The Brill Seat is the Best in Sanitary Toilet Covers

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One of the highest realizations of civilizations is sanitation. Just think about the lengths that humans have gone to ensure that we don’t spread germs to one another; it is truly incredible. While there are still a large number of societies that share holes in the ground as bathrooms, modern societies are furthering their ability to have a public restroom that doesn’t require any two people to touch the same surface.

Primarily we see this with automatic flushing, automatic hand driers and sinks and soap dispensers, and automatic toilet paper dispensers. The idea is that with a simple motion in space we can perform all of our bathroom duties and never have to touch anything that someone else may have touched; we don’t know who actually washes their hands or who actually cleans the surfaces we might be asked to touch, so the safest bet is to not have to touch anything at all.

And while we’ve seen these automated technologies affect almost every part of the public restroom, one thing has not been touched (or rather has been touched far too much): the toilet seat itself.

Up until now the furthest modification that the toilet seat has seen, in terms of sanitation, is paper toilet seat covers that can be loosely laid down upon the seat and discarded afterward. One with this type of sanitation is that the paper is unwieldy and inaccurate, meaning that you might end up pushing some of the paper away from the toilet seat as you shift, which defeats the purpose of having the paper there in the first place. Another problem is that the paper often tears and ends up all over the place. While some of it may end up flushed, other portions inevitably find their way strewn across the entire bathroom. From a business perspective, this is a big negative as you want your bathrooms to look crisp and clean from the first impression. If someone comes in to use the bathroom and the first thing they see is paper lying around the stalls, they feel less comfortable; when in a public restroom, one wants to know that everything is clean and where it belongs, and the paper toilet covers often end up setting this sense back.

And now we have the solution. A brilliant engineer and designer by the name of Alan Brill has designed the Brill Seat, a fully automated toilet seat cover that covers the seat in plastic and changes the plastic for each individual use. This is truly the best option in sanitary toilet covers.

Brill Seat Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

How Do the Brill Seat Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Work?

The Brill Seat is set up with an automatic sensor so that the user can wave their hand and cause the plastic covering to rotate across the seat. Facing the toilet, on the left side and right side are two rolls of plastic that form one continuous string across the toilet seat. The plastic is thin, and it sits across the toilet seat, covering it completely. As the plastic rotates, the old plastic is rolled up and cut away with an internal razor (so that there is no chance that a user can suffer any sort of harm) and discarded to the side for later disposal by the janitorial staff. The new plastic now lays across the seat, and the user now has access to a fresh toilet seat that has never been touched by a prior individual and will never be used by anyone afterward. The Brill Seat is the premium option for automatic toilet seat covers. No longer will a user have to worry about how much of the seat is appropriately covered or how to dispose of it once they are done, and no longer will your company have to concern themselves with unsightly bathroom stalls.

The Brill Seat is the Best in Cheap Toilet Seat Covers!

From the perspective of a business owner, an additional concern is of course going to be the cost associated with this technology. Cleanliness is of course important, but is the Brill Seat really worth the extra cost? If we had to pick one word, we’d say “YES!” The Brill Seat really is the best option for keeping a public or business-use bathroom clean and hygienic. Additionally, it will save your janitorial staff a lot of man hours, as they will not be required to check in on the bathroom just to pick up a few stray pieces of paper that have found their way across the entire bathroom.

The Brill Seat is not expensive in the first place, and any additional expense is certainly compensated for by the impression that your bathroom will leave on your customers and staff. One thing that people remember is a perfect bathroom, and we’re here to say that the Brill Seat will certainly go a long way toward leaving people impressed with their bathroom experience.