Paper Toilet Seat Covers

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Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Paper Toilet Seat CoversWith paper supplies there is always going to be a mess. When a customer steps into a public restroom there is always fear for the worst and that is finding a disaster of paper waste and clogged toilets. People fear disease, infections and catching something that could be in that bathroom. A man or woman may run at the sight of an unsanitary bathroom and they will leave very unhappy and disturbed.

Imagine walking into a restroom and finding paper waste all over the floor; you walk into the stall and see it clogged with toilet paper and paper toilet covers. Now imagine walking into a restroom where the floors are clean and the toilets are spotless; they have cool contraptions on them where you can place a sanitary cover over the seat. The bathroom you will most like feel safe and comfortable in, is in the second scenario because people don’t like messes and people don’t like potentially hazardous places.

This is why companies should install the Brill Seat. It is an automatic toilet seat dispenser that rotates out a plastic cover over the seat and then rotates itself into the right side where it is out of sight and out of mind. There is no worry about disease or bacteria. Customers will be relaxed, comfortable, and happy to continue their time at the facility they are currently at. Paper toilet seat covers bring unnecessary stress to a customer even though one may think a dirty bathroom won’t have an effect on their customer.

Just because the bathroom is a place to excrete waste, it doesn’t mean that the bathroom has to contain and hold waste. It should be properly disposed of and with paper covers, not everyone knows how to do so. It puts more stress on janitorial staff and business managers, especially on busy days and it puts customers in an anxious state of mind.


Companies should want their customers to come in and leave happy, even if they come in just to use the restroom. If the restroom leaves them in a good mood, maybe they will decide to stick around. These Brill Seats have been instilling happiness all around the world to millions of people. The product has created a name for itself by being the only product created to keep public restrooms clean and tidy with very little maintenance needed. This will lower the cost of janitorial labor and leaving employees and business managers happy as well.

Waving a hand over the sensor or pressing a green button on the seat automates the dispenser. The button that is closer to the ground allows people with disabilities to reach the device easily and use the restroom in a comfortable, confident manner. When people with disabilities can see that the device was created to meet their needs as well, the product and the company gains more praise. Everyone is happy.

paper toilet coversPaper waste creates unhappy people and can ultimately create an unhappy environment. Business corporations should want every single customer to be happy and confident where they go. The Brill Seat puts that confidence into every user because every time that button is pressed or that sensor is triggered, the dispenser rotates out a plastic cover that makes the toilet seat the same as a new toilet seat being installed every time a new person steps into the stall.

Paper waste brings messy areas, it is less sanitary, and it allows for possible germs, bacteria, disease and illnesses to harbor refuge within the paper. The sight of paper waste all over the floor and pieces sticking to the toilet seat makes the customer uneasy and repulses them. The thought of germs touching their hands and body scares them away. We have created many things to ensure a customer will be happy and comfortable when using a restroom.

These things have been installed in restrooms throughout the years; they include automatic soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and hands-free faucets. All these devices prevent hands from touching any bacteria or germs that may be waiting for a host; the Brill Seat joins those devices and allows not only the hands to avoid germs but the body as well.

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