Brill’s Revolutionary Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

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The Most Sanitary Bathroom Experience Includes a Touchless Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser from Brill

Ever go to a store or restaurant only to find their bathrooms to be completely repulsive. Regardless we all find ourselves holding it and having to leave early is usually due to the not wanting to go through the trouble of needing to gently place sheets of toilet paper square by square only to have it fall on the floor or in the toilet seat just as you turn to sit down. Companies may believe they are saving money by not investing in an automatic seat cover dispenser for restrooms; however the truth is they inevitably end up losing money with the wasted toilet paper as well as the customers who will avoid the franchise when they see the dismal condition of an unsanitary toilet. Hygiene goes a long way no matter what the business and unsanitary conditions are the quickest way to lose business which is basically losing money. Invest in an automatic toilet seat cover dispenser is one of the best investments any company or institution can make in the long run. Too often is the restroom overlooked as a significant aspect which could greatly affect the overall success of an establishment. No matter who they are or where they are from there isn’t a single individual who would feel comfortable eating, shopping or returning to a place that had a disgusting bathroom.

The Handiness of a Hands Free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

027-21-224x300Tell me if you recognize this situation. So you are at a restaurant with some friends or associates from work and you find yourself having to go urgently. If it is a very popular restaurant during a time when it is receiving a lot of traffic you may find yourself having to wait in line despite the urgency of your current predicament. After a while you finally manage to get into an unoccupied stall only to look down into a very unpleasant sight left by the previous user which almost causes you to cough up the dinner you so recently spent money to enjoy. You try to avoid touching the handle and use your foot to try and flush the toilet wishing it was an automatic toilet which would have probably saved you from having to witness such a horrific sight.

You really have to go yet you have no idea about any of the countless people you have been through this same stall and sat on this same seat. So you do the only reasonable thing you can do at the moment and either go for the disposable toilet seat covers if available if not you then have to begin with the tedious task of having to place strips of toilet paper carefully on the seat occasionally having it fall in the water or on the floor leading to a hellish cycle of trial and error all the while ready to burst at any given moment at this point. After all of this you are probably left contemplating to yourself how you will do anything to avoid having such a terrible time despite how you felt about the rest of the establishment and will be a lot less likely to return any time in the foreseeable future.

This scenario is one we can all relate to at one time or another and one we have all tried to avoid from then on out. Like you Brill has experienced this very same problem which is why we decided to create a solution. We thought long and hard on how to promote the best sanitary conditions to alleviate the stress we all have to face during those times and we came up came up with the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser to improve on the advantages of the automatic toilet. With this you won’t have to physically touch any part of the toilet itself allowing for highest level of cleanliness you will ever find in a bathroom. Our automatic toilet seat covers dispense a new strip of plastic covering for every person who uses it. The device instantly disposed of the used strips assuring you won’t have to worry about catching anyone else’s germs. Brill’s is taking hygiene to a whole new level. Shouldn’t companies care about your health as much as you do? At Brill we make it our duty to make sure that they do.