean surface to sit on when people are done using the facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers are fragile and made with low-quality materials. They tend to rip and tear easily even when handled with care and must be applied to the surface of the toilet seat manually.

Decreasing the Maintenance

The other issue with using traditional toilet seat covers is the increase in maintenance. The traditional toilet seat covers tear so easily, they end up creating a bigger mess than they’re worth. This increases the cost to replace them and the time spent cleaning the bathroom. Our automatic toilet seat covers operate on a unique system to automatically replace a surface once the facilities have been used.

There is a sensor that detects when a patron is using the facilities and once they’re done replaces the surface of the toilet seat. There are two rolls of plastic on either side and once a guest is done doing their business automatically rips off the used surface. The used toilet seat cover is rolled into a small piece of plastic and a new cover is placed over the lid of the toilet seat. When the next patron comes to use the facilities, they have a fresh surface to use.

The maintenance is decreased since replacing the public restroom toilet seat covers involves picking up a roll of plastic, disposing of it in a bin, and then installing a new roll of toilet seat covers. The entire process takes less than a minute and there is no wasted product littering the floor of the bathroom.

Cutting Down the Cost

automatic toilet seat coversThe main drawback with traditional toilet seat covers is they increase cleaning costs and rarely serve their purpose. Why have a toilet seat cover that must be applied manually by the guest? Their hands come into contact with the toilet seat which eliminates the purpose the toilet seat cover is meant to serve in the first place.

The public restroom toilet seat covers help to cut down on cleaning costs since there is less potential for them to end up on the floor. Patrons don’t have to worry about coming into contact with the toilet seat either since the system is automatic. They always have a fresh, clean surface to use even when other people are constantly in and out of the facilities.

When several million people are visiting amusement parks each year, it pays off to have a system in place to make maintenance easier.



Automatic Toilet Seat Cover for Turnpike Rest Stops


Highways, freeways, and turnpikes are the life blood of the United States. Without them, we’d have some serious problems and commerce would definitely be stunted. Let’s take the Maine turn-pike as an example, did you know that between 2006 and 2015, more than 66 million cars were recorded passing through the toll booths? Averaging three people per car, that’s a lot of potential rest stop customers.

Now, with that in mind, yes, people are going to stop at your rest area, but if you don’t keep it clean and sanitary, you would be surprised at what lengths they would go to in order to make the next one. Rest areas bring income for the state, especially on turnpikes, and with that being the case, it is important to keep them in good repair, starting with an automatic toilet seat cover for all of the bathrooms.

Should you Consider an Automatic Toilet Seat Cover System?

There is nothing more important in a bathroom than keeping the toilets clean, especially when you’re talking about a turnpike rest stop. After all, that’s precisely what people stop in for, right? There are a ton of problems that can be associated with toilet seats, one of which would be the transfer of bacteria. We’re going to be honest, bacteria doesn’t really transfer that well from a toilet seat, not by any means, and with that being the case, the most common problem that guests are going to have is the aesthetics.

Think about it: you wouldn’t want to walk into a dirty bathroom, let alone use it, and you can’t expect anything different from those who are just getting off of the freeway after a long trip – the condition of the restroom could easily determine whether or not people use that exit, and your profits could potentially take a nose dive if you’re not careful.

 Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

Why Automated Seats are Better

The common solution in the past has been to use public toilet seat paper covers to compensate for the amount of germs and bacteria that float around the bathrooms, but this isn’t always ideal. Actually, they can end up costing you more money in the long run, making them an unacceptable solution. This is where automated seat covers come into play, and quite frankly, they’re a lot more fun.

Automated toilet seat covers aren’t new to the market but Brill Seat’s attention to detail and product excellence really brings this one to the forefront, and with good reason. The difference between this one and many other seat covers on the market is the fact that you can sit down, complete your business, and stand up without any hassle. The seat cover will simply rotate, at which point the old one will be disposed of, making this one of the simplest solutions on the market.

Save Money

With the Brill Seat solution you will be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money. First of all, you will find that without the paper toilet seat covers floating around, you won’t have to worry about clogged toilets, and that’s going to be a plus. Secondly, you won’t have to worry about low quality toilet seat covers. Brill Seat’s are made from a high quality plastic that serves as a protective barrier between yourself and the toilet seat – it’s what customers and guests prefer.

Make an Impact

Do you want to know what the cool thing about this is? You can really make an impact on your customers by using this type of toilet seat cover. A bathroom is a bathroom, but when they walk in, they’re going to see the toilet seat covers that you have deployed, and they’re definitely going to remember your bathroom; they may even skip a closer rest stop to come visit yours. We’re not saying that’s going to happen every time, but it’s definitely a possibility. Give us a call today and get it installed in your turnpike rest stop – your customers and guests are going to love it.


