Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

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Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

automatic toilet seat cover dispenserThe scariest thing about going out in public and realizing you need to use the men’s or woman’s facilities is not knowing what you’re going to find once you step into that bathroom. With the Brill Hygienic Products Inc. a person will not have to worry about that at all because with the automatic toilet seat cover dispenser, there is no mess of any paper waste. Feeling comfortable and having a relaxing experience in the bathroom is what the Brill Seat brings to all its users.

This seat was specifically designed to bring more sanitation to the public restrooms and has been for over twenty-five years. Whenever a business corporation chooses the Brill Seat, customers are guaranteed to enjoy their visit to the bathroom and feel they’ve had the most hygienic experience.

A lot of people are concerned with hygiene and that’s why the Brill electronic toilet seat dispenser is such a big step when it comes to germ busting. People don’t want to touch anything in the bathroom by fear of germs and staph infections, especially around cold and flu season. We already have several automated devices for our hands such as the hands-free faucet, soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser. Alan Brill invented something for our bodies too.

The Brill seat allows us to walk into a stall and not have to touch the toilet seat covers that people would have otherwise had to place their hands on and lay it down on the seat themselves. Hands that the next person to use that stall doesn’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve touched. With the wave of a hand, the dispenser puts a new cover on for you. Get this: no hands touched anything, thus reducing the chance of catching an illness or disease. Germ free is the way to be.

Feel Good About Hygiene

This automatic and hygienic product is manufactured in the United States. It is made with the best materials and the strictest standards as far as quality goes. They are unique covers; the paper covers that would eventually be found scattered on the floor or clogging up toilets are no more. The Brill Seat is made of plastic that is personally created by the company with great quality to ensure superb sanitation.

The plastic that is dispensed are 100% disposable toilet seat covers. With a slight hand gesture over the sensor, plastic is rotated on and after use, it is sliced with a razor and slid into a container on the right side of the dispenser where it can later be easily wound up and discarded in the trash by janitorial staff. It is a single use and 100% hands-free seat cover.

There’s no need to worry about germs and diseases. Customers won’t be scared to enter the bathroom during flu season; when they see that a company has these toilets, after their experience, they will want everyone to have these toilet seat cover dispensers. Customers will no longer have to fret about the mess that comes along with having paper products that people hardly ever dispose of properly. The seat eliminates the cost of having to buy more paper seat covers when they run out. Biggest thing of all, this seat cover system is great for anyone who wants to feel good about hygiene.

It does not discriminate. Those who may be handicapped and may have trouble reaching that mounted paper dispenser above the toilet, won’t have to worry about that because there is a button located right on the seat. The dispenser places the cover for that person and they can now safely and comfortably use the toilet just like everyone else. This easy accessibility for any person, not matter their physical or mental state, is appreciated by millions of Americans in facilities such as public restrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, casinos, office buildings and restaurants. Confidence is increased within each using patron and it gives him or her a truly hygienic occurrence.

The Brill Seat is convenient to both user and janitorial staff; it is just as economical by limiting the amount of waste that is produced. This highly hygienic seat reduces plumbing costs and paper supplies that will eventually need to be purchased to refill the dispensers that run out. Lastly it leaves the customer in a much happier state of being and that’s the goal of every company.

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