What you need to know about Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

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Everyone needs to use the restroom. Providing a clean, comfortable restroom facility for your employees and your clients is an important step to instilling trust in your company. Customers will make decisions about the quality of your business from the cleanliness of your bathroom. Because you have a lot to do, spending every hour in the bathroom cleaning up messes is a waste of time.

You can reduce waste, promote healthy and cleanliness and cut back on time spent cleaning your public restroom. Using our automatic seat cover dispenser will eliminate waste on the floor and offer a clean space for your clients. Here are a few more things you might want to know about our covers:

What are automatic toilet seat covers?

Sanitary toilet seat covers ensure that customers, clients and staff stay safe from germs and other contaminants while they are using the restroom. These sheets are designed to slide over the toilet seat to prevent accidental contact with germs and bodily fluid.

Brill automatic toilet seat covers ensure that waste is minimal and makes it much easier for users to actually cover the seat. Our automatic dispenser makes it a snap for anyone to protect themselves when using the restroom.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers

How do sanitary toilet covers work?

A sanitary toilet seat cover is a thin piece of paper that sits on the toilet seat. This sheet of paper provides a protective shield between the seat and an individual. Sanitary toilet covers are designed to ensure that each person who uses the bathroom has access to a clean toilet.

With traditional covers, the customer has to pull a cover from a container and put it on the seat. These can be extremely frustrating as they can stick together, fold and slide off the seat. Our automatic dispenser eliminates the need placing the cover on the seat. After an individual uses the bathroom the dispenser cuts the used portion of the cover and deposits it for disposal. A motion sensor detects when a new person has entered the stall and will place a new cover on the seat.

Are toilet seat sanitary covers safe for plumbing?

Yes, toilet seat sanitary covers are generally safe for plumbing. The material is thinner than toilet paper and was designed to be safe for your toilets. When you use our automatic system you won’t have to worry about this however. The used sanitary toilet seat covers are deposited into a separate bin for late disposal by the janitorial staff.

One benefit of the automatic dispenser is that it prevents accidental clogging. When customers pull out sheets themselves, it’s not uncommon for several to stick together. This can cause clogging and/or a mess on the bathroom floor. The automatic dispenser eliminates this threat.

What are the benefits of cheap toilet seat covers?

Toilet seat covers are great for ensuring that your clients, customers and staff stay healthy. Running a business can be expensive and time consuming. Dealing with sick staff or unhappy clients is a necessary evil, but we can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses through accidental contact with bodily fluid by using cheap toilet seat covers.

Using traditional covers is frustrating. Between tangling, extra covers and difficulty getting the cover to stay on the seat, many customers and employees will simply not use the covers. We have created a way to ensure that each visitor to the restroom has a clean seat without the mess and frustration of applying the covers. Our automatic system eliminates all of these frustrations and provides a clean seat for everyone.

We know you have more important things to do with your money than flush it down the toilet which is why we created quality, cheap covers to protect your bottom line.

How do I install automatic toilet seat covers?

Our cheap sanitary toilet seat covers are relatively easy to install. The system requires the use of motion detectors. We can provide assistance with installation so you can worry about other important aspects of your business. Your automatic system will require refilling on occasion. The frequency with which you need to refill your system will depend on the amount of traffic in your business.

Use the best sanitary toilet covers to ensure healthier work environment.