The Best Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers in The USA

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public bathroom toilet seat coversWe have all been there. That terrible moment when you need to use the restroom, and the only one available is the less than ideal public restroom. You can only imagine the horrors that await you within and you really don’t want to imagine what kind of germs are festering inside. Suddenly, whatever positive experience you might have had is thrown out the window because of the completely unsanitary conditions you were forced to endure in the bathroom. Surely, this is an experience you want to avoid at all costs for your customers and for your business.

Why is BRiLL Hygienic Products so passionate about public bathroom toilet seat covers? I mean, what is so exciting about toilet seat covers for public restrooms? We are passionate about toilet seat covers because we believe the health and comfort of your employees and customers should be a given, not a question. Our philosophy has driven us to manufacture only the best public restroom toilet covers right here in the USA. Every one of our automated and hygienic electric toilets are designed with the best materials and the highest quality standards. Our efforts have made a difference. BRiLL Hygienic Products have gotten rave reviews from our customers and from news media in the United State and all around the world. See for yourself why BRiLL Hygienic Products is changing the way everyone views toilet seat covers.

Revolutionizing Toilet Seat Covers for Public Restrooms for Over 25 Years

Twenty five years ago, Alan Brill and David Jablow founded their all American company, BRiLL Hygienic Products Inc. specializing in sanitary toilet seats. Now in 2014, BRiLL Hygienic Products has become a leader in the industry because of our quality and dependability. Its no wonder out toilet covers for public restrooms are used in thousands of locations, with more and more signing on every day.

We know you take the quality of your public bathroom toilet seat covers seriously, and so do we. When the health and safety of your employees, patients, customers and the general public is at stake, you can’t afford to cut corners. Our public restroom toilet seat covers are different because we are the only manufacturer in America to specialize in hands-free, high-tech electronic sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic. Hands free means germs are a lot less likely to be spread. Less germs means fewer chances of any illness being spread, fewer days missed due to illness and general public health is safeguarded against the germs manifesting in the bathroom. Just pass your hand in front of a wall-mounted, hands free sensor or press the small green button. Then, a fresh, clean, sanitary toilet seat cover is automatically set in place for the next user and every user to follow. BRiLL Hygienic Products Inc. can personally guarantee our products safety because we are the only toilet covers company to personally manufacture our seats and plastic.

BRiLLs Time Saving, Stress Free, Cheap Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

Brill-Crew-300x187You now know that BRiLL toilet seat covers for public restrooms are a world renowned choice for hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, even for your office building. Say goodbye to toilet seat protectors that consistently run out. Forget paper covers that leave your restroom a soppy mess when customers neglect to dispose of them properly. Our automatic, cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers eliminate these stressors and keep your patrons safe. Not to mention, our automatic toilet seat covers can save you a lot of time and money. Suddenly, you have the opportunity to cut down on janitorial labor, plumbing costs and clogging as well as paper supplies. Your guests won’t see how much money you are saving. They’ll only enjoy the hands free convenience and clean, comfortable environment.

BRiLL’s public bathroom toilet seat covers meet the sanitary needs of all your patrons, including the handicapped. Traditional seat covers limit a handicap patron’s mobility, leaving them at a disadvantage. Provide for all of your customers with the BRiLL protective toilet seat cover system. Ensuring a truly hygienic toilet and sanitary toilet seat for anyone using the facilities.