Keep Safe with Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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Protective Toilet Seat CoversPublic restrooms are without a doubt one of the biggest points of controversy in our society, and with good reason. After all, have you seen any place dirtier? It is true that most establishments go above and beyond to make sure that their restrooms are clean and ready for guests, but there is only so much that they can do, given the time, manpower, and amazing resourcefulness of guests when it comes to destroying a bathroom on the fly. That being the case many establishments have opted to use protective toilet seat covers for their purposes. There are, however, some issues with protective toilet seat covers that should be taken into account. Did you know, that there are many individuals who refuse to use public restrooms simply because they appear to be dirty? Not only is this detrimental to the potential users, it can be detrimental to your business as well. Clean restroom facilities are a draw for many customers, and you can be rest assured that your customers will speak of what they have seen inside your facilities. You might not be in the mood to hire a bathroom valet, but you can most certainly make your restroom a bit nicer.

Toilet Seat Covers – Issues and Resolutions

There are some things to consider with toilet seat covers, especially If you opt to use paper covers rather than the more durable Brill seat covers. The biggest problem that you will experience with paper public restroom toilet covers  is their fragility and tendency to fall into  the toilet. Let’s face it, most people will simply let those covers drop and they will be more than happy to flush your industrial strength toilet, which will drag the toilet seat cover into the depths of your plumbing system to join the others. Once or twice might not be a problem, but you’re smart enough to know that it is going to happen far more than once. As these instances stack up, you will need to call upon the services of a plumber to restore your pipe works to their original functionality, and this will cost you far more than you ever wanted to spend. The best solution, of course, would be to make it so that restroom users actually cannot throw their toilet seat covers into the toilet, which is where the Brill seat cover system comes in.

The Brill Solution

Alas, the solution to all(most) of your problems is here in the form of the Brill toilet seat covers for public restrooms. So what is the Brill solution? What exactly makes it different from other toilet seat covers on the market? The first thing that makes it different is the way in which the covers are distributed to the user. Rather than allowing the user to simply take one from a dispenser, the toilet seat itself will act as the dispenser. By replacing your seat with the Brill toilet seat, you will find that your users never actually touch the seat with any part of their body. It is covered by a piece of plastic sheeting which serves as the toilet seat cover and will actually rotate the moment a user stands up, unless it fails, in which case the user can override the motion sensor by pressing the button on the unit.

 Tried and True

toilet covers for public restroomsThese toilet covers for public restrooms from Brill have revolutionized the way many businesses handle their restrooms, and with good reason. In fact, with some of the early adopters, it was no surprise to find that many of their customers not only appreciate the public bathroom toilet seat covers, but that they have completely changed their opinion on public restrooms, at least when it comes to that particular establishment. By installing automated toilet seat covers you may very well experience a major influx in business, and you will certainly get better reviews from your customers.

As you can see, making sure your bathrooms are hygienic and customer friendly will go a long way. It will take some work, obviously, but Brill seat covers tend to do all the work for you once they are properly installed. It’s the best investment you will ever make.