Change your Bathroom in 2017 with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Sanitation, safety, and savings is our motto here at Brill Seat and bringing our customers the latest innovation innovations in automatic toilet seat cover technology. Establishments today who host public restroom facilities are tasked with keeping them sanitary and presentable for the next patrons. We know better than anyone patrons don’t always respect these public spaces, often leaving behind a mess the cleaning personnel has to deal with.

Make the Job Easier

Toilet Seat CoversWhy invest in our automatic toilet seat covers? They’re the ideal, cost effective solution to keep public bathrooms clean without having to worry wasted product or effort on the behalf of your cleaning personnel. Our automated system automatically replaces the toilet seat cover every time a patron is done using the facilities. When the next person arrives, they have a clean surface to use so they don’t have to worry about cross contamination.

How Does the System Work?

Our toilet seat cover system is unique in its design and execution, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. We believe in providing our customers with a cost effective, innovative solution to deal with the issues of maintaining a public restroom.

Our automated system uses a sensor to tell when a patron is using the facilities so it knows when to replace the toilet seat cover. Once the patron is done, the system rips off the now used toilet seat and stores it in a plastic role so it can’t be reused. The system then places a new and unused toilet seat cover over the surface so it’s ready for the next patron.

Enjoy the Benefits

Our automatic toilet seat cover system is ideal for eliminating germs and decreasing the need for maintenance. Cleaning personnel can easily spend an hour or more cleaning up a public restroom taking care of any debris left on the floor. This makes the time they have to clean less efficient and can keep them away from other tasks. Our system is hands free so there’s a less likely chance of patrons dropping a toilet seat cover on the floor. Since the covers are one time use only, they also ensure patrons will have a fresh surface every time they use the facilities.

automatic toilet seat coversThe other advantage our system has is eliminating germs and keeping the bathroom sanitary. One of the concerns of using a public restroom is the risk of cross contamination in such close quarters. The bathroom can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria since the conditions are often warm and humid. Water splashing up from sinks can end up pooling on the floor which makes for ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. Finding ways to increase sanitation, but not creating extra work for your cleaning personnel provides an innovative solution.

Consumers who have tried our toilet seat cover system have come to find they enjoy the savings, sanitation, and safety of using our product. Traditional toilet seat covers have been applied manually which means patrons will be touching the surface of the toilet. This makes traditional toilet seat covers ineffective since patrons will now have any germs or bacteria from the surface on their own hands.

Regular toilet seat covers are often made from poor quality materials and are too fragile for use. They can often tear easily, be blown away, fall to the floor, or even fall into the toilet itself. This wasted product can cost quite a bit in the long run and makes them an ineffective solution to maintaining the sanitation of the public restroom.

Consumers who have tried our toilet seat cover system have found it to be an amazing innovation for their company. They’re able to eliminate germs, making cleaning more efficient for their personnel, and best of all enjoy the savings of product that isn’t wasted. Give our system a try and experience the difference for yourself.


Why Highway Rest Stops Need A Toilet Seat Cover System

Visiting a public restroom is never the best experience, but highway rest stops have a certain reputation. If you run a rest stop, doubtless you want to change all of that. That’s why we have devised a new toilet seat cover system that makes your bathrooms the cleanest around. Here’s everything you need to know.

Highway Rest Stops Aren’t Known For Cleanliness

Highway rest stops are a necessity. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to pull over and pay a visit to the bathrooms in one, no matter how much you’d rather not. Think about your recent experiences. The bathrooms are really never as clean as they should be, are they?

In your rest stop, you try and keep yours as clean as possible. However, there’s only so much time you can dedicate to cleaning them, and there’s people streaming in and out all day and night. It’s pretty much impossible to keep up. What do you do to keep the toilets clean?

Toilet Seat Covers Beat DIY Solutions

Everyone knows the usual DIY solution to a less than perfectly clean toilet. You take toilet roll and drape it over the seat before sitting down. However, we can all agree it just doesn’t work like it should. The toilet roll falls down the toilet as you sit, or it falls onto the floor creating a mess. Let’s not speak of how it gets stuck to your shoes, too!

Toilet seat covers are ok, but they’re still not a perfect system. You pull them out of the dispenser but usually two or three come at once, wasting resources. Then, they too may well fall into the toilet before they can be used. All in all, they’re just wasteful.

