Hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

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Keeping it Impersonal with a Hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

The restroom can be a scary place no matter how you look at it. Not only do you have to deal with the fact that you are exposing yourself in public, you also have to contend with the possibility that the restroom is going to be filthy. Maybe it isn’t something you want to deal with. No matter how good a job the sanitation crew does at cleaning it, the fear is always going to be in the back of your mind. For this reason, a hands free automatic toilet seat cover has been invented, and it does an outstanding job of addressing some of your worst fears.

Benefits of a hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

When you are using any kind of toilet seat cover you tend to run the risk of it falling in, and when that happens, you probably are not going to fish it out. Who would do such a thing in a public toilet? The other option is to simply lay strips of toilet paper on the seat, but we all know how well that works. To be honest, there seems to be no real acceptable solution to the problem, or at least there wasn’t, until now.

Brill Seat is a revolutionary new invention that allows the user to sit without ever coming into physical contact with the toilet seat. How is this accomplished exactly? The seat is actually a full replacement for the traditional toilet seat, and features a motorized, motion controlled unit that simply replaces the toilet seat cover the moment one has been used. The general fear with this type of unit is that a dirty or used toilet seat cover will be put back into circulation, but once the used covering is recalled into the unit, it is cut with a razor blade and disposed of with zero effort on the part of the customer.

Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

Wide Influence

As you can imagine, the influence of this brand new system has managed to spread far and wide. There are a plethora of people and companies taking advantage of it, including some of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to that many well known restaurants, McDonalds included, have made use of the toilet seat, and have had some of the best results in the industry.

Cost and Return

Naturally, you might be worried about the overall cost of installing these toilet seats, but this is not what you should be worried about. In fact, what you should be concerning yourself with is the cost of NOT installing them. If you are here reading this, there is a strong chance you have run into some serious problems, perhaps even damage to your building’s septic system. With a system like the Brill, such a thing is next to impossible unless initiated directly and purposefully by the consumer. As you can see, there are countless benefits which can be associated with the use of these state of the art toilet seat covers. Not only will you save money by using them, you will also find that customer satisfaction reaches an all time high. This is not only because of the service, but also because they will feel much safer when using your public restrooms.

The bottom line here, is that you have a considerable amount of work to do when it comes to pleasing your customers, and not all of it is going to be easy. If you can solve your restroom issues, at least in part by using the Brill system, you should not hesitate! Start looking into the Brill system today and make sure you are giving yourself the ability to please your customers. Remember, while it often has to do with the services you offer, some of it happens behind closed doors. You never know just how the customer might feel, but you can certainly pre-empt it.