Enhance your hygiene and comfort with the best paper toilet seat covers

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sanitary paper toilet seat coversPersonal hygiene is a practice everyone values but this practice can become increasingly difficult to implement in a public setting, like a bathroom in a hotel or a restaraunt. For such occasions the usefulness that can be obtained from paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms cannot be disregarded. In heavy traffic locations like cinemas or country clubs, it is an inescapable fact that a high volume of people will frequently be using the bathrooms. For such situations, public toilet seat paper covers are a perfect solution since they are easy to store and fairly cheap and disposable.

If not cared for and maintained properly,  public toilets can become riddled with germs and pose a serious risk of infection to everyone who comes into contact with the surroundings of the bathroom. Having a handy supply of bulk paper toilet seat covers makes the management of sanitation a whole lot easier for everybody. Making arrangements to provide paper toilet seat covers provides everybody a safe and convenient means for hygiene and safety. Toilet paper covers are meant for one use only and are designed to be disposable. This makes them a perfect addition to bathrooms which are going to be shared by many different people. The toilet paper cover being shaped like the seat itself creates a very effective barrier between germs and protects the users. Since every use of the toilet would require a fresh disposable toilet cover, the health risks posed by infection are thus minimized and going to a public bathroom becomes a pleasant experience.


Safety and comfort are very important factors and it is great to enjoy them without sacrificing on aesthetics. A place of business or even a home cannot be considered ideal if the ambiance of the bathroom is mismatched with the rest of the architecture. Having paper toilet seat covers allows you the freedom in selecting any kind of toilet seat which can go well with the other aspects of the bathroom like its fittings, tiles and decor. You do not need to compromise on the design of the seat so it ends up looking odd to rest of the room just so hygiene can be accommodated. A disposable seat cover can be hidden away out of view and since it is disposable, perfect visual harmony can be maintained in the bathroom without compromising sanitation.

Demand quality and do not compromise on safety with world class paper toilet seat covers

A lot of manufacturers provide cheap wholesale paper toilet seat covers but the level of quality is not the same with every company. If you plan to obtain bulk paper toilet seat covers, then you realize that this will be a considerable monetary investment for your business, and like all investments, toilet covers also warrant a closer inspection. Business owners due to lack of time and resources often overlook the requirements of a bathroom beyond its basic functionality and sometimes settle for less by getting the cheapest toilet seat cover available.

sanitary paper toilet seat coversThis turns out to be a bad decision in the long run as paper toilet seat covers made out of poor quality of paper means they are not manufactured to be reliable. Poor quality papers tends to tear easily and not hold up to its intended function in the bathroom when it comes into contact with water or body weight. Some bad toilet paper covers are so poorly manufactured that they do not even line up with the shape of the seat making them difficult to place on the seat and become more trouble to bother with then the use you can get out of them.

Brill are dearly valued by their customers and the quality our paper toilet seat covers is sought after by renowned luxury hotels, airports, cinemas and countless other public facilities. When you buy our product, you can be assured that each paper is strictly made to international standards with American technology under its wings. Our  sanitary paper toilet seat covers are made out of special grade waxy paper which is built to be water retardant and comfortable at the same time. Get in touch with our team and discuss the various sizes and options that can suit you the best. The paper toilet seat covers are very affordable to begin with but check out our options for sanitary paper toilet seat covers for an even greater value for your money.