Public Restroom Toilet Covers

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Brill Hygienic Seat Covers

toilet seat coversAlan Brill and David Jablow developed Brill Hygienic Products Inc. over 25 years ago. Brill Hygienic has only increased its reputation over the years and has been selling its products to companies in thousands of locations.

For being the only American company to create a hands-free sanitary dispenser of toilet seats, you can’t go wrong. By using the Brill Hygienic Hands-Free Electronic Seat it opens so many doors to a healthful lifestyle in various conducts.

Sanitary Condition Improvements

When walking into a public restroom one tends to notice the smell and look of the bathroom that most likely is displeasing to the senses. Using a toilet seat covers makes things more comfortable for the user; skin never touches the seat. What if one didn’t have to touch the toilet seat cover from the dispenser that rests on the wall of the stall? With Brill Hygienic Hands-Free Electronic Seat, sanitary conditions will improve because it will place the cover for you.

This Hands-Free Electronic Seat is designed to specifically change the sheets for the user so that they don’t have to touch it at all. It is triggered by a simple wave of the hand in front of a hands-free sensor that is mounted on the wall or by the push of a green button. This function allows there to be a new cover placed for each new user.

All the germs and bacteria that come with a public restroom won’t be exposed to the person using the toilet. The user can peacefully relieve them selves in the restroom and avoid unwanted germs and bacteria. They can leave the restroom happily and feeling clean.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Walking into a stall and seeing a clogged toilet or a mess of paper all over the floor can make the user unhappy. With Brill’s automatic toilet seat cover dispenser the mess in the bathroom would lessen because the amount of paper would be highly controlled. In a controlled environment there are fewer needs for cleaning up and unclogging, as a result reducing the cost of maintenance in public restroom facilities.

By depleting the cost spent on maintenance repairs due to clogged toilets one will be able to spend more money on other various projects within their company.

Customer Service Advances

public restroom toilet coversCustomers like to see that they are being cared about. When a company puts in a seat cover from the Brill Company, it shows the user that they are cared about and their health is of concern. A customer that feels like their needs are being met will be able to shop, eat, or continue their time at the building happily. People like to step into a public restroom toilet covers and feel at home.

A person would love to walk into a stall and not see a mess; they would like to rush in and not have to choose another because a mess is preventing them from using it. Brill seat covers not only keep the area cleaner than before but they also provide the user with a sense of being comfortable and being cared for. Customers who are happy will most likely refer to their friends and family to visit the company they attended or shopped at and will evidently bring in more happy customers.

Brill products are used in many various places such as hospitals, schools, casinos, offices, airports, country clubs, and countless more. Brill Hygienic Inc. is trusted by many places all around the world by function and quality. Using one of the products will safeguard one from any potentially harmful bacteria even in a work setting. It will leave the user feeling like their health is of apprehension from the company providing the sanitary covers.

These sanitary sheets provide less contact, if not no contact, with the hands and or body during the user’s time spent in the stall. When it comes to public protection and distress for their health, Brill Hygienic Inc. won’t let you down because they are here to help with all restroom health concerns.

Brill takes sanitary toilet situations seriously. They manufacture all of their plastics and seats individually because it helps them to guarantee that the largest amount of quality is put into their products, reliability, and customer service.


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