Disposable Toilet Seat Covers For Maximum Protection For You And Your Family

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A lot of people shy away from using public restrooms because they are afraid of getting into contact with the potential germs in such facilities. And let’s be honest here, most of them are not kept clean and tidy. However, when you are accompanied by your children, there is usually no choice and you just have to use the restroom. But by packing some toilet seat covers that are disposable in your bag, you can be sure you and your kids will not be seated on top of a toilet seat full of germs.

toilet seat coversYou can even buy some wholesale disposable toilet seat covers at Brillseat that are specifically designed for small children and they come with cartoon characters. Buying disposable toilet seat covers at whole sale prices could also mean you will be able to save more on your hard earned cash.

Even those public restrooms that seem the cleanest sometimes have wet seats due to the automatic flushing system they use. Worse still, you may not be able to differentiate whether the wetness you feel immediately you sit down is simply water or something else. Rather than rolling tissue papers all around the toilet seat, you better go prepared by carrying your own disposable toilet seat covers. Our disposable sanitary toilet covers come with adhesive strips that make them easy to use especially with   kids.

Some of the disposable covers you will find readily available in most public restrooms may not be large enough. However, we make large covers that can be used by both adults and kids and even if your children hold the sides of the toilet seat, they will not get into contact with any kind of germs since they are protected.

Are disposable toilet seat covers really necessary?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! If you run a business then it’s important that you provide your clients with disposable toilet seat covers if you want them to come back again in your premises. A lot of people are not comfortable sitting on top of a toilet seat that several bare butted strangers have been sitting on. It even becomes more disgusting when you spot some bits of water, urine, blood or worse still feces on the seat.

This makes it really important for establishments to have readily available disposable toilet seats for their clients.  Customers love visiting clean toilets and this could result to more customer satisfaction. With Brillseat disposable toilet covers, your customers will know that you care about their health and comfort.

Toilet seats also help in preventing people from contracting dermatitis.  Exposing oneself to wooden toilet seats that have varnish or paint could cause one to develop some allergic dermatitis on the buttocks.  Although this may not be classified as a disease, it’s quite uncomfortable. Disposable toilet seat covers can largely reduce any chances of developing this type of dermatitis.

Toilet seat covers that are disposable help women to completely release all the urine in the bladder because they are more comfortable. With the absence of toilet seats, a lot of women are unable to fully empty their bladder which results to toilet staining. It may also increase their risks of infections.

How do you use toilet seat covers that are disposable?

toilet seat coversIf you get into a public restroom the first thing to do is locate the toilet cover dispenser.  In most cases, it’s usually located over the toilet stall but others are put outside the stall. Each public restroom has its own way of operation. Some people like carrying their disposable sanitary toilet covers especially if they are accompanied by young children.

Once you have located the toilet cover dispenser, carefully remove it correctly from the storage box. At the center of the toilet cover, there is usually a perforated hole. Rip it open and carefully align it with the shape of the toilet seat and finally lay it down. Be careful when doing this to prevent it from slipping into the toilet seat which may mean starting all over the entire process. Once it’s well laid, then you can sit and use it. Using toilet seat covers that are disposable is really simple. After you are done with it, ensure you correctly dispose it.

The benefits of using disposable toilet seat covers cannot be over emphasized but for anyone who likes to observe the best level of hygiene, then you know that they really are important because they prevent you from getting exposed to bacteria that could pose a danger to your health.  The next time you visit a public toilet, ensure you use toilet seat covers that are disposable for your own peace of mind.