Three Reasons You Should Be Using Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Disposable toilet seat covers are a great idea, in theory. If you’re using a public restroom, you just put the seat cover down and go about your business. There’s no fuss and you get to use a clean toilet, right? Well, you would if they weren’t so hit and miss. They’re not a perfect system, but is there anything better?

Your business and your customers can actually benefit from automatic disposable toilet covers. They’re the next big thing in restroom technology, and once you have them installed you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. Here’s why.

Regular Toilet Seat Covers Can’t Cut It

A disposable toilet seat cover doesn’t work as it should. First of all, it comes in a dispenser on the wall that never gives you just the one cover. You end up pulling out two or three, wasting them as no one else will then use them. Then, you place it on the toilet seat but it usually just falls right in. To top it off, the amount of toilet seat covers going into the sewage system cannot be good for your plumbing or the water supply in general.

Put like that, it seems like a horribly inefficient system. Is there not something better?

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat CoversYou bet there is! Automatic disposable toilet covers are the future of bathroom technology. These systems place a new cover on the toilet seat every time someone enters the stall. Once they’re done, it will cut the old seat cover off and replace it with a brand new one, ready for the next customer. That’s all there is to it, but you’ll love the difference it makes. Here’s three reasons why you should invest in these systems for your business:

  1. They drastically reduce waste and mess: How often do you have customers complaining that your restrooms are untidy? When you’re rushed off your feet, there’s no time to go in and give the whole restroom a deep clean. If customers are using disposable seat covers or toilet roll, then there’ll be mess on the floor as it gets dropped. The restrooms are never as clean looking as you want them to be.

Automatic toilet seat covers do away with this problem in one stroke. The toilet seat covers dispense automatically, and are disposed of neatly. There’s no more trash on the floor and no more mess to take care of.

  1. They make your bathrooms as hygienic as possible: There’s already so much touch free technology in modern rest rooms. No touch faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers mean no one can spread germs around, making the rest room much cleaner.

The automatic toilet seat system means that your toilets can join in on the touch free technology, too. All you have to do is enter the stall and wave a hand to get a fresh toilet seat cover. Pair that with motion controlled flush, and no one has to touch any part of the toilet.

  1. Your customers will love them: Customers notice when you take care of the details, and that shows in your rest rooms. The new toilet seat systems will keep that toilet neat and clean, and customers will love it. They’re sure to note it when it comes to reviewing your business!

Any Business Can Benefit

Anywhere that offers rest rooms can really see the benefit of disposable sanitary toilet covers. The businesses that will see the most instant change will be those such as rest stops, restaurants, and other leisure oriented businesses. Anywhere that has a constant flow of traffic means they also have a constant amount of people in and out of their bathrooms.

With this toilet seat cover system, you know that your bathrooms will always be sanitary when someone steps inside. The mess is eliminated, as is the risk of germs. There’s no reason not to get them installed!

If you’re convinced, get in touch with us. We can install our systems for a reasonable price, and give you peace of mind. There’s nothing better than that when you’re running a business.