Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers Are Just the Beginning – Four Tips for Cleaning your Commercial Bathroom

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Keeping the bathroom sanitary is a major concern for many establishments. We know patrons don’t always respect these facilities and can create a mess once they’re done using them. Our innovative toilet seat cover system makes it easier to keep your commercial bathroom clean and sanitary for other patrons to use.

Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

  • Replacing Traditional Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

Traditional toilet seat covers should be replaced with our innovative, automatic system to keep your commercial bathroom clean. Traditional toilet seat covers are often made out of sub-par materials that tend to tear easily. These poor quality toilet seat covers usually end up on the floor of the bathroom, clogging drains, and generally creating a bigger mess. They’re more trouble than they’re worth and a waste of time to invest in for your facilities.

Our automatic toilet seat cover system removes all these issues by replacing the toilet seat covers automatically once a patron is done using the facilities. This provides a clean surface for the next person to use without having to worry about spreading germs and bacteria to other people.

  • Keep Certain Areas Dry

The concept of the bathroom being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria isn’t a new one, but did you know there are certain areas to look out for? Moist environments provide the type of breeding ground for germs and bacteria to flourish, especially in warm environments. The sinks are often the starting point for germs and bacteria to congregate seems droplets of water will often collect there which provides the perfect environment for them to flourish.

Keeping the areas and the floor around the sinks dry is a good measure to prevent germs and bacteria from flourishing in the bathroom. These extra measures will also cut down on the chances of any illnesses or diseases from spreading to patrons too.

  • Reducing Maintenance Costs

Our automatic toilet seat covers help to cut down on maintenance costs too when it comes to keeping the bathrooms clean. Traditional toilet seat covers often create a bigger mess and take up extra time to cleanup. Our innovative system cuts down on this mess and nearly eliminates it completely since the used toilet seat covers are all store neatly in a little roll.

This means employees can focus on cleaning other areas of the establishment and can sanitize the bathroom more quickly. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right?

  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction

automatic toilet seat cover systemSurprisingly, keeping commercial bathrooms cleaner will encourage customers to stay clean too. Not only are they happier with a cleaner facility, but it also motivates them to clean up their own minor messes when using them. Not every patron will respect the fact other people use these public facilities, but most people do. When they notice how clean the environment is they’ll be encouraged to keep up the cleanliness. Patrons will be encouraged to throw away their trash in the proper receptacles and do their best to clean up after themselves after they’re done using the facilities. This added respect will contribute to keeping the commercial bathroom cleaner and make it easier to maintain in the long run.

Maintaining commercial bathrooms can be a challenge when patrons are using them every day. The cleaning crew may not have the time or chance to always go into the bathroom to give it the deep sanitation it needs. Investing in our automatic system will help to keep these facilities clean and easier to maintain. You’ll cut down on maintenance costs, increase customer satisfaction, and save on having to constantly invest in sub-par products.

You never want to invest in a product that will continually waste your time and money. Traditional toilet seat covers have a tendency to rip easily and create a bigger mess. They aren’t worth the cost and with our automated system you’ll have a much better experience and investment.