Are Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers a Thing of the Past?

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Public Toilet Seat Paper CoversPeople often consider toilet seat covers a thing of the past due to the advances in technology and hygiene over the course of human history. We’ve moved on from the days where public restroom facilities consisted of nothing more than a small outhouse and a shack. Today, people understand more about hygiene and how to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

With all these advances in technology when it comes to these vital facilities, does this mean public toilet seat paper covers are a thing of the past? With our advances in technology in this area of expertise, surely we may no longer need them? While times have certainly changed, and become better when it comes to public restrooms, toilet seat covers still play a big role in today’s society.

Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers Prevent the Spread of Germs & Bacteria

Establishments that have to host public restrooms facilities are responsible for keeping these public restrooms clean and sanitary for all visitors. This can be hard to accomplish since not all the patrons will be respectful of the establishment and in many cases may not clean up after themselves. While washing hands and drying them properly is very useful, traditional toilet seat covers present a unique problem.

These traditional toilet seat covers do little, if anything, to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They’re often made of low quality materials that makes them fragile and unable to stand up to even the lightest of use. They rip, tear, and fall apart so easily that many people don’t even use them. This only makes matters worse since even the few select kind individuals who do use these toilet seat covers often have to apply them manually to the toilet seat, thus making the entire point of using the covers completely useless.

With our automatic toilet seat covers, patrons get to operate with a completely hands free system. Our computerized system replaces the toilet seat cover after each use, rolling up the used plastic so it cannot be used again. This means at no point is skin contact made with the toilet seat, so it cuts down on the spread of germs and bacteria. This creates a more hygienic environment, makes clean up a breeze, and is much more time efficient too.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers Make an Establishment Appear More Professional

Brill SeatEvery establishment knows how important first impressions are and bathrooms are one of the areas people look to first. Public restrooms can be the defining point of any business since it can show how seriously they take their cleaning and the care of their building. Our toilet seat covers can help to clean the public restrooms of these establishments clean since they’re so easy to use and to replace too. The cleaning staff simply have to replace the plastic rolls with new ones and throw the old ones away. This means more time saved cleaning, less labor costs, and less wasted products too.

Traditional toilet seat covers are often useless for helping a business to keeping their bathrooms looking clean and orderly. They rip and tear easily, can be blow off the toilet seat by the slightest wind, and most of the time patrons don’t want to pick them up off the bathroom floor. This creates a huge mess in the bathroom over time and means more time spent making sure the public restroom is clean. With our automatic toilet seat covers, this becomes a thing of the past. Our computerized system replaces the toilet seat cover after each use so there’s a fresh surface for the next patron who uses the facilities. This makes the cleaning up and replacing of the automatic toilet seat covers quick and efficient.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe every establishment should look their best from top to bottom. Public restrooms are considered one of the cornerstones of any business since they can show just how much the establishment cares about how they appear. When everything from top to bottom is clean and well cared for, this leaves a good impression on the people who visit the establishment. Our products also help to keep the bathroom much cleaner and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria too.

Investing in our products will help to cut down on labor costs, save time, and in the long run saves money too. We hope you consider investing in our products or get in touch with one of our friendly representatives to learn more about our toilet seat cover systems today.