The Best Public Restroom Toilet Covers

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About Us and Our Protective Toilet Seat Covers

Have you ever gone to a public restroom and had to struggle to stay sanitary while going? Most people try to avoid public bathrooms because they can be dirty and very unsanitary. Using the bathroom, thin paper seat covers are provided for you…sometimes. Other times, you have to improvise by using toilet paper or be forced to hover. That is why we at BRiLL Hygiene Products, INC designed a new, safe, and efficient toilet seat cover.

Our protective toilet seat covers are unique, automatic and replace the old fashion paper covers with plastic ones that are used a single time and automatically cover the seat after every use. The best thing about our seat covers is that they are hands free so you can feel safe about your hygiene and avoid germs, bacteria, and staph infections. You can also stay safe during cold and flu season.

Our sanitary seat covers are popular and be used efficiently and effectively in places such as public restrooms, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, and even office building bathrooms. The system we have created eliminates the need for toilet seat covers that continually run out and make messes in restrooms when people do not dispose of them correctly.

Our system is highly effective when it comes to handicapped toilets when a person has mobility difficulties. Our seat covers and toilets assure that you will be safe every time you use the restroom.

Our protective toilet seat covers are more than just sanitary, they are also economically beneficial and convenient. Companies who buy our product can limit their janitorial labor, plumbing costs, and paper supplies. They will also have happier customers with the sanitary status of their washrooms. After using our product in your facility, they will wish everyone had them.

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How Our Toilet Seat Covers Work

Think to yourself how amazing it would be to get to use a clean public restroom when you were on the go. You would be sitting on a new toilet seat cover every time you used the bathroom and you wouldn’t have to worry about not having a paper seat cover. We designed these sanitary covers to reduce the spread of germs while ensuring that bathrooms are cleaner and more appealing.

Getting down to business, our seat covers are driven by computerized technology. Our special seats include a housing system for the seat covers that is similar to a 35mm camera. A roll of clean, sanitary, plastic tubing is placed on the left side of the seat. This tubing encases the toilet seat ring and then feeds into the toilet seat housing. After a person uses the toilet, the plastic is split by an internal razor blade and then rewound on the right side of the housing. This means that the plastic on the right side will never be reused. The used plastic is automatically spooled on the right side of the housing unit for easy disposal by cleaning personnel.

Our BRiLL toilet seat covers automatically change each time a new person enters the bathroom stall. The plastic changing system can be easily activated by the wave of a hand over the green wall-mounted motion detector. A green button on the seat can also be used to change the plastic. A failsafe internal razorblade is used to make sure that the plastic is never reused and spools to the right side of the housing unit.

Our seat covers are being used around the world. They help business owners and managers keep their restrooms clean and customers happy. Even on their busiest days, businesses won’t have to worry about cleaning up paper covers or restocking them.

There are major benefits to supplying restrooms with our seat covers.

Decreased Maintenance Expenses

When you use our seat covers, clean bathrooms tend to stay that way for a longer period of time.  This means that your janitorial staff won’t have to tend to the restrooms as often as they had to with the paper seats.

Improved Bathroom Appearance

The old covers and toilet paper together and end up on the floor and clog up toilets causing them to overflow and make an even bigger mess. This means your bathroom can look nasty and definitely unsanitary. Our BRiLL system eliminates both of these problems.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers definitely notice when public restrooms are clean and sanitary. With our system you can create a welcoming bathroom environment even in places where there is a lot of traffic. Our covers take the work and worry out of using public restrooms.

The next time you use a dirty public restroom and have to use a makeshift seat cover or hover over the toilet, think of BRiLL Hygiene Products, INC. and let people know about our safe and sanitary product.