Three Public Buildings that can be made more Appealing with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

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Brill Automatic Seat CoversUsing public restrooms, as everybody knows, can be quite an unpleasant experience. While some facilities are clean, many are downright dirty. With unflushed toilets, spills, pieces of toilet paper littered around, and more, using a public restroom can be a minefield of nasty things. But when you are in a situation where you have no other option than to use a public restroom, you find yourself wishing there was a better, cleaner solution. Well, luckily there is! With Brill automatic seat covers, your visit to the public restrooms can be safe and sanitary.

What are Brill Automatic Seat Covers?

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. has come up with a revolutionary solution to end all your public restroom woes. Our automatic toilet seat cover system is a hands-free system designed to change toilet seat covers with a wave of your hand! A wall-mounted sensor or a button on the seat releases a new seat cover automatically so that you get a clean hygienic seat every time. This reduces the risk of exposure to germs, viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids and you enjoy sanitary conditions in the restroom without worrying about falling sick.

Buildings that can Become Appealing by using Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Since the Brill automatic seat covers are so beneficial, as well as easy to use with reduced maintenance costs, they would be a fantastic addition to public restrooms everywhere. But three public buildings, in particular, can gain much more appeal by using them.

  1. Airports

With the sheer volume of people that travel and pass through airports these days, it becomes almost unmanageable to keep restrooms in pristine condition at all times. Airports are never closed- day or night. Unlike other buildings, you cannot have a cleaning crew come in and clean when the building is closed and empty. Having Brill automatic seat covers can have many advantages. Not only will the restrooms be more hygienic, the cleaning crew will have to spend much less time, effort, and cleaning supplies to clean them. That means quicker and more effective cleanups and happier employees. It also means happier and more appreciative passengers.

  1. Hospitals/doctor offices

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversThis is another place that would benefit greatly from Brill’s automatic toilet seat covers. Hospitals and doctors’ offices see a lot of sick people. When a sick person uses a restroom, not only is that person more susceptible to catching illnesses, but also more likely to spread germs if he or she is already sick. While hospitals use strict hygiene policies that keep them sanitary, our automatic toilet seat cover system would be a great addition for the same high level of hygiene in the restrooms as well. This way the patients can rest easy knowing that using the restroom is perfectly safe for them.

  1. Restaurants

When we dine out, we expect that the restaurant we eat at provide a clean table, clean plates, and silverware, freshly prepared food, and keep their cleanliness rating score high. We can expect the same cleanliness in their restrooms as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that after a great meal you use a perfectly sanitary restroom in the restaurant that makes you feel clean and happy? The cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers that many restaurants provide tend to fall off or rip easily and are not very useful. Our plastic toilet seat covers afford guests a no-touch, sanitary toilet seat uses each and every time.

These are just three public buildings where it makes perfect sense to use the Brill automatic seat cover system. Virtually any public restroom can use these- theme parks, hotels, office buildings- you name it, and each of these places and more can benefit by using our cost-effective solution to dirty restrooms. Just check out the Brill website to find out more about why our unique toilet seat cover system is gaining rave reviews worldwide.