What is an automatic toilet seat cover?

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Just like you, we have to use public restrooms as well. It is never a pleasant experience to enter a public restroom and see that the toilet seat is unclean. Along with it being unclean you also have to worry about pulling a toilet seat cover out from the wall and placing it yourself along the toilet seat without having is slip off into the toilet. That in itself is a hassle for me to accomplish. That is why we decided to make automatic toilet seat cover for your use and ease. An automatic toilet seat cover is similar to any other toilet seat cover except it can sense when you enter the restroom and all you have to do is simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and out comes the seat cover. There is no handling of the toilet seat or trying to keep the paper on the narrow edges as you sit down.

Sanitary experience

The automatic toilet seat cover allows you to have a sanitary experience in the restroom. I know what it is like to walk into a bathroom and not want to touch anything.  Even worse is to walk into a restroom with a child who you do not want to touch anything while they are touching everything! This changes your entire experience for you and your family. There is complete ease of use with the toilet seat dispenser, along with the knowledge of being able to literally walk in and out of a restroom with only having to handle the door. On top of all of that you also know that no one else who is coming in and out of the restroom is handling the toilet seat and the covers as well. How often do you squeeze out hand sanitizer onto your palms after walking out of the restroom because you touched too much? I know I have.

Customer satiation

automatic toilet seat coverThere is nothing worse than walking into the restroom of a facility of any kind and having bad things to say about the restroom. I have gone into restrooms where I literally vowed never to return to the place of business just because the bathroom was off putting. Now with the automatic toilet seat cover you are one step closer to a clean, sanitary restroom that your patrons will thank you for. Not only because they know they are receiving a complete experience but also because they know that your employees who are handling their food, clothes, carts, groceries and more are also having a sanitary experience in the restroom. Let’s face it, we all use the bathroom at one time or another during the day so knowing we can do so, and employees can do so without spreading more germs then necessary will bring consumers back to your place of business.

There is no guess work when it comes to using our automatic toilet seat covers. People walk in, wave their hand and walk back out! It not only lessons waste by not having to worry about someone needing to use more than one cover because it has fallen of the toilet seat, but you also are no longer flushing your toilet seat covers which is great for your drains. Flushing less often and not worrying about one more thing that can leave your toilets backed up and overflowing saves you time and money. The automatic toilet seat cover encourages patrons to stay sanitary, encourages everyone who visits your establishment to keep things clean and tidy so that your restrooms can best represent who you are and how you treat your customers. At the end of the day a happy customer is a growing business.

Is Automatic Toilet seat cover for you?

If you are wondering if automatic toilet seat cover is for you, then I have just one question. Do you have a public bathroom? If the answer is yes, then the toilet seat cover is for you, your business and your customers. You will find they are easy to install, easy to change out and sanitary to discard once empty. That is money well spent and money saved. Along with the money saved you are also saving yourself and your employee’s time making sure the other toilet seat covers are still full for future use.