So what’s the solution? Automatic toilet seat covers, of course.

automated toilet seat cover system

Why A Toilet Seat Cover System Is The Perfect Solution

So, what’s the difference between normal toilet seat covers and automatic ones? Well, it’s simple but it’s ingenious. When you enter a stall with an automated toilet seat cover system, all you have to do is wave your hand or push a button. The system pulls the old toilet seat cover off and cuts it off, while placing a brand new cover on the seat. This means you’re guaranteed a new seat cover every time, making your experience much more hygienic.

How BRiLL Hygiene Products Work

Ok, so automated toilet seat covers are clearly better than other solutions. Are they the best thing to use to keep your rest stop bathrooms clean? Here’s some of the benefits of using our products.

  • Know your restrooms are clean: If you’re low on staff, it’s difficult to let them go and check the bathrooms regularly. They’re simply needed elsewhere. If you have these public bathroom toilet seat covers system, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll stay cleaner, for longer.
  • Toilet Seat Cover SystemIncreased customer satisfaction: Your customers are paying attention to the state of your restrooms. They reflect on your business as a whole, so you need them to be pleasing to them. Using our toilet seat covers means that they’ll experience a clean and pleasant bathroom, every time they visit.
  • Exciting new technology: We’re all impressed by new technology, even if it is in the bathroom. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by finding the system in the stalls, and impressed that you’ve decided to invest in it.
  • Save on wasted items: You’ll find that you’ll spend much less on toilet roll and regular toilet seat covers, as they aren’t being wasted when customers try to use them. An automated system ensures everyone gets one cover, every time they visit the bathroom. Plus, you’ll no longer be cleaning up old toilet roll from the floors!
  • Improve the standing of your rest stop: Overall, you’ll find that your rest stop will be rated much higher than others nearby. Customers will appreciate the effort taken in keeping the toilets clean, and will recommend you to their friends. What could be better?

As you can see, it’s well worth investing in an automated cover system. Get in touch and we’ll give you a quote. It’s much cheaper than you’d think!


Raise Customer Satisfaction with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Establishments today are held to a higher standard in every aspect of their business. They’re expected to deliver top-notch customer service and satisfaction. Meeting these standards can be a challenge in today’s industry of increased social media, awareness of business, and keeping customer’s happy. Many establishments are able to meet these growing demands, but when it comes to the cleanliness of their public facilities it can be a different matter.

When people are entering and exiting the restrooms at a constant rate, keeping them clean can be a chore. Patrons don’t always respect these facilities as they should which can create a mess in the restrooms. This in turn creates more work for the cleaning crew who have to deal with the mess not to mention costing extra resources in sanitizing the area and dealing with the aftermath.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers – Better than the Traditional Ones

Automatic toilet seat covers are more beneficial than their traditional counterparts since they’re less messy and easier to use. Traditional toilet seat covers are often made using sub-par quality materials like a super thin paper or plastic. They tend to tear easily and have to be applied to the cover of the toilet seat manually. This negates the reason for even using them in the first place since their primary function is to provide a clean surface for the patron. When the toilet seat cover falls to the floor or into the toilet, it ends up being a wasted product. Patrons usually don’t bother to pick the toilet seat cover up once it hits the floor since they don’t want to catch any germs or bacteria.

Our automated system eliminates this issue completely since patrons never have to touch the toilet seat cover again. How it works is our system is able to sense when a new surface is needed and promptly replaces the cover. There’s a roll on each side, with one being the new and unused toilet seat covers. Once the surface has been used the system rolls up the used cover and replaces it with a fresh surface.


More Efficient

The other benefit of our toilet seat cover dispenser system is it’s more efficient in the long run for an establishment. The reason behind this innovative system is how easy it is to take replace the rolls and to dispose of the old ones. When a new surface is being placed it’s rolled up to the side neatly. When it comes time to change it out, someone just has to unclip the roll, toss it into the trash, and then add a new roll of clean toilet seat covers. This process is completed in less than a minute and makes the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Cutting Down on Cost

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversAnother reason we’ve had people invest in our automatic toilet seat covers is being able to cut down on cleaning and maintenance costs. Continually replacing traditional toilet seat covers that usually end up ripped or on the ground just creates a bigger necessity for cleaning. This extra cleaning leads to a waste of time and resources that could be focused somewhere else in the establishment. Investing in our system now is an excellent long term solution to the problem which makes easier for people to use.

Increasing customer satisfaction is done by taking notice of the small details and improving certain areas to make them more comfortable. Even these small steps will go a long way to not only saving time and resources, but you’ll have happy customers to boot. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to make the right investments now so you can benefit from the results later.

