Do Bulk Paper Toilet Seat Covers Hurt More than they Help?

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Bulk Paper Toilet Seat CoversTraditional toilet seat covers have always been seen as a way to make sure the toilet seat is clean. The downside is that these covers are ineffective for the job they have been made to do. They have to be applied manually to the toilet seat, already making them useless since the point is to not touch the toilet seat in the first place. The covers are also very delicate to work with. They can rip and tear very easily under the slightest pressure. Even when you’re able to wrangle them onto the toilet seat they can fall off onto the floor, forcing you to get a new one.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe in our new innovative system. We know how hard it is for establishments to keep the facilities they’re hosting clean. Bulk paper toilet seat covers do little to convince patrons to clean up after themselves once they’re done using the facilities. While not all patrons are like this, many people still don’t take into consideration others need to use the restroom too.

Why are Traditional Toilet Seat Covers Harmful?

The traditional public toilet seat covers create too much of a mess in the bathroom. Once they hit the floor, patrons don’t want to pick them up. These toilet seat covers then get kicked around, trampled on, and can become soaking wet within a few minutes. When they begin to break down and fall apart, pieces of them start to spread around the bathroom. This creates a big mess that is unsanitary and ugly for anyone who enters the bathroom.

The other downside is that they run out quickly too. When someone drops a toilet seat cover onto the ground, they usually grab a second or third one to place on the toilet seat. They usually won’t pick up the one that fell on the floor since it’s unsanitary and disgusting to them. This bigger mess means the cleaning staff have to focus on cleaning up small bits of paper instead of scrubbing the bathroom down.

The Cost Isn’t Worth It

Bulk Paper Toilet Seat CoversBulk paper toilet seat covers may seem like a good idea, but in reality they usually end up costing more than they’re worth. They end up on the ground, tear easily, and are a hassle to clean up too. They just end up wasting the money that’s invested into them in order to make the public restroom a cleaner place area for everyone to use. Patrons don’t like the look of the bathroom since it reflects on the establishment. When they see how messy they bathroom is, they may assume the rest of the establishment is run the same way. This means losing patrons in the long run, and the cycle repeats itself.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe every bathroom should be as clean as possible. We understand the challenges many establishments face when they have to keep their facilities clean. Our innovative toilet seat cover system not only covers the toilet seat after each use, but presents a good first impression for anyone walking into the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about discarded seat covers on the bathroom floor anymore.

The cleaning staff will appreciate the investment too. Unlike traditional toilet seat covers, the staff simply have to change out the rolls or plastic. They simply install a new roll of plastic onto the system, throw away the used one, and they’re done. There’s no need to clean up several toilet seat covers off the floor because patrons refused to throw them away. The situation is a win win for everyone involved

Why not invest in our new system? You’ll save money in the long run for not having wasted supplies or labor spent cleaning up those old toilet seat covers. The cleaning process will be much quicker and easier to manage too.