Paper Toilet Seat Covers Keep Businesses Healthy

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While the summer weather makes way for cooler temperatures and school bells, some unwelcome guests are popping up: namely flu and cold viruses. According to a report by the Center for Disease Control, roughly 20 percent of Americans catch the flu each year with some 200,000 individuals displaying symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization.

Businesses lose $576 billion in sick days according to a Forbes report. If you factor in customer illness, and you could lose thousands of dollars during the cold and flu season. You can help prevent or reduce the spread of illness by taking preventative steps including using cheap wholesale paper toilet seat covers to protect employees and customers in the restroom.

Encourage Hand Washing

One of the best ways you can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses is by encouraging proper handwashing procedures in the workplace. Utilizing paper toilet seat covers is one way you can encourage proper handwashing. Paper toilet seat covers not only protect the individual from contact with bacteria and viruses on the seat, they can serve as a reminder to wash hands following restroom use.

You can also encourage handwashing by posting signs on the bathroom door and near the bathroom sink. Provide paper towels or fast drying hand driers and keep your soap dispensers full. You may also consider sanitizer dispensers throughout the office or storefront.

Clean up Messes Immediately

Keeping the workplace clean is professional and helps reduce the spread of germs. You should clean public restrooms at least once a day. If you have heavy traffic, you should consider quick cleans several times throughout the day.

Sanitary paper toilet seat covers are a great way to show your customers that you care about their health. Make sure to check the restroom frequently to ensure that your public toilet seat paper covers are full and that your bathroom floor and sinks stay tidy.

If you have a sick employee or you notice a sick customer, make sure to sanitize to eliminate most germs and viruses. Do not forget to sanitize your wholesale paper toilet seat covers cases, all door handles and hard surfaces.

Encourage proper manners

Most of our parents taught us a thing or two about polite sneezing and coughing. You may need to have a refresher course with your employees. Encourage employees to use their elbow to cover their mouth and hands when sneezing, wash their hands frequently and dispose of used tissues properly.

Additionally, sick employees should be encouraged to remain at home if they are running a fever to prevent the spread of viruses. If a sick employee handles your paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms, they could spread germs to anyone who uses the covers later.

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Pay special attention to the germiest places:

Research shows there are several places in the workplace that are particularly prone to collecting germs. Pay special attention to the breakroom sink and faucet handles, the microwave in your breakroom and door handles.

Other areas you may not think to clean are keyboards, refrigerator handles, water fountain buttons and vending machine buttons. Most people touch these surfaces frequently and do not think twice about washing their hands.

Because the bathroom is notorious for being a hotbed of germs, most people pay special attention while cleaning here. Just remember to properly wipe, wash and sanitize all surfaces in the bathroom including toilet seats, handles, sinks and dispensers for your bulk paper toilet seat covers you bought wholesale.

Purchasing public toilet seat covers wholesale is a great way to ensure that you always have protection for your customers in stock.

Encourage healthy habits:

Medical professionals have shown repeatedly that overweight and otherwise unhealthy individuals are more likely to get sick. You can reduce the impact of seasonal illnesses by encouraging healthy behavior for your employees and customers. Consider holding a weight loss contest, riding your bike/walk to work day or a health fair.

Healthy employees will save you money during the workday and on health insurance costs. Encourage healthy habits by offering healthy snacks, providing access to a gym or allowing employees alternative desk options like a standing desk.

Take a few preventative steps this fall and you could save thousands of dollars and keep your customers and employees happy.

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