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Saving Yourself with High Tech Toilet Seat Covers

Brill Toilet Seat CoversWhen you visit a public location, no matter how clean it is, the last thing on your mind is going to be sitting on the toilet seat, and with good reason. Who really wants to? Why would anyone want to? If you have ever done it, then right now you should consider just how many people have sat on that toilet seat before you. Actually, imagine the horrible things that have been done to that toilet seat in your absence. Now do you want to sit on it? Probably not.

Over the years many different things have been tried to keep from actually sitting on these seats. Some locations utilize what can be described as a paper seat cover, which serves its purpose for the most part. The problem however is that they slip easily and can fall right into the toilet. You cannot blame anyone for not taking these paper toilet seat covers out of the bowl once they fall in. Then again, there are those who would rather place toilet paper around the mouth of the bowl to take the place of the toilet seat covers in question.

If neither seems to be an option, then the many bathroom goers will actually perform some award winning acrobatics in order to avoid actually sitting on the toilet. It would be amusing if it were not true. This went on for decades, and finally, it became clear that a solution was needed. Enter the Brill seat covers.

Brill Toilet Seat Covers

Brill toilet seat covers are motorized and attach directly to the seat. You will essentially have a plastic cover which extends across the length of the toilet seat and keeps the user from ever making contact with the seat in question. Once the user stands up, the plastic sheeting is rotated, cut, and disposed of so that the next user will be able to sit on a perfectly clean toilet.

There are a few reasons that this is beneficial, and not all of the benefits in question apply to the user of the toilet. This type of device actually benefits the establishment in many ways, most of them financial.

Addressing Sanitary Concerns

Sanitary conditions are always a great concern in an public restroom for obvious reasons. After all, you are dealing with bodily wastes. These toilet seat covers will help to improve sanitary conditions by reducing the amount of harmful germs and bacteria within the facility. This helps users and employees alike, being less exposed to germs and bodily fluids that naturally congregate within a bathroom setting.

Lowering Maintenance Costs

Believe it or not, the Brill toilet seat cover actually serves to lower maintenance costs in the restroom facilities. It might sound a bit strange, but if you think about the damage that paper seat covers do, then you will understand. Earlier in the article we stated that most people will not be bothered to remove paper covers from the toilet if they should fall.

They WILL however feel free to flush the toilet even if the paper cover is sitting in the bowl. This will prompt an almost weekly call to a maintenance provider, there by driving up your bill. Even if you remove the toilet seat covers, the patrons will continue their habits by using massive amounts of toilet paper, eventually driving you into bankruptcy.

These seat covers from Brill are outstanding and they leave no mess behind. This means fewer messes and your restrooms will stay cleaner for longer periods of time. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits, and the Brill seat covers are already being utilized in restrooms all over the world. The initial expense might be quite the investment, especially if you are to outfit all of your toilets, but when you consider the long term effects and cost savings, you will judge these seat covers to be not only useful to your operation, but absolutely essential.

Now would be a great time to go over your budget and consider how much money you would save every single year by using these types of toilet seat covers in your bathroom. While the restroom is one place no one ever really likes to discuss, they can certainly be a money hole if you do not address some of the most glaring and obvious problems. Treat yourself, your budget, and your patrons right by installing state of the art seat covers that meet the needs of all who happen to enter your facility, whatever their reason may be.

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