The Statistics on Disposable Toilet Seat Covers and Disease Prevention

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There has long been a great debate going on in the United States over whether or not you can actually become infected from sitting on a toilet seat, and as you’ve guessed, they aren’t simply talking about one type of infection; there are actually quite a few illnesses mentioned in the concerns raised, and with that being the case, the worry tends to rise. So here’s the question: do disposable toilet seat covers really help?

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers – A Constant Debate

Disposable Toilet Seat CoversA little known fact is that toilet seat covers witnessed a major innovation recently, in 2007 in fact, when Jacquie Edwards managed to create one of the first biodegradable covers in the industry. So how does this differ from any other type of cover on the market? A toilet seat cover is just a cover, right? Well, one of the biggest problems for businesses in the past, regarding toilet seat covers, has been cost, though there’s a good chance you already knew that, especially if you’re here reading this. The biggest problem that businesses are facing right now is that of excess mess and clogged toilets, two problems created mostly as a result of customer or client irresponsibility.

This can all be eliminated through proper use of the materials, however that is not always the way it goes. As a matter of fact, people DO flush these things, and they DO leave them lying about. Now, the 2007 improvement on toilet seat cover systems, or rather the biodegradable model is completely flushable and aimed to be effective against a wide range of infections.

Such infections included MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli, and more. Despite the effectiveness, it should be noted that legislators in Maine did reject a law aimed toward forcing commercial restrooms to use toilet seat covers in 2009. That being said, it’s not a requirement for you to use this manner of protection, but it does help raise the confidence of your customers in you.

Toilet Seats and Disease: Is it a Possibility?

So here’s the big question: can you catch a disease from sitting on a toilet seat? There are plenty of people who ask this every single day, but how do we answer them? The simple answer is going to be no. For example, diseases like hepatitis B cannot be spread through casual contact no matter how much people want to believe it.

The same goes for many other diseases, but before we start talking about the effectiveness of toilet seat covers, you should take this into consideration: You CAN contract ringworm from a toilet seat. Yes, you heard that right; while many of the other diseases mentioned cannot be contracted in that manner, ringworm is definitely a risk. The thing to remember is that while most diseases and bacteria can survive for only a short time on a toilet seat, ringworm has a much longer life and therefore should be considered much more of a threat.

Using Toilet Seat Covers to Combat Infection

toilet seat cover systemsToilet seat covers that are disposable will definitely help you out when it comes to protecting your customers in the restroom. Brill Seat is one of the best provider and takes a completely different approach to the entire thing.

Rather than relying on the customer to put the seat into place, Brill Seat provides atop notch solution that involves an automated toilet seat loaded with a series of high end plastic covers that not only protect the users, but ensure that they will never need to touch the cover with their own hands.

That’s a great improvement and a great way to keep your customers germ free. Take a look at what Brill Seat has to offer and start considering your options today. It won’t be long before you not only protect your existing customers, but actually bring in new ones, thanks to the Brill Seat automated system.