Medical Practices that Could Use Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Are you in the medical industry? Are you running your own practice? If so, then you’ve probably been confronted with the issue of germs once or twice. We will gladly admit that some industries are more prone to gems than others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect your customers or clients in every single case. We first want to state that the average toilet seat sports about 50 germs per square inch, which definitely isn’t something to joke about, but when you compare it to other surfaces, it might seem a bit like a field trip.

disposable toilet seat coversWe would also like to point out that it is very difficult to transfer bacterial from a toilet seat to a human being unless there are extenuating circumstances. For example, if an individual has an open wound, they might have an easier time making the transfer.

Wholesale disposable toilet seat covers are necessary for many different types of medical practices, find out more here!hich isn’t a great situation by any means. The most common solution for this has been to use toilet seat covers, and as you already know, there have been countless publications explaining why wholesale disposable toilet seat covers are essentially useless.

The primary reason for this is what we have listed above: you just can’t transfer bacteria that easily. Unfortunately, in a hospital or other medical setting the odds of transfer are a bit higher and a disposable toilet seat cover system might work within your favor.

A Higher Need for Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

In a medical setting, there has really never been a greater need for automatic disposable toilet covers, and with good reason. Consider the greater number of bacteria and diseases floating around hospitals; they’re for more prevalent here than they will ever be in your home! One of the most common complications that you’ll run into in a medical setting is the staph infection which comes alongside a number of different symptoms.

These include nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, and in some cases the infection can actually turn deadly, assuming it is able to enter the blood stream. This is definitely something that sets medical facilities apart from other businesses and definitely a great reason to consider toilet seat covers that are disposable.

Protection and Profit

You are already well aware of how important it is to keep your clients and customers protected, but how do you ensure you’re profiting off of it as well? You’re still running a business, and you need to make sure that you are actually profiting. The Brill Seat product is one that can give you a clear advantage in any business, medical or not, simply because it gives you a disposable seat cover that rotates rather than one that is removed by the user.

Think of it as a sleeve that fits over a custom toilet seat, and one that is motion activated – that’s far better than the paper toilet seat covers that the industry has been suing for the last few decades.

Medical Industries that can Use Toilet Seat Covers

The medical industry is without a doubt one of the most important in the country, and even the world, but it all breaks down into several different sections. You could be running one of many different types of medical office or facility including:

Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat CoversUrgent CareThough urgent care tends to be more of a franchise, there are several types of clinics that provide the exact same service. You will be dealing with walk-ins and patients from all walks of life; you need to make sure that you are prepared for them with disposable toilet seat covers.

Free ClinicsThese, much like urgent care facilities are always going to have a wide variety of different people visiting them on a daily basis and you never know what’s going to come through the door. That being the case, having good toilet seat covers will not only provide protection, it will help to ensure that people actually feel more confident about visiting your clinic, which is perhaps the most important thing of all. Remember, a free clinic does service some of the most impoverished individuals, most of which do not have access to proper health care, and with that being the case, you need to do your best to make sure that all of your patients are properly protected.

Doctor’s Office (Private Practice)These are a bit more exclusive, not to mention appointment only, but you still need to make sure you’re protecting everyone from germs and bacteria. Once again you never know what might be coming through that door, and you’re going to be servicing people from all walks of life. This includes anything from STD testing to health screenings for school sports season.

Disposable sanitary toilet covers are essential, but you need to take it a step further. Brill Seat offers a solution that everyone can be happy with, and one that will work well for the life of your practice.