Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers for Amusement Parks

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Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

There are over 270 million people who visit amusement parks each year with their family and friends. Amusement parks are ideal for celebrating a birthday, going out on a date, or just having a good time when summer rolls around. When so many people are in attendance the public restroom facilities become a hub of activity. When walking from one end of the park to the other, it’s no wonder guests need to make use of the facilities every couple of hours.

Eliminating Germs

Toilet Seat CoversWhen literally millions of people visit amusement parks each year, cross-contamination is a major concern. The potential for germs and bacteria to pass from one patron to the next is increased when people are in a closed space like the bathroom. Warm and damp conditions are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive, these areas are often the bathroom. When people washing their hands accidentally splash water around that can gather in the corners of the restroom and be there for hours at a time.

Our automatic toilet seat covers cut down on the chance of germs and bacteria spreading from one patron to the next. The main issue with public restrooms is having a clean surface to sit on when people are done using the facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers are fragile and made with low-quality materials. They tend to rip and tear easily even when handled with care and must be applied to the surface of the toilet seat manually.

Decreasing the Maintenance

The other issue with using traditional toilet seat covers is the increase in maintenance. The traditional toilet seat covers tear so easily, they end up creating a bigger mess than they’re worth. This increases the cost to replace them and the time spent cleaning the bathroom. Our automatic toilet seat covers operate on a unique system to automatically replace a surface once the facilities have been used.

There is a sensor that detects when a patron is using the facilities and once they’re done replaces the surface of the toilet seat. There are two rolls of plastic on either side and once a guest is done doing their business automatically rips off the used surface. The used toilet seat cover is rolled into a small piece of plastic and a new cover is placed over the lid of the toilet seat. When the next patron comes to use the facilities, they have a fresh surface to use.

The maintenance is decreased since replacing the public restroom toilet seat covers involves picking up a roll of plastic, disposing of it in a bin, and then installing a new roll of toilet seat covers. The entire process takes less than a minute and there is no wasted product littering the floor of the bathroom.

Cutting Down the Cost

automatic toilet seat coversThe main drawback with traditional toilet seat covers is they increase cleaning costs and rarely serve their purpose. Why have a toilet seat cover that must be applied manually by the guest? Their hands come into contact with the toilet seat which eliminates the purpose the toilet seat cover is meant to serve in the first place.

The public restroom toilet seat covers help to cut down on cleaning costs since there is less potential for them to end up on the floor. Patrons don’t have to worry about coming into contact with the toilet seat either since the system is automatic. They always have a fresh, clean surface to use even when other people are constantly in and out of the facilities.

When several million people are visiting amusement parks each year, it pays off to have a system in place to make maintenance easier.