Do Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers stop MRSA?

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automatic toilet seat coversStaying clean is one of the main concerns of people who use public restrooms. Patrons don’t know who has used the bathroom before them, so they think it’s always a gamble. This is one of the main reasons why toilet seat covers are used. Their intended purpose is to help give the next person who uses the bathroom a clean seat on the toilet.

The spreading of MRSA is also another big concern. One of the biggest questions is how to prevent the spread of MRSA. Can automatic toilet seat covers help to prevent the spread of MRSA?

What is MRSA?

The first question people may ask is what MRSA? What is it and should it be something people should worry about when using the bathroom? MRSA is a methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. This type of bacteria causes infections in other parts of the body. The problem with MRSA is that it’s resistant to common antibiotics.

One of the problems of MRSA is that the symptoms can vary between people who are infected. Most infections of MRSA can result in boils or sores, just infections on the skin. MRSA has also been known to cause serious infections in surgical wounds and on the skins. MRSA infections can even occur in the urinary tract, bloodstream, and even the lungs.

How is MRSA Contracted?

Avoiding MRSA is actually very easy, but it’s hard to treat since it’s considered a ‘super bug’. One of the main ways MRSA is spread is through contact. When a person touches another person on the skin who has MRSA, they can have the bacteria on them. MRSA can also be contracted by touching an object or surface that has the bacteria on it too. MRSA is estimated to be carried by at least 2% of the population.

Most people who carry MRSA don’t have an infection, but infections often occur in people who have a weakened immune system. MRSA can often be found in health care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

How Toilet Seat Covers Prevent the Spread of MRSA

Sanitary Toilet Seat CoversOur automatic toilet seat cover system helps to prevent the spread of MRSA. Traditional toilet seat covers are not effective since they have to be applied manually to the toilet seat. This usually results in the patron’s hands touching the toilet seat anyway. This puts them at risk of contracting the MRSA bacteria and possibly an infection.

How our toilet cover system works is it eliminates the need for patrons to apply the cover manually. Our automatic system is innovative since it’s not a hands on system. How it works is there is a roll of plastic that is used to put a new cover over the toilet seat. Each time a patron is done using the toilet seat, the used plastic is rolled up. This used plastic is replaced by a new cover and is ready for the next person who comes into the bathroom.

This system is quick and innovative since the next patron has a new, sanitized surface they can sit upon. MRSA can be spread through skin to skin contact and touching objects by someone who has the bacteria. When the surface is completely replaced, this cuts down on the chance of catching the bacteria significantly. The old plastic cannot be reused easier since it’s rolled up once it has been used. When it comes time to replace the plastic, the roll simply has to be thrown away. New plastic can be installed into the restroom for the next patrons who are ready to use the facilities.

Preventing the spread of germs and bacteria is very important, especially in areas like the bathroom. Establishments do everything they can to keep bathrooms clean, but sometimes they need some extra help. Our innovative system helps to keep bathrooms clean and prevent the need for having to use traditional toilet seat covers.