Modernize your Restrooms with Cheap Disposable Toilet Covers

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1799323880_725d5a9999Your restroom is going to need a bit of a modern touch if you plan to go attract customers in this day and age, so how do you go about bringing it up to standard? A bathroom obviously needs a number of amenities, for example, you should consider the installation of dispensable hand soap over bar soap, and paper towels over cloth hand towels. Unless of course you feel that you can afford a valet to keep track of those towels, in which case you have probably deduces that the normal cheap disposable toilet covers are not nearly as good as the more efficient alternatives, such as the Brill Seat covers.  As you probably know, toilets can be chock full of potential problems, from germs, to strange stains, and even stray toilet paper strands. The most dangerous part, however, at least according to the average consumer, is the toilet seat itself. Not only does it look nasty, it can hold a LOT of germs, which is unsurprising considering how many people sit on it daily. You don’t have to put up with this, however. You can easily replace the4 toilet seat with one of the great models from Brill.

 How does Brill Work?

Brill is a toilet seat cover unlike any other in that it effectively replaces the ENTIRE toilet seat. That’s right, rather than simply placing a sheet of paper over the toilet seat, you can expect this cover to literally dispense a brand new sheet every single time you use the restroom. With motion sensor technology, this toilet seat cover will actually dispense a plastic sleeve that circles the toilet seat and will change each time the occupant stands. The toilet seat covers are kept safely in a compartment just behind the toilet seat itself, and they ensure that the occupant of the restroom will never actually touch the toilet proper.

Benefits of Brill

So why would you choose the Brill toilet seat system over anything else? The problem is that all other wholesale public restroom toilet seat covers are simply disposable pieces of paper that the user will take from a cardboard dispenser. These are useful to a point, and they are definitely cheap, but in the end, they simply do not get the job done. Not only do they tear easily, they tend to end up IN the toilet rather than on the toilet and let’s face it, no customer is going to reach into the toilet and pull the paper out. It simply is not going to happen. Additionally, there is the fact that no matter how you shield yourself from the toilet when you sit down, there is absolutely nothing that will protect you from what was already there. For example, if someone urinated on the toilet seat and then attempted to clean it up, there is a good chance that they did not use industrial strength cleaner. When you look at a toilet seat, or any public toilet seat that is, you should likely assume that something has happened to in the last three to four hours, and it is probably not something pleasant.  Usually cheap wholesale disposable toilet covers do help to prevent incidents of that nature, but some people do not use them and others might intentionally desecrate the toilet simply to ‘mess’ with the next patron. No matter what the circumstance happens to be, it is important that you prevent it from becoming a serious problem for your customers.

The Brill seat is without a doubt one of the greatest bathroom innovations of the 21st century and is well on its way to replacing wholesale sanitary toilet covers for all intents and purposes. Yes, public restroom disposable toilet covers certainly had their time, but now, Brill seat is cornering the market and has already been adopted by many establishments in the United States. What started as a novelty in a casino has caught like wildfire as media outlets caught wind, and people realized that they no longer had to fear a dirty toilet seat.

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