BRiLL Toilet Seat Covers Are Making Headlines

newspaper21-300x272As Brill sanitary toilet systems are installed in more public restrooms around the world, news of their arrival is making headlines. The unique and effective way in which our toilet seat covers protect the public from germs is a breakthrough in hygienic protection.

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The Brill sanitary toilet seat system is now used in thousands of public restrooms around the globe. From hospitals and doctors’ offices to schools and airports, more people are enjoying the convenience and protection that only Brill sanitary toilet seats can provide. There is no need for patrons to worry about what they are sitting on when our toilet seat covers create a barrier of personal protection.

Our sanitary toilet seat cover system works unlike anything else. Rather than rely on restroom users to place their own paper sheets down before use, our system puts a fresh plastic cover in place automatically. Our sanitary toilet seat covers are activated by each new user with the wave of a hand or the push of a button. This ensures that every user has a clean seat to use while it also prevents the spread of harmful germs.

When Brill sanitary toilet systems are put into place, customers take notice. They, as you will see from our news coverage, appreciate the cleanliness of our product and the peace of mind it delivers. Facilities managers also are lauding our hygienic toilet seat covers for saving them money and time in maintaining restrooms. Not only do our seat covers reduce worries about germs, but they also eliminate the mess paper seat covers can leave behind. Our covers don’t need to be thrown away by users or end up on the floor or clogging toilets– they automatically spool and replace themselves for easy disposal by maintenance personnel.

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