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Brill Hygienic Products: For Sanitary Toilet Seats

BRiLL Hygienic Products manufactures and distributes sanitary toilets and clean toilet seats. Our automatic toilet seat covers are getting rave reviews from consumers and the news media around the world. What’s so different about us? We manufacture all of our automated and hygienic electronic toilets in the USA using the best materials and the strictest quality standards.

About Our Unique Auto Toilet Seat Covers

Our unique automatic seat covers replace the need for paper toilet seat covers with plastic toilet seat covers that are used a single time and automatically cover the toilet after each use. They are hands free and best of all, you can feel good about hygiene; toilet seats can be a big concern for germs, and staph infections particularly in public washrooms as well as during the cold and flu season.

Many Uses

Sanitary seat covers made by BRiLL are excellent for use in public restrooms, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, and even office building washrooms. Our system eliminates the need for toilet seat protectors that continually run out or that leave a mess in washrooms when patrons don’t dispose of them correctly.

Furthermore, traditional toilet seat covers don’t work very well for handicapped toilets where a patron may have difficulty with mobility. Our system allows for a truly hygienic toilet with a clean toilet seat that instills confidence in anyone using the facilities.

Auto toilet seat covers from BRiLL Hygienic Products are more than just sanitary, they’re convenient, and economical too. Companies can reduce janitorial labor, plumbing costs and paper supplies, in addition to having happier customers that don’t have to use a dirty toilet. After using our hands free toilet seat that’s hygienic, your customers will wish everyone had them.

About Us

BRiLL’s reputation for safety, quality, and customer service has allowed us to continue to serve customers throughout North America for over a quarter of a century. All of our products are American-made utilizing the highest quality standards. Call 800-330-6696 or email us today at if you want to know more about BRiLL Sanitary Toilet Seats.