We understand the challenges of keeping up with today’s standards and believe our system can help a business to meet those standards. Not only is it cost effective, but everyone benefits when you see just how amazing automatic toilet seat covers can truly be.


Are Automatic Toilet Seat Covers the Next Big thing for Churches?

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Hygiene is a major concern in any bathroom area or where people tend to congregate. Churches are one of these establishments where large groups of people tend to gather regularly and keeping their facilities clean can be a challenge. Patrons don’t always respect shared areas like the bathroom and may not clean up after themselves after they’re done using the facilities

Automatic toilet seat covers provide an easy and ideal solution for keeping the facilities clean and sanitary for patrons. They help cut down on cleaning costs, save time, and above all keep these shared facilities clean.

Eliminating Germs

toilet seat cover systemGerms and bacteria are always a major concern when it comes to the bathroom, especially shared ones where multiple people will be using them frequently. There’s always the present worry of catching a bug that can make other patrons sick and can be potentially spread to other people. Decreasing the chances of this happening can be a challenge even with frequent cleaning since there may not always be a person available to thoroughly clean the shared facilities.

The automatic toilet seat cover system provides the ideal solution to answer this concern without having to take up extra time or energy. When a patron is done using the facilities, the system automatically replaced the surface with a new toilet seat cover. Rolling up the used one so it can be reused and the next person will have a fresh surface. The transition is easy, simple, and doesn’t require extra hands to keep running.

Decreasing Maintenance

Our unique system not only keeps the bathroom environment cleaner, but makes it easier to maintain. There’s plenty of maintenance that goes into keeping a bathroom clean and it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. When outside traffic and visitors start increasing, this means there’s more potential for a greater mess to occur in the bathroom.

The automatic system makes it easier than ever for seat covers to be replaced that require only the minimum of manual handling. The system is designed to automatically replace toilet seat covers once the old one has been used. During no point in time does a patron have to touch the toilet seat covers on their own or worry about disposing of it. Even when the toilet seat covers have to be changed out, the process is fairly simple. The roll with the used toilet seat covers simply needs to be detached, thrown away, and a fresh one replaced for the system to use. This takes less than a minute to complete and makes the process of cleaning the bathroom much easier.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversEstablishments who invest in our toilet seat cover system have experienced increased customer satisfaction. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right? The automatic system has made it easier than ever to keep these areas of an establishment clean, easy to use, and to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Reducing maintenance costs is another side benefit of using our innovative system for your own bathroom facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers tear easily and usually end up in other areas they aren’t supposed to be in. These poor quality toilet seat covers rip and tear easily, making them nearly impossible to be of any benefit. Even when patrons are able to apply them, they have to do so manually. Completely negating the effects of using the toilet seat cover in the first place since their hands come in contact with the surface.

These multiple toilet seat covers can increase maintenance costs too since they’re so problematic. They can cause the toilet to overflow, be torn to shreds on the floor, and make cleaning an even greater chore. Investing in our innovative system will make the cleaning process easier and ensure you get more use out of your products. Our sanitary products will help your facilities to be more sanitary and easy to clean.


Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are very unique structures in a few different ways. First of all, they are widely intended to be a safe space, meaning they are to house senior citizens, presumably for the remainder of their lives. Of course this isn’t the only thing that they are intended for – it’s just a good example.

That being said, there are actually a few other, perhaps more interesting reasons to use a nursing home, such as recovery after an accident, but the fact remains that they are used primarily for senior citizens. That being said, it shouldn’t be  a terrible surprise that there are serious health risks, and automatic toilet seat covers are an outstanding idea.

Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Why Automatic Toilet Seat Covers?

As you’ve probably guessed there are a few potential problems that you’re going to be dealing with in nursing homes, including the following:

  • Weakened Immune Systems – When you are dealing with the elderly, weakened immune systems are going to be a fact of life. They are in the final stages of their life, their bodies are failing, and they can easily catch a virus or be susceptible to bacteria.
  • Existing Illness – One of the biggest problems that you’re going to face when dealing with nursing home residents is that they’re already sick. They could have been sick at the intake or they might be sick as a result of their stay. We mentioned weakened immune systems and you’re going to have to deal with the result of that. They get sick easily and the last thing you want to do is build an environment that facilitates it.

The bathroom in any facility is without a doubt where the most germs manifest. There are some arguments that other spots, like entryways are going to be dirtier, but quite frankly, the bathroom sees the most action, so to speak. The biggest threat, obviously, is the toilet, and this is where public bathroom toilet seat covers will come into the picture.

