Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

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Replacing Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers with Something a Bit Safer

The restroom is a strange and mysterious place, especially in public. Public restrooms see all sorts of traffic day in and day out no matter where they happen to be. It could a retail store, or it could be something as simple as a gas station. No matter what sort of establishment you run, as long as you have a restroom, people will come flocking to it, and with good reason.

The call of nature is literally one that everyone has to answer, but in spite of this, most people do not like the idea of using public restrooms, even if it happens to be a dire emergency. The reason of course is simple; those pesky public toilet seat paper covers which do their job for the short term, but cause bigger problems in the long run.

The Issue with Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers

Public Toilet Seat Paper CoversAs you can probably imagine, or maybe you don’t have to, there are a number of issues with sanitary paper toilet seat covers, and a few problems that you may never have even considered. First of all, they are a bit messy. Not everyone is coordinated enough to put them on the seat properly, and sometimes they fall into the bowl. At this point, though you may be a bit upset, you have to put yourself into the shoes of the patron.

Would you really want to reach into the toilet and retrieve that item? Probably not, and as you may have guessed, they simply flush the paper cover, which is by no means biodegradable. If this does not make it to the septic tank it will flood the toilet, which the customer does not have to worry about as they will most likely be in the process of leaving the scene with a pace that hastens as they hear the bubbling water behind them. You, as expected, will be left to deal with the mess, normally with the assistance of a plumber who will charge a hefty hourly amount. This is only the beginning of your problems.

How you Can benefit from Brill’s System

The world your restroom encompasses becomes not only more convenient, but also a bit safer if you choose to utilize one of Brill’s systems. One of the most important things to remember is that when you utilize something as simple as a more sanitary toilet seat cover, you actually raise the health of your institution. We find that there are far fewer germs in the air, and to be perfectly honest, there is less mess left over in the stall.

There is also the issue of money, of course, and you will find out about that in short order if you do not plug the hole. This is what we in business refer to as a money leak, and you must take care of it as quickly as humanly possible. The best way to take care of it is to stop calling in a plumber every single time something goes wrong, but if you need one, then to put it simply, you need one.

There is no way around it, but the Brilltoilet seat covers will actually help you to regain some control over your situation. The product consists of a piece of machinery attached to the rear of the toilet eat, and it will be responsible for dispensing a piece of plastic which covers the seat itself. On the other side, a razor will be responsible for cutting the plastic as it rotates around, ensuring that no one has to sit on the same plastic again.

It is difficult to explain in words, but the device has ben the subject of news casts, both of which can be found on the website. On the subject of the news casts, they help to display what sort of attitude the general public displays toward the device, and they seem to have embraced it with open arms. In fact, more than a few people have stated that they were more comfortable using the public restroom this time than they ever were in the past.

There is no doubt that this device will continue to impress people, and of course continue to make life more comfortable for those who would have otherwise been terrified to relieve themselves outside the four walls of their home. Your business could only benefit from a device of this nature, so start considering it, and imagine how much money you will save when it comes to plumbing, and even employee health.