How Preschools can Benefit from a Toilet Seat Cover System

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toilet seat cover systemThe education system brings plenty of great opportunities to anyone that partakes in it, but when it comes to sanitation, it’s an entirely different matter. One of the biggest problems that schools tend to run into is that of making sure the bathrooms are properly cleaned. As they say, kids will be kids and when you look into a preschool bathroom you’re going to see a very clear example of that. One of the most important things that you are going to be tasked with is keeping the bathrooms clean, and the best way to do that, initially at least, is to make sure you take advantage of a toilet seat cover system.

So what does that do for you exactly? How can a toilet seat cover system change things for you? It’s all about keeping clean and outsmarting the toddlers that will be inhabiting your preschool. That being said, why not consider using automatic toilet seat covers to offset your troubles? Instead of dealing with a messy bathroom and displaced toilet seat covers, use the toilet seat cover system to make sure the seats stay clean and that you avoid any communicable diseases.

Avoid the Germs with a Toilet Seat Cover System

Contrary to popular belief, germs are in fact transmitted via toilet seat and when you are dealing with kids you have a number of different problems. The first and most prominent problem is that kids are very messy, and they aren’t exactly ashamed of it. You will spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up after them or at least paying your janitorial staff to do so. The second problem is the toilet seat covers themselves.

There are many schools that make use of paper toilet seat covers and while they do work to a point, they are difficult for preschoolers to position onto the toilet and they often tend to end up on the floor, in the toilets, or anywhere else that is not considered a trash can. When flushed down the toilet these can cause serious problems with your plumbing and you may find yourself spending quite a bit of money to get it fixed – not the solution you were looking for.

The next big problem is the fact that you are dealing with kids and as a result their immune systems are going to be less than adequate for dealing with all of the germs and illnesses that will eventually come their way in the restroom. That being the case, you want to make sure that they are properly protected and that they are ready to return to class. This is where Brill Seat comes into the picture.

The Brill Seat Solution

disposable toilet seat coversWhen you’re looking for a solution you’re going to need one that makes everyone happy and Brill Seat can actually address a number of different problems. There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding toilet seat covers, mainly the concern that they simply do not work, but Brill Seat addresses those concerns head on with a completely new system.

Rather than paper toilet seat covers, the new disposable toilet seat covers are plastic sleeves mounted upon a custom built toilet seat with each sleeve rotating, being cut off, and being disposed of once the individual using the toilet stands up. Because the toilet seat is completely enclosed, and because the sleeves are constantly being replaced, you don’t have to worry about germs. It’s a win-win situation and one that you will learn to enjoy for many years to come.

Brill Seat is a is great for providing cheap public bathroom seat covers, but it is also highly durable. Not only is it a great solution for you, it has provided a great solution for many different establishments and institutions across the country. For example it is not uncommon to see the Brill Seat in Vegas Casinos, and it is making its rounds in some of the most prominent establishment. Finally, and at long last, we have a real solution for the toilet seat problem, and one that will work well in preschools.