Layers of Protection

automatic toilet seat coversToilet seat covers are a great addition to any bathroom, everyone knows it. You’ve seen them in a number of different restroom facilities at this point, and you’ve probably even used them. As you already know there are plenty of individuals and studies that advocate against their use, stating that they don’t actually prevent any type of infection. Let’s discuss some facts here. The first fact is that this is true to a certain extent but you’re not dealing with normal circumstances.

The truth is that while there are very few viruses and bacteria that can live outside the human body for any discernable period of time, some of the worst CAN, and we’re talking about infections like ringworm and staph. These both have high survivability and with that being the case, the elderly, with their weakened immune systems stand a better chance of contracting these infections than most others. That being said, you need to find a way to protect them.

The Brill Seat Solution

The Brill Seat solution is definitely one that you’ll want to consider when it comes to your nursing home and keeping the germs in their place. The most important thing for you to remember here is that paper toilet seat covers are imperfect; they slide around, they cause problems, and in the end, they’re not going to be good for prevention. If you really want to prevent a problem however, the Brill Seat solution is definitely here for you. So what is it that it can do for you exactly? How is it going to help you where paper covers cannot? The Brill system is an automated cover that uses a plastic sleeve on a custom made toilet seat.

This means that you’ll be able to allow your residents to use it without ever lifting a finger. Rather than worrying about placing the cover on the toilet seat they will simply be able to sit down, use the facilities, and stand up when they’re done. Yes, it’s going to be as simple as that. Check out automatic toilet seat covers today, it’s going to change the way you operate your nursing home forever.


Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Should be Essential to any Bathroom Remodeling job

Most of us are acquainted with toilet seat covers in public restrooms; the most widely used covers are made of tissue paper shaped like the toilet seat. They come in a wall-mounted dispenser, usually located behind the toilet and feature a cut-out portion that hangs down into the toilet bowl and is flushed away after use.

The name of the inventor as well as the year the tissue covers were invented is uncertain, but most customers using a public restroom will gladly take advantage of these when available. It is nearly impossible to know how many people actually use these paper covers versus another method to prevent direct contact with the seat and how many live life on the edge by actually sitting on the toilet seat.

A Better Way

public bathroom toilet coversWhat if you could have a barrier between your derriere and the public toilet seat without lifting a finger? With a Brill automatic toilet seat covers system the mechanism causes the plastic toilet seat cover to automatically rotate, shredding the used cover and replacing it with a fresh new shield as each person stands up, sort of like auto-flush, so every time you sit you are good to go. Literally.

For business owners, this product, unlike the paper covers, won’t clog up the toilet because the used liners do not go into the toilet like paper covers. Yes, they are “flushable,” but we all know how too much toilet paper can clog a toilet, so it is easy to see how this can happen, especially in a public restroom. I don’t know why, but people do things in a public restroom they wouldn’t dare do at home, like leaving the sink counter flooded, the water on, hand towels on the floor, and toilets clogged up. This is bad enough, but parents often let small children who should be supervised run amuck, and often this can lead to a problem.

How Do Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Work?

The best public restroom toilet covers are touchless. With paper covers, you have to touch them and place by hand. Sometimes poorly designed dispensers allow more than one cover to slide out and onto the floor, where there is a good chance they will be left there or worse, someone might just try to flush them all.

Plastic toilet covers for public restrooms remove that concern, but some systems operate by push button or a sensor and are still dependent on the user to dispense these covers. Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. removed this problem by designing their system to rotate when the user stands.

Protecting the Public

automatic seat covers The best public bathroom toilet covers protect you from germs that can linger in public bathrooms; while it is true that every toilet carries potentially unhealthy germs, this problem is multiplied by the number of toilets in the room. For example, a public restroom with four toilets produces four times the germs. No one can avoid all germs; it’s just not possible, but, having said that the more you can reduce your exposure the less chance you have of being infected. It is, for this reason, everyone should always wash their hands with soap (rinsing your hands does zero good because only soap kills germs) for at least 20 seconds (singing the “Happy Birthday” song takes about 20 seconds – and you don’t have to sing out loud).

If you are a business owner, your customers come first and you, even in your restrooms or maybe in this area more than any other, want them to have confidence in you. Restaurants especially need to ensure public restrooms are clean, well lit, fully stocked, and even decorated to please the eye, among other things.

However, it’s not only restaurants that need a welcoming sanitary bathroom. Any businesses that have restrooms open to the public want to make a favorable impression, but even businesses that have only employee bathrooms need to be concerned with sanitary facilities. Combining automatic flushing toilets with automatic seat covers doubles the reduction in spreading germs.

When a business is going through a restroom remodel, making a change to the more sanitary toilet covers just makes sense.