Keep the Area clean with a hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

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Are you in the market for a better sanitary system for your bathroom? Do you need to make a difference in the lives of your customers as they visit your facility? If so, then you are certainly not alone. There are a plethora of different reasons to make sure that your restroom facilities are sanitary, but none are quite as impressive as the Brill seat. What makes it different from other toilet seat covers? Why is it considered the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser. There are a few reasons, but most of them actually stem from the limitations of other toilet seat covers on the market. Let’s take a look at a few of those limitations and you will begin to understand.


The Traditional Seat Cover Dispenser for Toilets

Seat Cover Dispenser for ToiletsIf you look at the traditional toilet seat covers you will find that there are several limitations that you might not have realized earlier. For example, did you ever consider that the traditional covers are too easily flushed down the toilet? In some cases this might be okay, but in others it might actually cause a clog, and this will necessitate the services of your janitorial staff, possibly more often than you were intending. That being the case, you will want to make sure that you either have water soluble seat covers, or a sign indicating that they are not to be placed in the toilet. A sign, however, is not going to be enough to offset anyone.

In addition to being a trash hazard, you will probably also find that these traditional seat covers are not always easy for the customer or patron to use. Oftentimes they simply fall into the toilet, and when it comes to industrial toilets, everyone will simply pull the handle and hope for the best. Unfortunately, you still need something to help with your toilet seat issues.

It is estimated that on the average toilet seat, one can find an astounding fifty bacteria per square inch. Granted, when held in comparison to the rest of your home this isn’t very much, but it can still be a staggering number for most people. Most women have reservations about sitting on a public toilet seat, and with good reason, which is why when there are no sanitary toilet seat covers available, they tend to use toilet paper to offset the spread of germs. This is where the Brill touchless toilet seat cover dispenser comes into play. Rather than worrying about paper toilet seat covers, the Brill as something entirely different for you.

The Brill Difference

When it comes to finding a quailty automatic toilet seat cover, the Brill difference is not to be overlooked. First of all, the Brill system, rather than being comprised of disposable covers, is an actual toilet seat replacement that sits over the toilet itself. In addition to that, the toilet seat covers are actually dispensed through a mechanism on the back of the seat and can be activated at will by the user. In addition to that, the Brill seat will actually dispense a seat cover automatically when the motion sensor is activated. As you can see, this is a great option for any bathroom that has concerns with health, which is to say any restroom in any industry.

The service industry can be a difficult one, but it becomes far more difficult when you are dealing directly with customers. Make sure you use Brill as your primary sanitation solution, at least when it comes to your restrooms. Remember, a single sanitation related incident can easily shut down a restaurant if the right wording is used, and this simply makes proper sanitation all the more important. Take a look at the Brill website today and see what our product can do for your business. You might just be surprised!