Brill’s Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

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About Us

If you’ve ever had to use a public restroom, then you know how dirty and unsanitary they are as well as how much of a hassle it is to use the toilet seat covers. If there aren’t any, then there is the struggle of using toilet paper or squatting uncomfortably over the toilet. Here at Brill Hygiene Products, Inc. we have solved this problem.
We were founded more than 25 years ago by Alan Brill and David Jablow. We are the only manufacturer of hands-free, high-tech electronic sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic. Our reputation has made us the leader in sanitary seat covers and our name is trusted all over the world for quality.

About Our Product

We manufacture our products personally here in the United States to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability, and customer service. To use our automatic seat covers, the user waves their hand in front of a motion sensor and the cover will wrap around the rim of the seat. When the user is done, all he, or she, has to do is use the internal razor to cut the used seat cover, then dispose of it to the right of the dispenser for the janitor to collect later. Our system is top-notch computerized technology installed in the automatic toilet seats and its sanitary plastic that is individually made our company. We care about the sanitary conditions in thousands of locations including airports, casinos, hospitals, offices, schools, and other institutions.Toilet Seat Cover

Benefits of our Cheap Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

Our seat covers have many benefits. They eliminate mess, clogging, and overflow from excess paper. It also gets rid of the common fears of having to squat, hover, and making makeshift seat covers out of toilet paper. The seat helps prevent the spreading of bacteria and germs on one’s hands, body, and other places that come in contact to items in a public restroom. Our covers lower the chance of accidental exposure by preventing the need for users to touch anything.

They also reduce restroom maintenance and cost. Because of the technical design of our product, there will be less of a mess to clean up which will save time cleaning up. It will also prevent over stuffed toilets, clogging, and overflow. These covers will also improve customer service. Because customers won’t have to worry about coming in contact will all the unsanitary hassles of a public restroom, they will be more likely to use them.

In the News

Because of all the sanitary benefits of our toilet seat covers, our product is traveling all over the world and making headlines. They are economically beneficial and hygienically beneficial. We have been seen in the Inn of the Mountain Gods takes Hygiene to a New Level. We were also featured in the Wall Street Journal, in USA Today 2012, the Arizona Republic, the AZ Central 2012, the Sun Sentinel, NBS – New York’s Bryant Park and NBC New York, Village Voice, Journal Inquirer, the New York Times Radio City Music Hall and a Whiff of Bleach, and the Brillseat Spokesman Review and The Olympian.
Our product has even made it on TV. It was on the news in Canada, Portland, Howie Mandel talked about it on the Jane Pauley show, and it was also on the news in Rhode Island.

Some Users of Our Product

Because our product is safe, easy to use, and newsworthy, companies and businesses all over the world and U.S. are using our product. You can see our product in Portland National Airport, Mohegan Sun Casino, Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Yankee Stadium, The Poca Club Bota Raton, New Orleans International Airport, Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino, Cabazon Outlets, Cetta Brothers Steak Masters, Sparks Steak House, Radio City Music Hall, and McDonalds.

What Our Customers Say

From clients to customers, our product is widely appreciated. Cabazon Outlets personally thanked us for providing an “outstanding product.” After 16 years, the Mohegan Sun Casino is still using our sanitary seat covers. At the Louis Armstrong International Airport shortly after September 11, 2001, former First Lady Barbara Bush visited the airport and was amazed at the toilet seats and even shared with one of her female Secret Service Agents.