Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is an American company that specializes in sanitary toilet seats and sanitary toilet seat covers. Founded more than 35 years ago by Alan Brill (Veteran) and David Jablow. Since then, we have steadily built a reputation for quality and dependability.

The Brill Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover System is now used in thousands of locations including airports, casinos, hospitals, country clubs, offices, factories, schools, and sporting arenas.

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is the world leader in hands-free, electronic sanitary toilet seat dispensers and sanitary seat covers and is The Only American Manufacturer. We manufacture our products in Delray Beach, Florida,
enabling us to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability, and customer service. Our customers take sanitary toilet conditions seriously, and so do we; Brill is trusted all over the world for quality, service, and reliability.

The Brill Hands-free, Automatic Toilet Seats are designed to change toilet seat covers when a hand is waved over the Brill Seat-One mounted sensor, or for the original Brill System, a hand is waived over the wall-mounted sensor (or the button is pressed on the seat). The end result is a fresh, clean sanitary toilet seat cover for each and every user.

Brill Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers help prevent the spreading of germs on hands and the body. This can cut down on the spread of illness and safeguard the public’s health and prevent lost work days.

BRILL™ Toilet Seat Covers in the Spotlight

The simplicity, effectiveness and reliability of the Brill Sanitary Hands Free Toilet System is legendary. Our system has made news all over the world, and customer satisfaction has been recorded on national and local TV broadcasts as well as national newspapers.

When Brill Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers are relied upon, our customers receive these benefits:

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Improved Sanitary Conditions – Public restrooms are the perfect gathering place for harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. When our hygienic toilet seat covers are used, hygiene conditions improve. This reduces the risk of exposure to germs, viruses, bacteria, and bodily fluids.

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Reduced Restroom Maintenance Costs – Our automatic toilet seat covers don’t leave a mess of paper on the floors. This means restrooms are more likely to stay cleaner longer with less labor required. Additionally, there
won’t be the waste, clogged toilets, closed bathrooms and plumbing expense.

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Improved Customer Service & Employee Morale – Customers and employees appreciate having access to clean and sanitary restroom facilities. The Brill Automatic Sanitary Toilet Seat System lets customers know their health and comfort is of the utmost concern and makes a strong statement to both customers and employees.

When it’s time to invest in sanitary toilet seat covers, the Brill name is trusted worldwide. To learn more about Brill and the benefits of our automatic toilet seats, call us at (800) 330-6696 or e-mail us at info@brillseat.com.

Our Team

We are proud to be an American employer of all genders, races, and ethnicities. Brill Hygienic products are famous for quality, service, and reliability.

Our team is proud to contribute to the American economy.