Automatic Disposable Toilet Covers Create an Entirely Hands off System

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Traditional toilet covers are ineffective to prevent people from touching the lid of the toilet. This means germs and bacteria can spread more easily from the toilet seat to around the bathroom too. Why have toilet seat covers at all if they can’t do their job?

With our automatic toilet seat covers people can enjoy a completely hands off experience when using the facilities. This makes for a cleaner experience when people are using the restrooms and makes the entire job easier for the establishment hosting the facilities too. There are many benefits that can be derived from using this new hands off system that can save money, time, labor costs, and is more hygienic in the long run.

Toilet Seat Covers That Are Disposable Are More Hygienic

Automatic Disposable Toilet CoversTraditional toilet seat covers just don’t do the job of keeping the restroom clean and hygienic. These old fashioned toilet seat covers need to be handled and applied to the toilet seat by hand. The majority of them are made out of a low quality plastic or paper that can tear easily. The paper toilet seat covers are very fragile and can rip easily even when they’re handled with care. This causes them to tear and prove to be an ineffective means as a layer of protection between a layer of skin and the toilet seat.

With Brill Seat’s innovative disposable toilet seat covers there’s no need to touch the toilet seat ever again.  How it works is that a computerized system replaces the used toilet seat covering after each use. The used toilet seat cover is rolled up so it can never be used again and replaced with a clean sheet of plastic. When it’s time to change out the toilet seat covers all the cleaning personnel has to do is change out the plastic rolls and to replace them with new ones.

This is more time efficient and saves on labor costs since cleaning personnel don’t have to spend extra time cleaning up traditional toilet seat covers off the floor. Since they only have to change out the plastic rolls and throw them away, this saves them extra time on another task in the bathroom. This helps to make the cleaning much more efficient and less time consuming since cleaning personnel have to spend less time cleaning up traditional toilet seat covers.

Our Wholesale Toilet Seat Covers Save Money

Traditional toilet seat covers can waste a lot of money in the long run since they’re so inefficient at what they do and can be completely unusable most of the time. This because the covers are so fragile, rip easily, and are ineffective at preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. With our automatic toilet seat covers nothing is ever wasted since the toilet seat covers stay right on the toilet seat. After each use a new sheet of plastic is spread over the toilet seat and ready for the next person to use.

Traditional toilet seat covers can often rip, tear, or end up on the floor of the bathroom. Due to how fragile they are, they’re next to useless for using on the toilet seat. There is nothing in place to hold them down for each use, so most people end up forgoing them. There are even other times where the cleaning personnel are unable to refill the toilet seat covers, or completely forget in some cases, and this can lead to a less hygienic bathroom environment.

With our toilet seat covers, this is never an issue ever again. The plastic sticks closely to the specialized toilet seat and cannot be easily removed or taken off either. When it comes to changing out the toilet seat covers cleaning personnel simply have to replace the rolls with fresh ones and to throw away the used plastic rolls into the trash. This creates a cleaner environment, less wasted resources, less labor costs, and above all saves time for everyone too.

We understand establishments who have to host these public restroom facilities need to keep them clean as possible. This can be hard if there are multiple bathrooms on site or there is a limited number of staff to clean the bathrooms. Being able to have a process that is quicker, faster, cleaner, and saves more money in the long run is essential to any business. Our automatic toilet seat covers will help to keep cleaning and labor costs down for many businesses. It’s an important investment in not only the appearance of the bathroom, but is even better for the establishment too.