Brill Seat’s sanitary paper toilet seat covers.

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When it comes to the world of toilet seats, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. How many times have you been to a public restroom and discovered that the person who used the toilet before you was far less concerned than you about hygiene? Even if the previous user didn’t leave discernable evidence, toilet seats can still hold a plethora of unseen bacteria, germs and viruses. Just the thought of using a public restroom is a turnoff for many people – even more so when it’s in a high traffic area.

Many restrooms offer paper toilet seat covers as an optional sanitary covering. A toilet seat cover can provide peace of mind and a barrier of protection against the unwanted intrusion of diseases and a toilet seat cover provided by Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. is your best choice. We’ve been making sanitary paper toilet seat covers for over twenty-five years and they’ve been used in thousands of locations. When it comes to your bum, we’ve got you covered.

Why do you need sanitary paper toilet seat covers?

best sanitary toilet seat coverFace it; toilets are by far the least clean place in any given building. They’re brimming with contagious diseases and are a breeding ground for bacteria. Every little bit of protection matters to your health and sanitary toilet seat covers are designed to make sure that what’s on the toilet stays on the toilet. Toilet seat covers don’t only protect the customer from the seat, they also protect the seat from the customer and that adds an extra layer of protection. With the seemingly weekly disease breakouts occurring in the news, wouldn’t your guests be more comfortable with an additional barrier of protection that you can provide?

Washing your hands is a great line of defense, but not everyone can wash their seat. Not to mention that customers who find a restroom lacking sanitary paper toilet seat covers are less likely to return to your establishment because they find your lack of consideration for them to be a detriment to their patronage. Some people experience an allergic reaction to contact with toilet seats (toilet-seat contact dermatitis) because of either the seat’s material make-up or whatever’s been left on the seat. It isn’t a disease, but it’s uncomfortable nonetheless. A sanitary paper toilet seat cover will more often than not help prevent such a reaction with its protective layer to separate you from the toilet seat.

Here is why you should use our toilet seat covers.

Simply put, we are the best sanitary toilet seat cover manufacturers in the industry. We have over twenty-five years of protecting your assets. Everything we manufacture is made in our own plants using American labor and American made parts. Since everything is manufactured in our own plants, we are able to oversee the quality of the production through every step of the process. You know that when you buy a product from Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. that you are buying a superior product compared to anything else available on the market. Having one of our toilet seat cover products in your stall helps prevent more janitorial work because the seats stay cleaner for longer. There is less trash because the toilet seat covers are flushable and customers don’t have to waste time and toilet paper by wiping down the seats before each use.

Our products are easy to handle and easy to maintain so the most you have to worry about is just installing it for the first time. A customer who sees that you supply them with the tools they need to stay safe and disease free knows that you care about them and will be more likely to become repeat business. An employer who may use these in their private restrooms knows that a sick employee is less productive than happy and healthy employee. Our reputation as a market leader and manufacturer of high quality products, including our automatic hands-free toilet seat covers, ensures that we will stand by the product you buy today and we’ll be there for you tomorrow. No other company in the business has a track record like ours, and that’s something we are proud of. Come see why our products have made Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. number one!