The Best Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Available

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Have you ever been to a public restroom and have seen condition of the floor and the stalls? Remember those paper toilet seat covers that are so thin and are so easy to get wet that they aren’t usually worth the hassle of using and disposing? We are all too familiar with the feeling of dread that we get when we realize that we have to brave the conditions of a public restroom when nature decides to call.

Fighting both your digestive system and the often disgusting conditions of a public toilet is not normally the highlight of anyone’s day, not to mention the lack of sanitation when you have to not only dispose of your own paper toilet seat cover but sometimes the previous user’s as well. This is all compounded when those with disabilities with only have a limited range of movement need to utilize your restroom. Who wants to be known as the company that has restrooms that are hard for people to use?

Why replace your paper toilet seat covers?

The best, highest quality paper seat cover replacements are to be found right here in America. Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. has been creating a high quality automatic toilet seat cover dispenser for restrooms for over twenty-five years. That’s enough time for our company to grow and become the number one choice for thousands of companies and locations around the world, from Yankee Stadium, to the Portland International Airport. The product is made from start to finish in our factories here in America. That allows us to oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process and thus create a safe, reliable, and easy to use product with the highest quality standards in the business.

Why is Brill Hygienic’s toilet seat cover dispenser your best choice when it comes to automatic toilet seat covers and dispensers?

The easiest answer to your bathroom costs and cleanliness issues as well as creating a positive customer experience is to make the experience the most cost effective and customer friendly as possible. We allToilet Seat Covers know that the cost of buying paper toilet seat covers is cheap, but the actual price you are paying goes beyond the few cents per cover you pay. Customers may pull more than one paper cover at once and the extras either get thrown on the floor or flushed down the toilet. They know that this isn’t their problem because the responsibility for a clean restroom falls on the business. That translates to higher costs in the form of labor, wasted paper seat replacements, and for plumbing when the pipes are clogged with disposable toilet seat covers. Most customers are not willing to fish out a damp or wet toilet seat cover after use and throw it into the trash – and who could blame them? Many don’t even know that the covers are not flushable!

The simplest and best way to improve both the customer experience in your restroom and protecting your bottom line lies solely in our hands-free automatic toilet seat covers and dispensers. What better way to show your customers that they are valued than by creating a clean and sanitary bathroom that requires no effort on their part. Not only will your dedication to your customers be passed on by word of mouth to other potential customers, but you are also saving money at the same time. And those with physical handicaps with limited mobility will be grateful for the ease of use the hands-free toilet seat cover provides.

How is the customer experience improved when using the hands-free toilet seat cover dispenser?

Instead of taking a paper toilet seat cover and placing it on the toilet seat and then attempting to hold it in place, by using our quality automatic toilet seat cover system the customer is greeted by a toilet who’s seat is already clean and ready for use. Every time. The secret lies within our patented automatic dispensing system. A plastic sheath envelops the toilet seat and after every use, a new cover is unrolled and replaces the one that was just in use. The used portion is spooled safely out of the way and is ready to be disposed of at your own convenience. It’s that simple. And it’s that easy to provide to your customers a clean restroom with every visit. Because it’s automatic, customers will be looking forward to using the restroom with our hands-free toilet seat covers instead of dreading the experience altogether.

With the news telling us that contagious germs and deadly diseases such as the flu and Ebola are going to be widespread, isn’t it reassuring to know that by using our hands-free toilet seat covers your exposure is limited?

When we use high quality materials and our high quality standards, you get a high quality product every time. Your customers expect no less than the best from you and you will have nothing but the best from us.