Brill Toilet Seat Cover System Combats Bathroom Germs Better than Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers

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After many years of discussion, you and your friends decide to hit the open highway on a road trip.  So far, the trip has been a blast.  However, the chili you ate at the last diner, although it was highly recommended, is not sitting well.  As your friend is racing to the next rest stop, you point at a highway exit, seeing the gas station in sight.  You race to your destination and after receiving the bathroom key you dash to the bathroom.

You close your eyes and prepare for the worst as you open the door and see…a perfectly normal restroom.  It is immaculate by gas station standards.  The only thing that is dirty isn’t the toilet or even the mirrors; it is the tiled floor because of all the foot traffic coming in and out.  You get ready to hastily weave your toilet seat, you see that there is an automatic toilet seat cover system in place.  After you’ve finished using the restroom, you leave a message for the gas station manager, thanking him for one of the best visits to a gas station bathroom that you’ve had in a while.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers For Public Restrooms vs. Brill Sanitary Toilet Seat Automatic Cover System

One question that our customers often asked themselves while they considered purchasing one of our systems in lieu of the standard paper toilet seats covers is what exactly they protecting themselves and their users against.  While yes, a lot of the germs are indeed on the toilet seat, most of the germs don’t come from the previous user.  Most germs actually are on the seat from flushing the toilet itself.  Flushing the toilet and inadvertently producing backsplash is the number one way of cold and disease transmittal through toilets.  Some of the diseases include E. coli, staphylococcus (the bacteria that causes staph infections), various sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis infections, and the common cold virus.

By using one of our sanitary toilet seat automatic cover systems, you will lower the chances of your interaction with these germs by not only having to eliminate touching the seat itself by either wiping the backsplash residue off the seat or by creating your makeshift toilet seat out of toilet paper or tissue.

Wholesale Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Cheap Wholesale Paper Toilet Seat Covers

While some facility owners consider cheap wholesale paper toilet seat covers to be the best option for their toilet sanitation between cleanings, here are some additional thoughts to consider:

Children.  It is no secret that children transmit germs by interacting with each other in various environments.  Most kids don’t use the paper toilet seat covers, inexpensive or not.  They are more concerned over getting their bathroom business done so they can go out and play.  If one of our systems are in place in your public facility, there would be less worry from you and the children’s parents whenever they go into the restroom.

There will be overall lower maintenance and equipment costs.  These savings will come three fold.  The first instance is when your cleaning crew goes into the restroom and cleans the bathroom.  By not having to clean the toilet seat, they will eliminate some of the time of cleaning the toilet.  Because wholesale paper toilet seat covers are inexpensive, a lot of times, you will end up having between one and four seat covers being used during a single trip.  This could end up using unnecessary supplies, which your clientele don’t realize they are doing.

Because they don’t realize that they are at times overusing your supply, extra covers end up getting flushed, which could end up in causing a clog in the pipes.  When it comes to having the plumber out to repair, it could be only a minimal disruption to the businesses or parks using the facilities, such an out of order sign posted on one of the stalls.  Or it could be a little more on the hairy side, where the whole bathroom is shut down for weeks while the piping gets fixed.