The Best Sanitary Toilet Covers can Save a Life

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Public restrooms are full of bacteria that can cause sickness, but did you know that they harbor some nasty germs that can cause life-threatening infections as well? It’s true, and many people are oblivious to the facts. There is a lot of controversy as to the effectiveness of toilet seat covers in public bathrooms, but the truth is, the best sanitary toilet covers can actually save a life. If you’re a business owner who provides restroom access to your visitors, you owe it to yourself and your visitors to keep reading.

Sanitary Toilet Covers

Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers Protect You from these 5 Dangerous Infections

While it’s true that it’s almost impossible to catch a sexually transmitted disease from sitting on a toilet seat, and the skin does a wonderful job of blocking out most of the things that threaten our health each day; the risk of contracting a deadly illness from a public toilet seat still remains. Let’s take a look at some of the life-threatening illnesses people contract from using public restrooms without sanitary toilet seat covers in place.

  1. Norovirus

This virus causes horrible stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting that lasts at least two days. The onset of symptoms occur within 24 to 48 hours after coming in contact with the virus, so you probably won’t even consider the sickness came from sitting on an unprotected toilet seat in a public restroom.

The good news is, with plenty of rest and hydration, you should begin feeling better in a couple of days. If not, you could have the more aggressive bacterial strain of the illness that could be fatal if left untreated. You’ll need antibiotics to knock it out, so don’t hesitate to get to a doctor A.S.A.P.

  1. Salmonella

Salmonella is in the news all the time. This food-borne illness passes from person to person through feces, so it’s no wonder public bathrooms are the perfect source of transmission. Salmonella symptoms include stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, headache and fever that lasts up to a week. In the early stages of the illness, a doctor can prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria, but if symptoms are severe, hospitalization is necessary.

  1. Shigellosis

Shigellosis, or more commonly known as dysentery, is one of the most deadly illnesses you can acquire during a pit stop in a public bathroom. Symptoms include sudden stomach cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, rectal pain and bloody stool that lasts for days. Dehydration is swift with Shigellosis, so you must drink like it’s your only job to stay ahead of the illness. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria, but treatment may require hydration through IV in the hospital as well.

  1. Hepatitis A

While most people receive a vaccination against this sneaky illness, it does still exist, and naked toilet seats are a great source of transmission. People with weakened immune systems or those who have not received the vaccination are at risk of contracting Hep. A in public restrooms. Once it enters the body, this disease wreaks havoc for up to 50 days before symptoms even begin. There’s no real treatment for Hepatitis A, but hospitalization might be necessary and plenty of rest and relaxation is recommended.

  1. Influenza

The influenza virus is hearty and can hang out just about anywhere, but public bathrooms are the perfect host for this nasty bug. Symptoms include headache, chills, cough, muscle ache, sore throat and fever. General exhaustion can last weeks after other symptoms subside. Those with the virus can have worsening symptoms that lead to bronchitis or pneumonia if especially unlucky. Although no cure exists, there are antiviral drugs that help shorten the duration of the flu. Besides rest and plenty of fluids, an over-the-counter pain reliever helps lessen the aches and pains.

Lessen the Risk with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

None of the above illnesses are anything to ignore. By implementing automatic toilet seat covers in your public restrooms, you help protect yourself and your visitors from the transmission of the germs that cause these life-threatening infections.

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