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For over 25 years, BRiLL Hygienic Products, founded by Alan Brill and David Jablow, restrooms haven’t been as clean and sharp looking as ever before.  Without BRiLL Hygienic Products which have provided the best automatic toilet seat cover dispensers for bathroom stalls worldwide, bathroom stalls had no hope.  The convenience and budget-friendly automatic toilet seat covers will leave your company’s restrooms the cleanest your customers will ever see.  No longer will you have disappointing customers walking in seeing toilet paper scattered all over the bathroom floors or stuck to the seat of the toilets anymore.

All Bathrooms Need Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

It should be said that one day all bathrooms will be using automatic toilet seat covers.  Do you fall into the category of contractor, property manager, builder, and construction-company owner, restaurant owner, or company owner, period? Let us be your source when purchasing your next projects bathroom installation equipment. Currently, our wholesale public toilet seat covers are infamous with contractors worldwide. We provide great wholesale prices, along with dedicated services for you and your company.

Most toilet seat protectors leave a mess in bathrooms, since most customers don’t dispose them or who are in such a hurry to even bother to trash them.  Our seat protectors eliminate this altogether.  Other toilet seat covers are not handicap-friendly and may make it difficult for the handicap customers to be mobile when attempting to set the toilet seat covers on right, especially trying to prevent “paper flying all over the place.”

Indeed, some of the leading industries have been used at some of these companies that have our BriLL seat covers: Portland International Jetport, Mohegan Sun, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, Yankee Stadium, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, The Polo Club in Boca Raton,  Radio City Music Hall, McDonalds, Mystic Lake Casino,…to name a few.

Look No Hands! With Hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Primarily, we are one of the few sanitary toilet seat cover manufacturers in the nation that supply and distribute hygienic products for businesses’ bathrooms.   Besides being in the news media world-wide, best toilet seat coversBRiLL Hygienic Products has manufactured, cleverly, automatic toilet seat covers for years.  In fact, they are the most hygienic seat covers in the industry. The main reason why hands free automatic toilet seat covers are chosen as an alternative for bathrooms is because of the spread of germs in public restrooms. In other words, the benefits for children, handicapped, and the elderly couldn’t be much more effortless today.

For example, your customers will feel more confident about their hygiene after using your company’s restroom because of this concept, hands free automatic toilet seat covers.  It’s simple: when the user waves their hand in front of the green wall-mounted motion sensor, a toilet seat cover automatically dispenses out in seconds! This time of year, especially, the cold/flu season, germs will not be disposable.

Particularly in washrooms, our customers feel great about clean bathrooms, and even further, the innovative toilet seat covers become the necessity in today’s health-conscious world. This is why we are covered in the media as the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser company in the industry. With many uses, our automatic seat covers are excellent for use in “restaurants, public restrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, and office building washrooms.”

Another great reason about BRiLL Hygienic Products is the reduction of cost in overall maintenance: janitorial, plumbing, paper supplies. Indeed, what will improve immensely is maintenance expenses which are cut by the thousands, while at the same time, the bathrooms appear cleaner, which they should be, and much more inviting to your customers/clients who use them. Contact us if you want your company using one of the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser worldwide.

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