Brill Hygienic Paper Toilet Seat Covers Are Affordable

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For over 25 years, Brill Hygienic Products toilet seats have provided the convenience, budget friendly, and cleanest bathroom stalls worldwide.  In addition to having satisfied customers that don’t have to use an unsanitary toilet seat, our seat covers cut overall maintenance costs: janitorial, plumbing, paper supplies, and are safe and dependable.

The Brill Hygienic Products prove to be quality assured and we are proud to say that we are a leading producer in the U.S.A.  American-made with the highest quality standards, Brill Hygienic Products will satisfy your customers as soon as they walk into your company’s bathroom stalls.  We are one of the few sanitary toilet seat cover manufacturers in the nation that supply and distribute hygienic products for businesses’ bathrooms or washrooms.

Besides being in the news media world-wide, Brill Hygienic Products has manufactured and distributed sanitary toilets and clean toilet seats with hygienic and automated electronic toilets. The best materials and highest quality standards are the true reasons why we are unique in the trade.  The difference is that there isn’t any toilet paper being used to cover seat covers? That would be a waste for your company; like flushing money down the toilet waste. Brill’s no nonsense and smart concept of automated electronic toilet seat covers will have your customer’s talking for days…with great reviews.

Public toilet seat paper covers

You can feel good about hygiene; toilet seats can be a big concern for germs, and to prevent infections, our automatic toilet seat covers are hands free “when the user waves their hand in front of the green wall-mounted motion sensor.”  During the cold/flu season, and particularly in washrooms, our customers feel great about clean bathrooms, and even further, the innovative toilet seat covers become the necessity in today’s health-conscious world.  The three distinct abilities which illustrate our business is customer satisfaction, quality control, and economically-savvy clients.

Public toilet seat covers wholesale

Turn high profit margins into some amazing projects you only dreamed of.  Do you fall into the category of contractor, property manager, builder, construction company owner, or restaurant owner? Let us be Paper Toilet Seat Cover Dispenseryour source to purchasing wholesale public toilet seat covers.  Our wholesale public toilet seat covers work well with trade and industry professionals nationwide. We provide great wholesale prices, along with dedicated services for you and your company.  Contact us for a quote! In addition to pricing wholesale, our dedicated representatives will give you the attention you deserve.

The finished project  has been used at some of these companies which have our Brill seat covers: Portland International Jetport, Mohegan Sun, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, Yankee Stadium, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, The Polo Club in Boca Raton,  Radio City Music Hall, McDonalds, Mystic Lake Casino, …to name a few.

Also, what is improved immensely are maintenance expenses which are cut by the thousands, while at the same time, the bathrooms appear cleaner, which they should be, and much more inviting to your customers/clients who use them. With many uses, our automatic seat covers are excellent for use in “restaurants, public restrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, and office building washrooms.”

Most toilet seat protectors leave a mess in bathrooms, since most customers don’t dispose them or who are in such a hurry to even bother to trash them.  Our seat protectors eliminate this altogether.

Other toilet seat covers are not handicap-friendly and may make it difficult for the handicap customers to be mobile when attempting to set the toilet seat covers on right, especially trying to prevent “paper flying all over the place.”  Brill’s seat protectors give patrons the confidence without the mayhem by just fanning their hand in front of a green motion sensor which is wall-mounted or our clients can get the ones with the touch of a red button.

After using our hands free toilet seat that’s hygienic, your customers will wish everyone had them. Since, our uniqueness replaces the need for paper toilet seat covers with plastic toilet seat covers, it is safe to say that Brill’s are used a single time and automatically cover the toilet after each use.