The Phasing Out of Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Sanitary paper toilet seat covers are something that you have seen before many times, there’s just no way to argue that. Every time you enter a public restroom they’re going to be there, and every single time you use the bathroom you probably consider using one. [...]

2017-08-26T00:53:20+00:00December 30th, 2016|blog|

Toilet Seat Sanitary Covers – Then and Now

When you walk into a public bathroom there are several things that you expect to see, one is a clean floor, one is a clean sink, and the toilet? Well, we know what we expect to see when it comes to the toilet. The one thing [...]

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Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are very unique structures in a few different ways. First of all, they are widely intended to be a safe space, meaning they are to house senior citizens, presumably for the remainder of their lives. Of course this isn’t the only thing that they [...]

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Four Mistakes You’re Making in your Retail Bathroom

Everyone has some pet peeves when it comes to using a public restroom. So, as a business owner you should be concerned with the comfort of your customers, even so far as to care about the state of your restrooms. In addition, you and your staff [...]

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