Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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Protective Toilet Seat Covers Provide a more Sanitary Solution

protective toilet seat coversIn any business, there is a concern over sanitation, which usually starts at the restroom. No matter what type of business you are running, the restroom often dictates how clean it will be. If you take a look inside and don’t like what you see, you might want to start arranging for a cleaning crew.

Additionally, customers are often turned off or even put off by a bathroom that does not seem to put sanitation first. Germs do travel, after all. Though there are some things that you cannot control easily, you can spring for protective toilet seat covers, which are, without a doubt, one of the most important innovations in the history of commercial restrooms.

What are Protective Toilet Seat Covers?

Protective toilet seat covers for public restrooms address both a phobia and a genuine problem. Though the majority of people who utilize public restrooms are comparatively polite, there are always those who ruin the experience for everyone. That being the case, toilet seat covers are more often than not a welcome sight in any bathroom, even if they are incredibly difficult to utilize. Let’s face it, you’ve seen more than one toilet seat cover fall into the toilet. How often do you flush when that happens?

You may have lost track, but there are plumbing repair bills sitting in a drawer somewhere that keep an exact count. When you run a business, things are a bit different; you actually want to keep your customers happy while remaining economical. In addition to that, you simply want to run a clean establishment.

Taking Toilet Seat Covers to the Next Level

So you know that you need toilet seat covers, and you know you need to save money, so why not spend a bit more money taking your toilet seat covers for public restrooms to the next level? Some of  the best public restroom toilet covers are fairly simple, but the Brill system truly does take it to the next level by using an automated system never before seen on the commercial landscape.

What is the Brill system exactly? Rather than giving the customer a dispenser from which they can pluck their next toilet seat cover, the brill seat actually does the heavy lifting for them. The unit on the back of the toilet seat will deliver a plastic cover which envelops the seat, and creates a much more sanitary environment. The system, once activated by the user will actually retract the previous toilet seat cover into the device while simultaneously providing a new one. As far as public bathroom toilet seat covers are concerned, this is a true innovation.

Customer Impact

The Brill system has been put to use in many different environments(though always in restrooms) and customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only do they feel safer using the restroom in public with the Brill seat, they also feel that the establishment actually cares about them and their personal health. This is one gesture that goes a long way, and in the end, it does far more than is advertised.

Is it expensive to outfit your seats with Brill covers? There is some cost involved, but in the end, and very soon as a matter of fact, you will find that it actually gives you a return on your investment. This return could come in the form of increased purchases from more satisfied customers or it could simply be a matter of having lower maintenance costs due to plumbing mishaps. Either way, you can clearly see what a benefit this system will be to you, and of course how it will protect your customers in the future. It is time for you to give up on that old system and try something new – the health and hygiene of your customers could very well depend upon what you decide to do next.

Invest in the Brill seat system today. You never know just how it might help your business tomorrow and the next day!