Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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When you walk into a public restroom, most of the time you can see those paper seat covers still on the toilet, or they are on the ground because someone couldn’t get them to work properly. All in all, it is a very unsanitary condition that no one should have to face when they have to go to the bathroom.

At Brill Hygienic Products Inc. we specialize in making sure that toilets seats are sanitary.  We are an American company that was founded more than 25 years ago by Alan Brill and David Jablow. We have built a reputation for quality and dependability with sanitary solutions and our protective toilet seat covers. Our products are used in thousands of locations and that number is continuing to grow.

We are the only American manufacturer of hands-free high-tech, electronic sanitary seat for toilets and sanitary plastic. We personally manufacture all of our seats and plastics which allows us to ensure that we have the highest level of product quality, reliability and customer service. Not only do our customers care about the sanitary state of their bathrooms but we care as well.

The reputation we have now has made us the leader in sanitary seat covers for toilets. As already mentioned, our products are used in thousands of locations and these locations include: hospitals, airports, country clubs, casinos, offices, factories, schools, sporting arenas and more. Our name is trusted all over the world because of the quality of our products.

The Best Public Restroom Toilet Covers

As a business, you have to do more than just protect your customers from unsanitary conditions. You also have to provide yourself and your workers with clean working conditions and the bathrooms they use especially if you are in the food business.

You don’t want to cut corners when you are protecting employees, customers, patients or the general public from germs and diseases. You need the best public restroom toilet covers to protect those who use the restrooms in your establishment. With the health of everyone who uses your public bathroom on the line, it is important to have serious protection and that is where we come in to save the day.

We have designed these sanitary covers to change on their own. To do this, the person using the bathroom simply waves their hand in front of a sensor or presses a green button. When that is done, a new and sanitary cover is in place for the next user of the toilet.

The purpose of the seat is to prevent the spread of germs to the hand and body when a public restroom is used. This can stop the spread of illness in clinical settings which in turn will cut back on sick days in the office.

In all, the seat covers do the following:

  • Improved sanitary conditions: public bathrooms are a party for germs and when you use these seat covers, you prevent a lot of the germs from spreading which will keep customers and employees happy.
  • Lowered chance of accidental exposure: these covers reduce the need to touch everything in the bathroom to get the sanitary environment they need. This will reduce the spread of a lot of germs.
  • Reduced restroom maintenance costs: with our toilet seat covers, there aren’t big messes left behind which means less maintenance in the bathroom. Also, because these covers don’t get disposed of in the toilet, you won’t have to worry about the toilets getting clogged with seat covers.
  • Improved customer service: when customers know that you have the cleanest restrooms and the most sanitary toilet covers, they will always want to come back and be happy when they do.

The seat covers are easy for customers to use and they never have to use their hands to touch the actual cover. Our system does it all. The only person to have to touch the used plastic is cleaning personnel when it is time to dispose of the used plastic. A new cover is produced every time a new user walks in to the stall of the bathroom. Our products are truly sanitary and our customers swear by it.