Brill Makes the Best Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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Protective Toilet Seat CoversThe battle to keep your establishment hygienic is never ending. Your customers and the public are counting on you to keep your place clean and safe for use. Even further, places with un-hygienic restrooms often receive bad reputations. With the prevalence of things like social media in this day and age, you want your establishment to be as spotless as possible. But never fear, Brill Hygienic Seat Covers is ready to help you keep your place spic-and-span. With Brill’s protective toilet seat covers you can make sure that your restrooms meet the public’s expectations. Even better, you can save money while protecting the public with Brill’s public bathroom toilet seat covers. Talk about a win-win!

Our Brill automatic toilet covers for public restrooms are now in use in thousands of bathrooms and can be found across the globe. Brill automatic toilet seat covers is perfect for almost any public restroom environment. Doctor’s in hospitals, administrators in schools, managers at restaurants and professionals at office buildings have all found that our toilet covers are excellent additions to their public restrooms.

With many work hours lost to sickness every year, our toilet seat covers could even improve the effectiveness of your business! Keep your customers happy. Save on costs. Be on the right side of the fight to improve the public’s health. Check out our public restroom toilet seat covers for your operation today!

How Do Brill Protective Toilet Seat Cover Work?

We’re glad you asked! Our toilet seat covers are a truly innovative way to keep your restrooms hygienic. Before Brill public bathroom toilet seat covers, customers were required to place paper covers down over the toilet seat. Not only are customers forced to use their own hands during this process, but these paper toilet seat covers can create giant messes and can even clog your toilets. In some cases, customers may be too busy or forget to place the cover over the toilet. This puts the rest of your customers at risk. Even worse, some restrooms might not carry toilet seat covers at all!

Brill automatic public toilet seat covers presents an eloquent solution to those problems. Brill automatic toilet covers work by automatically re-covering the toilet seat with plastic after the user is done. It’s that simple! When a hand is waved in front of the sensor or the green button is pressed, the automatic dispenser replaces the cover. The next customer will be ready to go and can be completely assured that the best measures are being taken to protect his health. The benefits of the Brill public bathroom toilet seat covers are many. Our toilet seat covers help prevent the spreading of germs and illness on the hands and body when the public toilet is used. Your customers will healthy, happy and appreciative of the efforts you’ve made on their behalf.

Brill Hygiene Inc. Makes the Best Public Restroom Toilet Covers

Despite Brill’s innovative technology, Brill is not new to the game of providing hygienic services to your customer. Brill has been helping to keep public restrooms hygienic for 20 years with our public bathroom toilet seat covers. We are the only American company that produces top of the line automatic public restroom toilet seat covers and are proud to be doing our part for the public health. We also personally manufacture all of our automatic toilet seat covers to ensure that they are made with the finest quality materials. Even the plastic is made by us. Brill’s promise is that your customers will have peace of mind, comfort, pleasing satisfaction and secure trust in your operation.

With our technology, your customers will be much safer from illnesses such as the flu or staph infections. Check out our testimonials for how our automatic toilet seat covers have helped customers just like you. If you are looking to improve the lives of your customers by providing a more hygienic environment, look no further than our toilet seat covers. Join thousands of schools, sports complexes, casinos, restaurants, offices, country clubs and others in using Brill’s public restroom toilet seat covers. We promise that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our product.