Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Provide disposable toilet covers for the safety of your guests and employees

When customers enter a public bathroom they expect certain things. First, at the very least, it should be clean and free of debris such as towels and toilet paper strewn around. Second, it should be clean (yes, we’re reemphasizing that) and have adequate supplies including soap, towels – or a hand dryer – toilet paper and disposable toilet seat covers.

Have you ever been to the bathroom at one of your favorite restaurants just to be completely disgusted by the lack of up-keep? That’s what you don’t want your patrons to experience. Just like you don’t want to see an abundance of dirty paper towels on the floor or a poorly maintained stall, neither do your customers.

As you already know, your female patrons must sit down to use the restroom. Some have mastered a semi-squat position to hoover over the toilet, but should they really have to do that? This is one of the reasons why providing your public restroom with disposable toilet covers is important. In the men’s restroom it may not seem like providing seat covers is necessary, but they have their place in there as well. A simple toilet seat cover is a good barrier between a person’s skin and a seat where many people perch throughout the day.

Prevent the spread of germs with toilet seat covers that are disposable

Providing toilet seat covers for your customers and others who frequent the restrooms, like your employees, is one of the simplest ways to accommodate them and to keep them safe. Since public restrooms are an ideal brewing ground for disgusting germs, using sanitary seat covers reduces the risk of your customers being affected. Providing the seat cover is also one of the easiest ways to prevent a bad review. There’s nothing like someone passing along via word of mouth, social media or review sites that an establishment has nasty bathrooms. That is definitely not the type of publicity you want circulated about your place of business.

Although we offer many products for the sanitary needs of your patrons, the disposable seat covers are of course very popular and very easy to install especially if you already have toilet seat cover dispensers at the ready. Whether you need toilet seat covers for your restaurant, store, clinic, office building, hospital, club, fun center or any other public restroom you’ll find our wholesale sanitary toilet covers are the right choice for you. They will prevent the accidental spread of germs and an increase the sanitary conditions of the restroom, which are good for the health of your patrons and all others who utilize your restroom facilities.

Choose our trusted brand of disposable toilet covers

When it comes to manufacturing and distributing sanitary wholesale disposable toilet seat covers we’ve got you…well, covered. We have been providing merchandise like this, and personally manufacturing it in the United States, for more than 25 years so you can rest-assured our products will not disappoint. And on your side of things, you won’t disappoint your patrons and employees because you will be ready with toilet seat covers conveniently located in the bathrooms. We have what you need to ensure your publicly used toilets remain clean and sanitary.

We are the leader in the sanitary toilet seat cover industry and our products are used in airports, hospitals, casinos, offices, schools, factories, sporting arenas and in many other venues and business – that’s thousands of locations around the world. We are widely known and trusted for the quality of the products we provide.

With that type of reputation, you can put your trust in us as well to provide you with the toilet seat covers you need to protect not only your customers (which definitely improves customer satisfaction), but your employees, patients and the general public from disease and germs. The health and safety of all involved is very important and in order to make that a priority you cannot cut corners. Only the best will do in this instance so go ahead and order our very best – disposable toilet seat covers. Your customers will thank you for it.