Four Public Buildings that Really Need Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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You regularly clean your home, including the toilets, to make sure that proper hygiene is always maintained. However, you may or may not find the same level of cleanliness outside of your home. When you go out or travel, you may need to use public restrooms. Most of us do not like to do this because of the poor sanitary conditions you may find there. Dirty floors, leaky faucets, missing napkins, poor quality toilet paper, stained toilets and more- the state of some public restrooms is bad enough to send a shiver down your spine. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Using toilet seat covers, for example, will not only keep the toilets clean, it will also help to keep the surrounding areas in the restrooms clean. And disposable toilet seat covers from Brill Hygienic Products is just the product to use. Let’s look at how Brill’s toilet seat covers are a must in four types of public buildings.

disposable toilet seat covers

  1. Hotels – With the number of people that go in and out of hotels every day, toilet seat covers in hotel restrooms are a must. This is an easy and hygienic solution to impress hotel guests and to provide sanitary toilets at all times. Brill’s innovative disposable toilet seat cover system is totally hands-free and offers you protection from all kinds of germs found in restrooms. While some hotels may provide paper toilet seat covers, these do not provide the level of protection that you think they do. Firstly, these covers are flimsy and can rip very easily, and secondly, if your hand happen to be dirty when to take them and place them on the toilet seat, all the germs from your hands get transferred on to the seat covers. Only Brill’s no-touch system ensures complete cleanliness.
  2. Office Buildings – Most of us go to work daily and spend a good part of the day in the office. So restrooms in office buildings are used quite frequently. Providing clean and sanitary toilet seat covers means that not only are the employees happy, they avoid contracting diseases or infections that may possibly lead to missed work days. Brill seat covers can be easily installed and used in any office building. With just a wave of the hand or the push of a button, a new Brill toilet seat cover gets on the toilet seat, and the used cover is also automatically rolled up so it cannot be reused.
  3. Malls – A lot of amenities are provided in malls, such as eateries, shops, play areas for kids, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of people that go to malls. However, this is detrimental for restrooms. More people means more restroom usage, and more restroom usage means less sanitary conditions. This makes toilets in malls breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses that heighten the chances of getting diseases or infections. Disposable toilet seat covers in mall restrooms would be very beneficial for shoppers since they do not have to worry about leaving the mall quickly, especially if they have kids who want to use the toilet. So installing these seat covers means more time (and more money) spent by people in the mall. These seat covers may actually increase mall profits!
  4. Theme Parks – With families and kids who spend a good amount of time in a theme park on any given day, it is a no-brainer why toilet seat covers that are disposable would work so well in theme parks. Nobody will need to deal with dirty toilets or worry about catching all kinds of germs. Even cleaning toilets would be much easier and save time, leading to happier employees.

These are just four of many places that can benefit from Brill’s disposable toilet seat covers. This brilliant product can be used virtually anywhere and save time, money, and stress for people.