Toilet Seat Paper Covers

One of the worst experiences is having to go to a public restroom, but finally reaching it and finding out that it is disgusting. As a business, you may not think that the cleanliness of your restroom affects customers, but it does. This is why you should choose the toilet seat automatic of Brill Seat. Brill Seat has made a name for itself by creating a product that helps keep public restrooms clean with little maintenance. The unique Brill toilet seat covers are popping up in restrooms all over the world.

How does it work?

Toilet Seat Paper CoversWhen new users enter a bathroom stall, the Brill sanitary toilet seat automatic cover system is automatically engaged. The changing system will be triggered when the user waves their hand in front of the green wall-mounted motion sensor. Users can also choose to utilize the green button on the seat can to engage a new toilet seat cover.
Created to limit the spread of germs in public restroom facilities, the hygienic toilet seat automatic system offer more benefits. What are the benefits of choosing the Brill Seat toilet covers? There are so many, but these are the greatest:

Customer Satisfaction is Improved – It is amazing to see how customers tend to take notice of bathrooms when they are neat, sanitary, and tidy. The Brill system makes having your bathrooms clean and sanitary possible.

Maintenance Expenses are Reduced – Bathrooms tend to stay clean a lot longer when a business or a company chooses to use the Brill sanitary toilet system. Because of this, there needs to be a smaller need for constant attention in maintenance regarding the public restrooms. Janitors will be needed less frequently, and pluming costs will be less because there won’t be as many clogged and overflowed toilets.

Bathroom Appearance is Improved – Often, when patrons use paper toilet seat covers or toilet paper to cover their toilet seats, the remains can end up on the floors, or even clog and overflow the toilet. These things can make a public restroom extremely dirty and seem like it is not taken care of. By using the Brill system, a bathroom will stay cleaner and more sanitary.

Often creating a welcoming, sanitary bathroom may not be the highest priority for a business, but it should be. By using Brill Seat Toilet covers, it is extremely easy to keep even a high traffic restroom clean. These toilet seat covers take the work out of maintaining a public restroom.

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